Another year, and another Botcon has come and gone. Another year where Transformers fans across the nation are gouged out of enormous eBay prices for the Con exclusive repaints, remolds, and re-releases of fan favorite Transformers toys. But if there’s one thing we can be happy about every year at Botcon, its for Hasbro’s announcements of the newest upcoming toys in the various Transformers lines. This year was no exception. We got close up looks at so many great figures that Hasbro plans to release between now and the first quarter of 2015.

But before we talk about those, lets take a quick look at those elusive Botcon exclusives, as well as this year’s theme. This year, it is not the Autobots versus the Decepticons, no, in fact its KNIGHTS vs. PIRATES!..what, no ninjas?

pirates vs knights

Every year, Botcon releases a con exclusive package of some of the greatest molds ever produced by Hasbro in brand new decos, with new tooling, parts, and accessories. This year was no different. In fact, this year Botcon seemed to pull out ALL the stops and delivered easily one of their largest exclusive packages to date. Alongside their usual deluxe figures, coupled with a voyager, they added in one rather large and imposing figure, the likes of which we as fans have no seen since the days of Transformers Energon. That’s right, its the return of leader class SCORPONOK.


This leader class figure is a retooling of the Transformers Energon leader class Scorponok, complete with a G1 redeco and new tooling to include a headmaster partner. Easily, this is the largest figure ever (re)produced by Botcon to date. After the initial buzz around this figure, many fans have collectively agreed that this release will outclass ANY future botcon exclusive release onwards. But considering this, lets also take a look at the more common figure classes to be featured in a Botcon set.


This year we were treated to a Knight vs. Pirate motif, featuring the re-introduction of several long forgotten characters from the depths of Transformers lore and obscurity. First up is the Voyager, Knight GINRAI. Ginrai is a repaint of Classics Optimus Prime, a mold that Botcon has used in the past, namely for Shattered Glass Optimus prime. His Partner figure, Devcon, is a repaint of the Generations Scourge mold, complete with new head mold.


On the flipside, aligned with the pirates, of this Pirates vs. Knights set, we have Decepticon Ferak, and his target master mini-con Tornado. Ferak is a straight repaint of the  Transformers universe Cyclonus figure, with HIS target master Nightstick. And lastly, the leader of the league of Decepticon pirates, Cannonball. Cannonball is a repaint of the Transformers Prime Ratchet figure with a new head sculpt.

botcon-2014-decepticon-pirate-cannonball-robot-mode ferakBOTweb_1394495212

These figures look crisp, clean and very well matched with one another. As I said, the fans were quite excited to see this set put together, and cannot wait to see what else Botcon can pull out of their hat next time around.

However these are not the ONLY reason people go to Botcon, not at all. We also attend to see all of the newest figures and announcements from the one true Transformers company, Hasbro. This year, especially is a big year for Hasbro, with some of the most anticipated Generations figures being released, alongside a brand new movie toy line.

Amongst the streams of new toys coming out throughout the next year, Botcon featured multiple unexpected gems which many a fan can add to their Transformers collection. Firstly, they had the new Movie-verse toys on full display, showing off everything from leader class Optimus and Grimlock, to the as of yet UNSEEN Galvatron, Hound, and a Helicopter Drift. The Drift is by far the most interesting, considering Drift was already slated to release as a deluxe class car-former. I guess mid-film we’ll see our fan-favorite samurai gain a new alt mode.


In terms of movie DELUXE announcements, we got a glimpse of yet ANOTHER yellow Camaro bumblebee…yeah, I think we have enough of those. Thankfully, we also caught a glimpse at a deluxe class Lockdown, who has been reported to be a main antagonist of the upcoming movie. Lockdown is sporting a gun-metal grey sports car mode. Gun metal grey, huh? Yeah, haven’t seen THAT color in the movie-verse before.


However, the TRUE gems of the show came along with the reveals and announcements of the Generations line figures. There is literally something for EVERY transformers fan, ranging from G1 retro fans, to the newest fans of recent Transformers animated series. The big announcements came from the modern face lifts being given to classic Transformers characters like Brainstorm, Arcee, Chromia, and Powerglide.

Powerglide, an autobot jet-former from the early days of G1 is finally getting a G1 accurate redesign, and is slated to be released as a scout or legends class figure.


Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade were big stars on the displays, as they were the three figures designed entirely to be female Transformers characters.


While Windblade and Arcee are both brand new molds, designed specifically for their characters, Chromia was given a retooling treatment. Her base mold is derived from the Transformers Prime R.I.D. Arcee mold. However, it is an EXTENSIVE retooling, as the original Arcee toy was designed primarily as a simple Earth based motorcycle, Chromia appears to be something one would find cruising through the Game Grid in the world of Tron.


Other big announcements came from the expansion of the recently created LEADER CLASS generations line. Earlier this year, we were shown the beginnings of teh generations leader class line with a G1 style Jetfire. Now, hasbro has announced a new pair of Leader class figures with A G1 style Tank Megatron, and a slight remold and repaint of that same mold in ARMADA Megatron.


megatron armada

Armada Megatron, already being a tank, is perfectly suited to this new mold, and looks right at home with his color scheme.

All in all, this years Botcon seems to have come and gone as a HUGE success, and many a new Transformers toys shall be flooding the market in the coming year, hopefully to find homes with many happy fans.

Higher resolution images are available at:

Hasbro- Botcon 2014 Transformers Generations Reveals

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