Commentary: Original Sin #2

With the release of the second issue of Original Sin, we are treated with a few quick answers we had from last issue, and a few even BIGGER questions put right in their place. This event seems like it will be far more confusing and unnecessary than any event Marvel has put out in recent years. This is Original Sin #2.

OS 2 cover

The mystery of who killed the Watcher continues as the Marvel heroes scour NYC fighting off rampaging beasts known as mindless ones. Tony and Bruce continue to analyze what data they have, trying to find some trail with which to follow the Mindless Ones back to the alleged killer of The Watcher.

OS 2-1

Meanwhile, as the main teams of Avengers search New York, other heroes travel beneath the Earth, into other dimensions, and even into the depths of space in search of clues towards our killer. Black Panther, alongside Emma Frost and Ant-Man, discovers similar gamma irradiated bullets to the one found in Uatu, in the corpses of creatures buried in the center of the Earth. The same can be said for Dr. Strange and the Punisher who find the same bullets in the corpses of greater demons on other worldly plains of existence. Whoever the killer is, they have access to inter-dimensional travel, and have been operating for multiple decades, according to our heroes.

OS 2-2

As their investigation continues, the Avengers ASSEMBLE and track the mindless ones back to a building in Downtown Manhattan, they are, however, soon confronted by one of the masterminds behind the actions of the Mindless Ones, EXTERMINATRIX.

If you feel somewhat out of the loop because you have no idea who the Exterminatrix is, don’t worry, neither did I. She was a one off character created back in 2000 and featured in the Noh-Var Marvel Boy series. She is said to be the daughter of yet ANOTHER one off villain, originally featured in the same book, Dr. Midas.

OS 2-3

Her inclusion in this event, and making her into a power player seems somewhat out of left field. And, while it was unexpected, which is good, no-one really knows anything about a character like this, which makes the reveal less astounding.

In fact, a BIGGER surprise with this book, is the fact that the Black Panther is WILLINGLY working alongside the likes of Emma Frost, especially after the events which destroyed Wakanda in the AvX event. Another surprise is the inclusion of Kitty Pryde, of SCOTT SUMMERS’ X-Men, fighting alongside Wolverine with the Avengers. Honestly, Exterminatrix is kind of a foot note in this story.

She proceeds to attack the Avengers alongside her mindless ones and is QUICKLY subdued by the gigantic army of Avengers, and once she is subdued the group is joined by the masked figure from the first book, who is revealed to be the TRUE MASTERMIND OF THIS STORY! The man who STOLE the eye of the Watcher, THE ORB!

OS 2-4

Once again, If you have NO CLUE who the Orb is, don’t be alarmed, even his caption box on the page, printed by MARVEL, states that he is a Z list super villain: not even a D LISTER, a Z LISTER.

Much like Exterminatrix, his reveal was something of a surprise, but also COMPLETELY out of left field. The Orb is a Z list super-villain because his overall powers and persona is honestly really lame. He is a man who was born with an eyeball for a head………. that’s about it.

After researching, it is revealed that he also has a tendency to kill people, take their eyeballs, and bathe in them naked…ewwwww.

So, long and short, we have 2 completely unknown super villains, being responsible for the Death of a long-standing Marvel character. I don’t think I need to explain to you why I find this event less than EYE catching.

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