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Hey y’all! One of my favorite groups is back, Block B, has just released a new mini-album! Before its release, their company hinted that the concept was something the group had never done before, and having watched the music video, they’re absolutely right! The style of the video, music, and members themselves are not what you’d expect from Block B. I think this is the first huge deviation from their original style, so let’s take a look at their new single, Her!

block b her cover

Here’s the video with English subs:

This song is at its core a love song. About a girl (her) who is so beautiful, she’s a work of art. It’s a song of praise for her, how she’s better than everyone else. The lyrics aren’t groundbreaking by any means, but it’s probably the first single as such for Block B. Most of their singles have been party anthems, more or less. There have been more serious songs, but there has yet to be an upbeat, happy love song.

The music video is very hectic. It’s full of bright, bright, colors, random scenes, and Block B acting as they usually do — wild. Their previous concepts have been very strong and masculine, but this music video takes a bit of a turn from that style. Block B’s characteristic goofiness is intact, but this time around it lends to a more cute image than I’m used to seeing from Block B. That being said, it isn’t cute cute like, say, Boyfriend.

Strange filters that combine pastels with neon = Block B's idea of "cute."

Strange filters that combine pastels with neon = Block B’s idea of “cute.”

Here’s where it gets meta. The cuteness is explained in a brief intermission where Block B is being “interviewed” about the song in the middle of the music video. Zico explains that they’re trying to go for a cuter concept, and demonstrates with aegyo. Ukwon does what I wish I could— slaps him (lightly) across the face. It’s really more like he’s knocking off Zico’s glasses, but it has the desired effect of making him stop. Come on, Zico. You’re supposed to be the leader here.

They cut to a stage performance and the music starts back up. The dance, from what I can see, reminds me somewhat of Jackpot. The bow-legged stance, mainly. This scene right after the interview is also the only time in the entire song that Taeil, the main vocal, sings. This was rather a disappointment for me, because I think Taeil’s voice is one of the best assets that Block B has. On the bright side, he has his own solo song on the mini album, which I think makes up for it.

When in doubt, duplicate-- er, triplicate?

When in doubt, duplicate– er, triplicate?

I don’t know how to properly describe the sound of the song, as I’m terrible with genres. It’s definitely upbeat. I’ve seen it described as “rock blues” online, but I’m not sure if that fits either. Personally, I’m not entirely fond of it. I do miss the more hip-hop sounding songs of Block B’s past, and can’t quite get as excited about this comeback as I know other fans are. I know Block B is just trying to be different—everyone else is coming out with powerful music so they’re gonna do the opposite—but I’m not sure this is a move in the right direction. Despite my misgivings, the song is incredibly catchy and gets stuck in your head whether you want it there or not.

Honestly the ostrich was the highlight of the video.

Honestly this ostrich was the highlight of the video.

All in all, not crazy about the song. The music video was fun, but the colors got annoying to look at after a while. I miss stuff like Halo, LOL, and Wanna B. Shoot, I even miss Tell Them and Mental Breaker, which were both more on the pop side. This song just didn’t do it for me. If I had to pick a favorite song from the mini-album it would be 보기 드문 여자, or Unordinary Girl. Check it out and let me know which one y’all prefer!


-Block B is hilarious, as usual.

-Song is very catchy.

-Ostrich. Why? Because.


-Not a fan of the new genre.

-MV colors are too much.

Rating: 3/5


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