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undead enemy-kagamine rin

Just when I was about to give in and review yet another Miku song, subs came out for a recent Kagamine Rin song! Undead Enemy not only has an exciting beat and intricate PV and lyrics, but is actually a song that, you know, fits Rin’s voice. Producers Giga and Suzumu are back in another collaboration and manage to pin the precise tuning and accompaniment that makes Rin’s voice quirky without the use of heavy autotune. In fact, Rin’s sound is adjusted very close to how it sounds in popular songs like Unhappy Refrain. They’re on their way to quick fame themselves, with 90k views in 6 days. Let’s take a look at all they pack into the 3 minutes the song runs.

Although there are lyrics, this is another song that proves a little incomprehensible in English. Part of the reason is once again the use of rhyming/puns that can’t be translated, but loosely, the song title Undead Enemy doesn’t seem to refer to what it would suggest. Rather, the main character, the boy (whose hair swaps between black and orange), puts on a mask to metaphorically start “playing the lead role he always wanted.” Afterwards, he seems kind and smiling to all, despite his inner repulsion of everyone else. With the imagery of the spinning clown masks, the boy’s jaded take on life is obvious. Yet, what exactly is he protesting?

From the semi-subtle elements in the PV, you can piece together that the boy is actually a student that seems weighed down by the stress around him. With undisguised condemnation, he says, “we’re just dancers in the palms of adult’s hands.” The background people surrounding him are students also decked in clown masks. That, and the repetition of “100 marks? 10 marks? Oh my, a failing mark?” imply a lot of school-related expectations.

You'd think they were singing about conspiracies, not schoolwork

You’d think they were singing about conspiracies, not schoolwork

Despite evidence that points to that conclusion, the rest of the lyrics are still pretty confusing, with words like “prisoners,” and the opening quote that mentions a “villain.” Looking at the title, the “undead” in Undead Enemy is a word that describes zombie-esque beings, so the song could be one elaborate metaphor for the oppression of life and society, as seen in the school system.

Undead Enemy’s art and animation is already a big plus, but what I appreciate more than a well put together PV is the fact that the song quality is not sacrificed for story. Is it just me, or do a lot of Rin’s songs recently (I’m thinking Childish War and Luvoratorrrrry!) go for the comedic route by having Rin speak phrases. Too often, this just breaks the flow and makes it hard for me to enjoy the song as a straight-up song by itself, seeing as Rin’s voice is very robotic and jarring at places. Not to say those songs don’t have their own merit, but what I appreciate about Undead Enemy is that it makes Rin’s voice sound genuinely good and intense.

Wait, does the ribbon mean the boy was Rin?

Wait, does the ribbon mean the boy was Rin?

Aside from the impressive offbeats, the song does lean more towards the fast and catchy but slightly compressed and crowded mixing for the instrumental. However, the effect the composers are after is very typical of Vocaloid songs and edm beats, so it’s to be expected and not out of place. My complaints are that the song does leech a little too much from the type of songs that Rin is famous for, which can be a little repetitive and electronic. There isn’t a lot of variation or even much of a bridge in this song, though it doesn’t lack compelling emotion. I happen to be a fan of Rin’s voice bank capabilities when drawn out with vibrato, and there might have been a missed opportunity to include one of those cool breathy breaks in the music. Or it might have killed the song by being overly dramatic, if it’s actually just about school.

Overall, I’m very pleased with more great Kagamine Rin hits! It could be that I am too excited about a good release featuring her, but then it is not easy to produce a powerful song with Rin, and I believe this one hit the mark. The only reason why I’m docking any points is because I’ll admit the song might not become a classic of Rin’s, through no real fault of its own.

-Elaborate and abstract PV.

-Great song + tuning.

-Well-written lyrics.

-Confusing concept.

-Not especially original sound.

Rating: 4/5rating40

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A vitasoy-fueled blogger that feels taller than her actual height online and therefore believes in the shoutbox that is the digital landscape. Fan of Japanese idols with their real or electronic personalities and beats.

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  1. There is a chance how they are talking about of how like you said with school that there can be really mean teachers at schools and we see them as villains so it could mean he has alought of mean teachers or the teachers seem mean to him.the part about undead it could be that he is in inner turmoil with himself like he needs to do better for whatever reason like stress by parents for better marks or it could be that he wants to tell someone that he needs help he can’t take this much pressure and he could also be that he doesn’t want to tell anyone what he think and it will go,away by itself so that could be a another reason he has the clown mask on to hide his feelings and the parts about how forgetting how to smile,love,and rest could mean he is so coughs up into that it is destroying himself inside so he is hiding how he feels.So you could say how this evolves around school and all it’s stress couse he looked like a seventh grader and getting out of sixth grade and into seventh grade is very overwhelming for the new school,new responsibilities,harder work,stricter teachers all of that can cause alought of stress on one person and the possibility that his parents are pressuring him to can add alought to it,and in the ending it looks like someone noticed what is happening and took the pressure off of him so that explainers why he smiled at the end and has a chance of him remembering how to love and rest.For the love and rest part that part can be that with all this stuff happening he has no time for this emotion and it is a wast of space to you forget how to love and for resting it could be that he is studding so much that he is doing full nighters and not getting the correct amount of sleep so that can mess you up alought and especially with school because the lack of sleep can cause your grades to fall.The part where it seems like he is singing like he doesn’t care anymore it could be that he is burnt out he don’t care if he doesn’t get good grades anymore,he just stops caring and when he starts singing that stop don’t leave me it could mean that people started avoiding him so he starts to freek out.then that could be when a teacher or adult or someone notice’s this and does something to make him happy and calm again

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