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e3 2014

Evening readers, another E3 has come and gone, and with that big game companies with big things to say. What does the Inverseman think of them? Let’s find out!

Perhaps it’s happening more and more but I feel people are less concerned with any of the big three console developers “winning” E3, and it’s been a trend across the net. Even the major game journalism news outlets have been relatively quiet about the usual console war. In a way, it’s kind of a nice thing and it really lets people focus on what they came to see. Now onto the companies themselves.


Sunset Overdrive preview

With the Xbox ONE blunders from last year probably still fresh in their head, the guys at Microsoft focused on one thing: games. No TV, less Kinect, and more of the games we want to play like Halo 5 and Sunset Overdrive. I’ll admit though, I wasn’t too interested in the presentation, not owning a ONE myself and not as personally invested in the games unveiled, but it wasn’t a disaster so big Sony would fire a “Take that” video back at them.


Final Fantasy type-0 full cast

Perhaps less of Sony themselves and more on one of their main cohorts, Square-Enix. Recently, Square has been trying to make the comeback of a decade. Bravely Default put the company back on the map as  the RPG guys and we still have leftover promises from Final Fantasy XV. Now the company has upped the ante. In addition to two blockbusters, the announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PS4 as an HD remaster has piled yet another promise on top of last year’s. With so much on the line, I’m still confident that we’re going to get our superstar RPGs and I’ll be on the lookout for Type-0.


Splatoon preview

If I had to pick a best-in-show or a “winner” it’d have to be Nintendo, not against other devs but against well, the public. Not too long ago after reporting heavy losses, people were sounding the death knell for Nintendo, but oh how the tables have turned. Insane hype has surrounded the titles announced from giving Toad his own game to new originals like Splatoon, a team-based shooter where you paint the town red (or orange, or green, or…). There have been tons of new Wii U titles right in time to ride off the positive reception from Mario Kart 8. Sonic Boom also got coverage too, hoping to continue the renaissance the blue blur has been on since Sonic Colors and Generations. There was even a Sonic movie announced, which will be either good or so bad it will be good.

Smash Bros wii u Megaman family attack

Though the big talk of the town here is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Finally we get to get our hands on the game and see all the long-awaited changes, changes that the competitive scene will hopes will wash out the taste of Brawl. While I could not get to demo the game at Best Buy, it looks like Nintendo has been taking lots of feedback into account. From the “for glory” modes to the increased pace of the game, to the new character announcements, they intend to really make it shine.

Smash Bros pac-man announcement

The real capstone to the event though was Nintendo’s first invitational Smash Bros tournament. By some selection process, Nintendo recognized the competitive community and reached out to some well-known players to test-drive the game live. Now while this was not intended to be the next EVO, there were some odd choices made during the tournament. It was very unclear who actually got to advance in the tournament, counting kills instead of simply letting the match winner advance, and fans voting for a fan favorite bracket made the event feel dubious to the audience. Much of the audience and online viewers also wanted to see more of the new cast instead of the umpteenth Fox McCloud Landmaster. However, the final match between Kirby and Zero Suit Samus on a plain stage like Battlefield without items easily won the crowd back and then some, really showing what the game was made of . Nintendo has their bets to move Wii U units and this is their golden ticket.

Smash Bros Palutena confirmed

In the end, E3 did what it was supposed to, it got gamers all over excited for promising titles in the coming year or so, and on that I think it was a success. I, myself, foresee the purchase of a Wii U bundle with Smash Bros soon as well as the other A-list titles announced. Join me next time when I adjust the guidance system.

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The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.

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