Review: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Well, I finally caved…I watched It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Yes, I decided to branch out from the nerdy hipster hole in which I reside, and to instead reach outwards into the popular comedies of the masses. I miss my hole.


Alright, before y’all get your knickers in  bunch and sharpen your pitch forks, it it not an overtly awful show. I decided to watch it after seeing Charlie Day’s hilarious commencement speech on YouTube, yes that is honestly why I decided to start watching the show, and while I think Sunny is creative and a good poke at society, I am honestly disappointed.

So let me break down why the show is not as “ER MER GERD ERRRSERRRM” as everyone says it is. First, it is not a novel premise. While it may be the first live action “wow very bad people doing very shocking things,” I cannot help but make the call that South Park did it first, and did it better.


To be clear, I gave this show the ‘ol college try. Actually I went beyond trying, I pleaded for the show to be good. But halfway through the second season I realized that while half my brain was melted, a feeling I am quite used to I assure you, that happy feeling, that deep rooting “worth it” self-five was just not there.

I think the issue with the show is just that it is amusing, but not clever enough to be “laugh-out-loud” inducing. The casting is all fine, and I really do think that the actors do a fantastic job, but it just tries too hard to be dumb, without any to fall back on.

Do not get me wrong, dumb humor is great. In fact watching Napolean Dynamite I laughed so hard I think I permanently damaged my spleen, but that humor was still clever. For some reason, and I am not sure exactly what that reason is, Sunny is just missing…something.


Well that is the verdict. Please feel free to leave lots of comments and show me the error of my ways, but all in all I give it a big fat meh.


-Charlie Day and Danny Devito

-Short and a good space-out show


-Dumb without wit

-Not very original

Rating: 2/5


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