Review: Deadpool vs. X-Force #1

Last week, we finally reached the end of the most recent Deadpool vs. Carnage mini series. Overall, it was a satisfying read with an interesting twist ending, but now that that series is done, what shall come in to fill in the Deadpool mini series gap? Why, DEADPOOL VS. X-FORCE!

Deadpool vs X-Force 1 cover

Deadpool vs. X-Force is a somewhat unexpected mini series that thrusts the reader straight back into the Liefeldian comic times of the mid 1990’s.  Between the character designs, art style, and even character dialogue (which suggests the setting) all make you feel like you’re reading a comic that has been lost since the 1990’s. This reminds me somewhat of the throwback issues, that have been released in the mainstay Deadpool books. But as opposed to those which play with the concept for laughs, this one seems to be very straight laced with the idea of it being a comic from that era. The only thing this comic is missing is Liefeld on the artwork, and I am honestly thankful for that.

Deadpool vs X-Force 1-1

Our comic begins proper with a scene from the American Revolution, where we find Deadpool engaging a regiment of Redcoats, and slaughtering them wholesale. One important note we see in this scene is that Deadpool isn’t speaking with his usual yellow text boxes or balloons, but instead is featured talking in red outlined white balloons. This is reminiscent of his first appearance in New Mutants #98, where he was shown talking with red outlined boxes, as opposed to standard white. With that minor touch of historical accuracy, this book makes a good first impression at trying to be a 90’s comic.

Deadpool vs X-Force 1-2

And historical accuracy is the name of the game here, because as I stated earlier, in regards to Deadpool fighting redcoats, this is a TIME TRAVEL STORY-LINE! After Deadpool begins mucking about in the past, Cable, being excessively tied to the timestream itself, and being a psychic, can feel the temporal alterations being made. Cable then travels to meet a man named Talbot, whose company is responsible for developing the time travel technology that Cable would make use of. He discovers that Talbot had decided to send a mercenary into the past in an attempt to save the life of his grandson who passed away during his tour in dessert storm. This was a mistake, as the mercenary he hired immediately fled with his technology and went further back than intended.

Deadpool vs X-Force 1-3

With his mission obvious, Cable assembles a team of the most capable mutants he knows and decides to go after Deadpool. Unbeknownst to cable, these same mutants would one day become a part of his black ops mutants task force known as X-FORCE. cable, cannonball, Warpath, boom boom, and Domino travel to 1777 and manage to track down Deadpool. Deadpool is surprised to see them but isn’t willing to let his mysterious work go unfinished. Once he is attacked by X-force he manages to skirt away quickly, using his time traveling back-pack (stolen from Talbot) to time slide to yet ANOTHER century. Luckily for X-Force, Deadpool drops a clue before he time slides away. It is a small black book, and when cable looks through it, he looks shocked.

Deadpool vs X-Force 1-4

He immediately readies everyone to travel to the Civil War, because according to the book, that is where he believes they will find this mysterious mercenary. Cable is correct, however, what he wasn’t prepared for, was to find Deadpool allied with a group of confederate soldiers, ready for their arrival.

This book is very quick and has no trouble getting straight to the action. While I would like to get a little characterization from the rest of X-Force, I believe the book works on the assumption you are aware of the 90’s team as well as who they are and what they did. Considering we have had over 15 years to learn about them, I’ll let the book slide on that fact. The book is also good at setting up the plot simply and without letting exposition overstay its welcome. I am honestly excited to learn why Deadpool is going on a temporal crusade, and I wonder what affects it may have on current books.

As I said, the only thing missing from this book is the crappy 90’s artwork, the likes of Rob Liefeld, and it is great to see it left out. The artwork is crisp, clean and interesting, while still keeping a few 90’s sensibilities, such as the costumes, and excessive pouches worn by everyone.


-A fun throwback to the 90’s

-A quick story that you wont regret reading once your done (*cough*originalsin*cough*)

-GOOD ARTWORK that still feels a bit 90’s


-A few more story details would be preferable

-Characterization of X-Force is non existant

Rating: 4/5


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