Review: House of Cards

It is very rare that I find myself having little to say about…well anything. However, the Netflix original series “House of Cards” has miraculously and fantastically left me speechless (well almost). So many bad life decisions were made this week as I pulled a week-long after-work marathon of the entire first season. Nevertheless, once again I feel the deep and guttural satisfaction of life well spent. Therefore, please permit this week’s review to be a full out fangirl explosion over what is in my opinion, one of the best shows that I have seen since my first journey aboard the Tardis.


All right, let us first address a matter of dire importance: Kevin Spacey. Holy mother of pearl with sprinkles, he is absolutely breathtaking in this series. I knew that Spacey was talented, but his role in “House of Cards” is in my opinion a paramount portrayal of his acting capabilities. Spacey’s character Frank/Francis Underwood in a South Carolina born congressman who is ruthless in his conquest up the hill, and towards the White House. Underwood, in my opinion a  poster-child for Blunted Affect, is absolutely devoid of all emotion towards others as he calmly and ingeniously lies, steals, and kills his way into power.


However, Underwood is not alone in his decision to focus his life entirely upon a conquest towards power and prestige, but instead he is mirrored by his absolutely stunning and equally ruthless wife: Claire. I have a hard core girl-crush on Claire. Not only is she the most focused and driven women that I have ever witnessed (to a fault), but her and Frank’s relationship, as truly messed up as it is, it perfectly screwed up in its own very special way that you honestly just have to experience to appreciate.


In truth the show is brilliant in all facets: casting, character development, and goodness gracious writing. The cleverness of this show is often so beyond my humble realm of understanding that I just have to pause it and drool at its brain candy. The conspiracies and issues breached are so realistic and disturbing that they make you shudder to the extent of investigating housing options in Denmark.


Truth be told, I am not political by any stretch of the imagination and therefore completely mistakenly ignored  the “House of Cards” hype, and missed out on some serious fandom time. Therefore I plead with you to give “House of Cards” just one episode. If you are not hooked by then you are probably a communist, but then that is your problem and not mine.


-Brain explosions

-Gluttonously delicious acting



Rating: 5/5 rating50

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