Mecha Monday: Mecha at E3 2014

Xenoblade X Sortie

Just like last year, I will be analyzing the mecha content on display at E3. Last year, we took a look at Monolith Soft’s X (now entitled “Xenoblade Chronicles X”) and Respawn’s Titanfall. While there isn’t an announcement on par with last year’s Titanfall, there were a couple of other unique and surprising announcements. On top of that, we finally received our first real look at Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The E3 trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X finally expands on what the story could be about, an alien war that caught humanity in the middle. With the Earth getting destroyed, remnants of humanity evacuated onboard a ship bound for parts unknown. While one particular ship creates the colony Neo Los Angeles on a new planet, it seems one of the alien races have followed them, and intend to make humanity go extinct. It appears to be mostly unrelated to the original Xenoblade Chronicles, as the characters, setting, and races all appear to be different, though the nopons from Xenoblade may play a role, as seen at the end of the E3 trailer. What little I saw of the plot reminds me of something like Macross or Space Battleship Yamato. I hope Xenoblade X contains more inspiration from classic sci-fi like predecessors Xenogears and Xenosaga have, I imagine at the very least Xenoblade X may perhaps rival the best that anime can offer.

xenoblade chronicles x mecha

Nintendo showed off a new Bayonetta 2 segment where Bayonetta seems to control a mech. There isn’t much information yet, but it appears that the mech controls are close to how Bayonetta herself controls. The crescent moon on the mech’s back is a very stylish touch, making it a unique machine you couldn’t associate to anyone but Bayonetta.


The last mecha related project is probably just a humorous tech demo at the moment, Project Giant Robot is Miyamoto’s newest project, showcasing a control scheme that’s only possible with the Wii U controller. Essentially, individual parts are controlled using different mechanisms of the controller. The shoulder buttons control one pair of parts, the analog sticks control another, while the gyroscope on the controller controls a third part. Miyamoto says momentum will play a big part in the game. I’m interested in the game in large part due to it being a Miyamoto project, and I hope the game becomes an enjoyable experience.

project giant robot

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