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Hey y’all! Guess who’s just made a comeback… Yup, GOT7, whose debut song has one of the worst ratings I’ve given so far. I decided to cover their comeback single, A to give them a second chance. GOT7 made their comeback performance on June 19th, so the song and dance have been available for a few days, but the album and music video were only released today. This time they’re going for an R&B vibe, and they’re slightly less cocky than they were in their debut, so let’s take a look at A.

got7 got love cover

The MV with English subs (click CC):

The lyrics refer to a girl named A, who supposedly likes the boy but pretends she doesn’t. The boy is asking why she acts this way, saying he knows how she feels. Still a bit cocky — presuming to know that the girl is interested, but this time, he has to work to get attention from her. From the lyrics it seems the girl is always around the boy, so it’s likely that she’s shy but really does like him.

In the music video, the girl seems more indifferent than shy, and all of the members of GOT7 obsessively follow her, even buying the same things she buys in the grocery store. Filmed in Malaysia, there are diverse actors and extras, though it’s likely the girl is a model or idol from Korea. Still, it was fun to watch, and all the locations were colorful and appealing, with the letter A prominently placed.

got 7 a shopping

Yeah. She’ll totally fall for you if you buy the same brand of yogurt.

If you read my Girls Girls Girls review, you’ll know that one of my complaints was with their outfits. They were too matchy, and not like something anyone would ever wear outside. This time the outfits are coordinated: red and denim, black and white, but they don’t match exactly, and they’re all normal street clothes. Thank god! This kind of style is exactly what I’d been looking for. Another complaint I had was that the main vocal had hardly any lines. Well, in this comeback he has half of the chorus to himself and gets quite a lot of screen time. The parts are much more equally distributed than they had been in the debut, which is a relief to see. It always makes me feel terrible when a group member gets pushed to the background.

Some of the dance is hip hop, but a lot of the chorus choreography is rather cute. They’re a relatively young group, and it’s obvious they’re using it to their advantage. The teasers for A featured each of the members talking to the girl and referring to her as nuna (a term guys use for older women), which explains the cuteness. From what I’ve seen of Korean culture (or at least how it’s portrayed in k-pop), youth = aegyo, which doesn’t have a direct translation to English, but to have or show aegyo is to act cute or charming. When a younger person is trying to flirt with an older person, they might act cute, like the boys in this music video. All in all, I really like the choreography, and it definitely endeared me to the song.

This group is consistently too cute for hip hop.

This group is consistently too cute for hip hop.

There’s definitely an R&B feel in this song. When I first saw the live version, I was on the fence about it, but the more I listened to it and watched the music video, the more obsessed I got. I’m usually not a fan for mid-tempo R&B songs, but this one just gets stuck in my head. It’s surprising for me, because I like it a lot more than I thought I would, even if I still don’t love it.

It could be that the goofy, comedic tone of the music video helped. As for the obsessive boy group plot line, at the end of the music video there is a short scene with the girl jamming to the song from behind the cash register- it seems like the whole music video was a fantasy, which definitely explains the group’s strange behavior. She gets in trouble with her boss, I guess for being distracted, but after she walks away, he starts dancing and singing along.

Don’t worry girl. We’ve all been there.

All in all, I think this was a good single, fun dance, and entertaining video. They didn’t blow it out of the water for me, but after their debut single, I’m pleasantly surprised. GOT7 has officially made a fan out of me. I haven’t been able to listen to their entire mini album, but one song I’ve heard and liked is 나쁜 짓, or Bad Behavior, so if you wanna hear more from these guys, I recommend you check it out!


-Cute dance.

-MUCH better outfits.

-Evenly distributed parts.


-A genre I don’t usually like.

Rating: 4/5


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