Review: Blossom – Wings (feat. Baechigi)

Hey y’all! Less than six months after their debut, rookie group Wings has made a comeback! Y’all might remember that I was looking forward to this- their debut song, Hair Short, got the highest rating possible when I reviewed it two months ago. Their new song, Blossom, is a ballad-y love song, but the tone of the video is definitely darker, and it has me wondering if this is a permanent concept for Wings. I hope so, because it’s intriguing! Let’s look at Blossom.

wings blossom cover

Unfortunately, the music video has not been made available in America on YouTube (and likely other countries as well), but it’s viewable with English subs on DailyMotion.꽃이-폈어요-mv-eng-rom-han-hd_music

The lyrics are somewhat repetitive. The girls sing the same verse twice, but I suppose the rap verses make up for it a bit. It’s a very sweet song about how a loved one can make it seem like flowers are blooming, and no matter how sad the world can make you, they’ll make you smile again.

Most of the first half of the video matches the tone of the lyrics perfectly. The two girls of Wings seem to be preparing for a party. There is a scene of them baking in a brightly lit kitchen (and making a right mess of it), and another of them making what looks like either candles or candy. Also, in the second scene, they paint white roses red– entirely pointless, except to serve as symbolism. For what, I’m not sure. Last, the girls set up the party space with fairy lights and balloons. For the most part, it seems like a light, happy video.

wings blossom party

It looks like your completely average love song music video…

But when the party starts, that’s when it really starts to get weird. There are little things throughout the video until then, some of which you might not even notice until re-watching them. Like the scene in the beginning when one of the girl sits eerily upright after laying on the bed, and when she goes to the window and has a rather strong reaction to the sunlight. I’m not saying vampire, but I will admit that when watching the behind the scenes video, out of all the Korean that I didn’t understand, I did recognize one word (yes, it was vampire). Some scenes are a bit incongruous with the vampire theory, such as the cooking scene (there’s a window letting in plenty of sunlight), and the balloon scene pictured above (although the lighting doesn’t make it clear what time of day it is– could be afternoon, could be twilight). But when the girls make their grand entrance to the party, their outfits signal the darker turn of the video. They’re dressed in a somewhat gothic style, and yes, look a little vampire-y. Also the guests, who had been completely normal until this point, are all suddenly wearing animal heads.

wings blossom goth

Yeah, this is when it gets weird.

Blossom begins with a soft acoustic guitar and some sort of flute sound. It mimics the tone of the video, which at that point, is still somewhat light and happy. The music shifts with the beginning of the party. Right before the second rap, there’s a bit of a break as the girls walk down the stairs to the party area, and the music sounds almost a little creepy- before going back to the soft, light pop song it was before. It’s not my all-time favorite song, but it’s catchy and pretty and something I could definitely listen to for a while to come. As a contrast to the last chorus, the rest of the video is just plain creepy. There’s the creepy room full of flowers, the creepy running in the dark scene, and the creepy guys meant to be the love interest. At the party the guys are socializing and seem fine, but when they’re alone with their respective girl, they’re either: A. sitting, expressionless, in a chair or B. chasing the girl in the dark. Seriously, there’s a scene in the end that looks almost like it’s out of a horror movie. The girls still have the dark gothic makeup, but are now wearing white, flowing dresses.

wings blossom horror

The darkest part of the MV- are they running to their doom?

As a whole, this song was thoroughly enjoyable, and the music video even more so. I’m not entirely sure what the plot is besides the party, but I’m inclined to think of it as a vampire love story. Did the guys change the girls first and that’s why they’re shown chasing them? Or are the girls changing the guys, explaining their weird catatonic scenes? I suppose if I spoke Korean, it would be explained better in the behind the scenes video that I watched, but I don’t mind not knowing. The twist at the end was interesting and though it seemed kinda scary, it was scary in a fun way. I know I said this last time, but I can’t wait to see more from these girls!


-A pretty ballad.

-Really interesting video concept!

-The rap parts really added something to the song.


-Repetitive lyrics.

-Somewhat confusing as to what’s going on.

Rating: 4/5 rating40

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