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Hey y’all! Today I’ll be talking about one of my all-time favorite guy groups, Infinite. They had a comeback not too long ago, and what’s out now isn’t a new album- it’s a repackaged version of the previous album (their second full-length album, Season 2) with two brand-new songs. A music video for one of these songs, Back was just released, so let’s take a look at it!

infinite be back cover

Here’s the music video with English subs!

The lyrics are very similar to a lot of Infinite’s discography. Many of their songs are breakup songs — either they’re about to break up, or in the midst of it, or hoping to get back together after a breakup. If I’m not mistaken, Man In Love is possibly their only happy single (and also one of my favorites). Last Romeo isn’t a break-up song per se but there is a dark element to it (hence the reference to the star-crossed lover himself). The general idea of Back is that a guy doesn’t want his ex to forget about him and he wants her back.

The music video takes that a bit literally, especially the line “Can you save me?” Infinite is a gang (or I’d assume so, by their matching jackets), and a rival gang has kidnapped a girl that is important to them. Based on her body language in a flashback, she seems to be a little sister to Sunggyu, the leader, with a crush on Myungsoo. The majority of the video is comprised of cheesy fight scenes between Infinite and their rivals —they only know how to do one kind of kick. There’s a lot of punching and swinging of wooden planks. And Infinite seems to be getting the worst of it.

Infinite prepares to infiltrate the enemy's warehouse.

Infinite prepares to infiltrate the enemy’s warehouse.

The dance is also very typical of Infinite — once the ballad part is over, the dance moves are precise and energetic. Whoever does choreography for Infinite is fantastic, because each song has its own distinct set of moves, but there’s also something recognizable about all of them. You just look at it and know that it’s Infinite. They’re also great about taking advantage of their size — they can do things like break off into groups or stagger the moves so that all seven aren’t doing the same exact thing every moment.

The concept is definitely gang-like, with Infinite in all-black urban style clothes during the fight scenes and coordinated black and white during the dance scenes (the alternate dance outfit being an all-blue ensemble that reminds me vaguely of their outfits for The Chaser). The main changes to their hair styles is the shaved sides, with geometric designs cut in. Sunggyu especially looks like he did for their debut (Come Back Again). They look masculine and edgy… or they would if they all weren’t so pretty.

infinite back dance

And Infinite’s gang-symbol is graffiti’ed onto the wall.

The first chunk of the song is distinctly ballad-y, beginning with piano and adding a synth sound a bit later. The rest of the song is more upbeat, but interestingly enough, there isn’t a rap part in the entire song. The rappers, Hoya and Dongwoo each have their own lines to sing to make up for it, though. Honestly, this wasn’t one of my favorite comebacks. The music video reminded me a bit of Before the Dawn, and the song itself didn’t really compel me. Of course, I’ll download the repackaged album because there isn’t a single part of Infinite’s discography I don’t own, but there are definitely singles that I liked better.

The video ends with Infinite, bloody and battered, facing off against the last three or four guys from the opposite gang. They’ve definitely taken a beating; someone (I think it’s Myungsoo) collapses at the very end when the rest of the group rushes towards the opposition. But they’ve made it this far, and they outnumber the other side, so I believe it’s implied that they rescue the girl, who is now held by only one guy.

infinite back epilogue

Six vs. three- not bad odds.

As a whole, it’s a decent song, great dance, and an okay comeback. It’s a repackaged album rather than a brand-new release, so I guess I’ll cut it some slack. I definitely liked the first single from this album better. If you’re interested, it’s called Last Romeo. Definitely check it out if you’re not familiar with it. It’s got an epic soundtrack kind of feel.


-Great dance as usual.

-Rappers get a chance to sing.


-Fight scenes are kinda cheesy.

-The song was eh.

Rating: 3.5/5rating35



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