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Hey y’all! Two weeks ago I looked at a group with a sexy concept, and this week, I’ll be pulling a one-eighty. Apink recently came out with their fourth mini-album, Pink Blossom. Reminiscent of an early Girls’ Generation, Apink has a cute and innocent style that matches their lighthearted pop music perfectly. I have yet to see this group in heavy make-up or with a sexy concept, and it’s refreshing to see a group have their own style and stay loyal to it. Let’s take a look at the first single from Pink Blossom, Mr. Chu!

apink pink blossom cover

Here’s the music video with English subs (click CC):

The lyrics talk about a boyfriend called Mr. Chu (‘chu’ being an onomatopoeia for kiss). The more time she spends with the boy, the more she likes him, and his kisses make her weak. It’s a bright, happy song about being with someone you love and the effect they have on you. The lyrics themselves are nothing special or new, especially with Apink. They have many other songs along the same line, being nervous and excited around a crush. It’s almost come to be expected from them.

The video is interesting in that you never see the boy’s face, and perhaps it’s better that way. All six members are pining over the same guy, who seems to be a tennis player. They leave gifts in his locker and watch his games, even sit in the middle of the tennis court. It’s the awkward k-pop trope where an entire group is interested in the same person, but by not showing who this guy is, I think they get away with it a bit. Contrary to what the lyrics imply, in the video, none of them interact with the guy. They all seem to admire him from afar, and all of their attempts at wooing are indirect.

Bomi realizing she doesn't fit.

Bomi tries to leave herself as a present.

The dance for this song is typical Apink choreography – so sweet it’ll rot your teeth. The dance is very innocent and cutesy- even their version of “booty shaking” is adorable (nothing like KARA’s butt dance, that’s for sure!). The movements are all very feminine and graceful, and perfectly match the tone of the song. I find myself wanting to dance along as I listen, especially during the chorus. The whole of the choreography doesn’t make it into the MV, but you can easily see it in their dance practice video or in live performances (though if you choose to watch it live, be warned: they have a lot of fans so the fan chants are rather prominent).

Apink, that's not what you do on a tennis court!

Apink, that’s not what you do on a tennis court!

The wardrobe and sets reflect the preppy theme they seem to have chosen. Lots of argyle and pleated skirts and collared shirts. It’s amazing the detail that was put into the outfits- in their all-white tennis outfits, the girls even have taped fingers, as well as sweatbands and elbow guards. And even though the girls wear short skirts, they cover up a bit with the knee-high socks (and besides, from what I’ve heard, showing legs isn’t considered very immodest in Korea). Apink has four mini-albums under their belt and they’ve kept the same image the whole time. Even when sexy or flashy styles are in fashion, Apink stays cute and innocent. I’m not saying that one is better than the other, but I really respect them for staying true to themselves rather than following trends.

Oversized sweater. Preppy? Check. Adorable? Check.

Oversized sweater. Preppy? Check. Adorable? Check.

I may be biased because I’m already a pretty big Apink fan, but I think this was a really great comeback. The song is unbelievably catchy and the dance is really fun. It’s a great song for spring or summer, and one of my favorites of the last few months. K-pop has been crossing over into other genres for quite a while now, but sometimes, you just want some good old fashioned pop with nothing else complicating it. Apink is a great group for pop music, and this was another great pop song from them. If you want more from this group, they just released a video for their song Crystal, from Pink Blossom.


-Great, catchy pop music!

-Addicting choreography.


-Uncreative lyrics.

Rating: 4.5/5


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