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Hey y’all! This week I’ll be looking at a solo artist for the first time- K.Will! Most famous for his ballads, K.Will has also been known for being a vocal coach, dancer, songwriter, composer, actor and radio DJ. He debuted in 2006, and 8 years later is still famous and relevant in the k-pop scene. His music videos usually feature models, idols, and actors playing out a mini-drama that goes along with the song, which seems to be a trend for solo artists- or ballad singers at least. Today, we’re looking at K.Will’s latest single, One Day.

k.will one fine day cover

Here’s the MV with English subs (just click CC)!

The lyrics are about an average guy, not the most handsome but nice, and his crush. He is asking her to be with him, saying that this will be day one (of the rest of their lives together, I’m assuming). The theme isn’t anything new — a guy trying to woo over his love. Some parts make me uncomfortable, like when he talks about not being handsome but the nicest guy, and of all the handsome guys out there, not one of them is nice. It hits me as the sort of “nice guy” mentality that we’ve seen so much of lately, and it makes it seem like physical attractiveness and kindness are mutually exclusive (which they aren’t!).

The music video shows an “average” guy (who’s really an attractive actor with glasses) trying to win over his love. The character is shy and follows the girl around their college campus, but she never seems to notice him. She’s an artist, and he sits to watch her paint, while she never looks over to him. It’s a bit awkward, especially the stalker aspects, but the girl doesn’t seem uncomfortable. It’s as if he isn’t even there to her.

Park Min Woo plays a dorky stalker.

Park Min Woo plays a dorky stalker.

The song is ballady with upbeat piano parts and strings sections throughout. The music itself is not very original either — it actually reminds me a lot of another K.Will song. If I were listening to the instrumental, I might also confuse it with other artists, IU for example. The type of music is almost unique to k-pop — I don’t hear as much American pop with this type of sound — but within k-pop almost every song of this style sounds the same. Sorry, K.Will.

Speaking of K.Will, he actually appears in his own music video (which doesn’t happen very often!). Here, he plays a radio DJ, reading a letter written from the male protagonist. He appears once or twice more, singing along a bit, and also giving the guy tips on how to get the girl. One tip is perform a magic trick; take a flaming stick and make a flower appear. The guy practices in the bathroom, hurting himself in the process, but gets it right when asking the girl out, ditching the glasses that made him “average.”

K.Will demonstrates a magic trick from his DJ booth.

K.Will demonstrates a magic trick from his DJ booth.

The rest of the video consists of scenes of the two dating, featuring flashbacks to all the times the guy was stalking, I mean romantically following, the girl around. It turns out that whenever he looked away, the girl shyly looked back at him. It would appear that they both had a secret crush and it took one of them having the courage to do something about it. It was the guy’s courage asking her out, but on one of their dates involving a movie, it was the girl who had the courage to hold his hand and it’s happily ever after from then on.

It turns out the girl- Sistar's Soyu- was interested the whole time.

Turns out the girl- Sistar’s Soyu- was into him from the start.

As a whole, the song is enjoyable to listen to, but not very unique at all. I feel like I could listen to any other K.Will song and not know the difference. I wasn’t a fan of the lyrics, and the stalking threw me off a bit, although I guess it’s supposed to be romantic. At least he never followed her home. On the whole, this is a song I might listen to every once and a while, but not put on my iPod. Honestly, I prefer an older K.Will song, My Heart Beating. The lyrics are sweeter, and the MV is much cuter.


-K.Will’s voice.

-Enjoyable song.


-Not a fan of the lyrics.

-Slightly stalkerish protagonist.

-Nothing unique about the song’s sound.

Rating: 3/5 


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