Review: Amazing Spider-Man #4 Original Sin Tie-In

For the past few months, Marvel has been teasing us with the prospect of a new Spider-hero set to join the cast of Spider-Man’s books. Ever since the release of issue #1 of this new volume of Amazing Spider-Man, it has been made very clear that Peter Parker was not the ONLY person bitten by a radioactive spider at that fateful science demonstration. And now, we are finally introduced to the new “Spider Bride” in this week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man #4.

Spidey 4 cover

As has been the norm for the new volume of Spider-Man, our story begins at Parker industries, where Parker’s team of scientists are working on new technology to help the NYPD in apprehending the now escaped Electro. However, the experiments are cut short when Peter is called away by the Avengers to assist with the events of issues 1 and 2 of Original Sin.

At first, the Spider is more than thrilled to be considered trusted enough by his fellow Avengers to be called upon to assist with such a grave situation. After being informed upon the whole thing, however, he is far more humble and less self important in his assistance. However, his assistance is cut short when the Orb activates the Watcher’s eye and releases the secrets within it like a BOMB to everyone within range of the blast across lower Manhattan. It is with this blast that Peter Parker learns about the fate of a young woman named Cindy Moon.

Spidey 4-1

Cindy was abducted not long after Peter had become Spider-Man. She was taken from her family by a man named Ezekial, who had previously tried to abduct Spider-Man as well. Through the Watcher’s flashbacks, as well as through several automated messages, we learn that Spider-Man and Cindy were abducted in an attempt to escape the Super-villain Morlun, who travels the multiverse devouring those belonging to the web, aka alternate Spider-men and women.

Spidey 4-2

When Spider-Man arrives to free Cindy she is unaware that Peter had defeated Morlun, twice in fact, and attacks Peter thinking that he has broken her from isolation and doomed them both. In this fight we learn that while Cindy does not share Peter’s spider-strength, she does have an enhance Spider sense as well as organic web shooters.  Eventually Peter is able to explain the situation to Cindy and she is ecstatic at the prospect of leaving her prison. She then uses her web shooters to create a costume for herself. She also dons the name “SILK” as she has had more than enough time to create her own hero persona in her isolation.

Spidey 4-3

The pair web sling through the NYC skyline as peter finds it difficult to control her and keep her close to him. Silk, however, seems to have a one-track mind, as she makes a b-line through the city trying to reach her primary destination. After so many years of isolation she wants to reunite with her family. However, when she arrives at her parent’s old apartment, there is a new family there, unfamiliar to her. Her parents had moved long ago, who knows if they are even alive?

Peter finally manages to catch up to her, and the pair exchange more exposition, resulting in the mutual knowledge of the oncoming return of Morlun, who has been teased previously as the primary antagonist of the upcoming story arc “SPIDER-VERSE!” The pair finally begin to relax, but in the heat of the moment, we understand why Silk has been refereed to as the Spider-Bride.

Spidey 4-4

I believe the above scan should say enough regarding THAT. The first steps towards Spider-verse have begun, and a new love interest for Peter parker has been introduced, WHOOPDEEDOO! I am slowly growing more and more agitated with the continued run around regarding Spider-Man’s love life. We all know one way or another, Spider-Man HAS to end up with Mary Jane once again, and ever single tease we receive that hints towards that happening just makes it worse. And now being given a new hero to train as well as a possible love interest, Spider-Man is not in any position to head towards Mary Jane, not this year at least.

Our new character seems promising, and looks to make a nice addition to the Spider-family. This issue also displayed that Black Cat’s vendetta against the Spider is far from resolved, and we shall be seeing new developments on that story line in the next coming issues. Overall, aside from the standard fan-boy annoyances with how Peter’s love life has been handled in recent years, I cannot give this issue any real grievances. I only hope that the Black Cat arc, as well as Spider-verse live up to the grandness that they are building it up to be.


-A tolerable tie-in to the original Sin storyline.

-Humberto Ramos’ artwork is always fun to see

-A good start to the introduction of a new hero.


-Another love interest/triangle for Peter Parker

-Who the hell is Morlun??????

Rating: 3.5/5


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