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Hey y’all! Today I’ll be do something slightly different since the song I’m reviewing is totally in English. SPICA, the Korean girl group, has made their English debut with I Did It. Before I even get started, I want to say that I’m not even going to nitpick about pronunciation. None of these girls are native English speakers, and all of the words are perfectly understandable, and personally, I think they did really well! So now let’s take a look at I Did It.

spica i did it cover

The official MV (no subs necessary for once!):

The lyrics remind me of Shania Twain’s “Feel Like a Woman.” It’s that girl power, going out anthem. It’s really about doing what you want no matter what other people think, and having a good time with your friends. The rap is probably my favorite part with the familiar line, “Whatchu looking at, my eyes are up here.” The vocabulary is pretty basic—nothing to really wow me there. The line “I like it a lot” is repeated in the chorus, and I think they could have done a little better there. As a line, it isn’t even that great, let alone good enough to be repeated.

There’s also some disappointment with the vocals. Don’t get me wrong, I think the girls in SPICA all have great voices. That’s why I’m disappointed. This song was very toned down, with very few high notes or opportunities to belt. I know this group is capable of more, and can’t help but wonder if they were playing it safe because it’s in English.

And there isn't even a costume change.

The only outfits in the entire video.

The video itself is also kind of “meh.” No plot and definitely the bare minimum set and props. I’ve seen K-pop MVs where there have been over 10 costume changes (Hyuna, I’m looking at you), but in this song, there are exactly 0. There’s also no set change either. For a song about going out at night, they spent the entire time inside. For a song with these lyrics I would have liked a video with: one club scene (in clubbing outfits), one scene in a car (limo or convertible, what have you, and an outfit change), and maybe a getting ready scene (in front of a vanity, pretending to put make-up on when their faces are already flawless). At the very least, something other than a plain white background.

Silhouettes on a white background... That's new?

Silhouettes on a white background…that’s new?

The song is described on their official video as “a medium-tempo dance pop song that calls upon elements of hip-hop and funk to evoke a sense of 90’s pop nostalgia.” I’m not really sure I get that feeling from the song. In fact, another one of their singles (in Korean) fits that description much better. I’ll Be There gave me major 90’s flashbacks. This song? Not so much. It’s just sort of sub par, like they could have done more. This song and video just left me wanting more in general. More interaction with other people, more colors, more locations, more dancing… You know, more.

This male dancer is the closest any of the girls actually get to a guy in this MV.

This male dancer is the closest any of the girls actually get to a guy in this MV about “going out.”

All in all, not great, and I know SPICA really has the potential to be spectacular. They’ve had some really great singles in the past, and I know they’re all great vocally and I just really wish they’d taken advantage of it, especially since this is their first English single. For a hint of what I was hoping for you could either look at I’ll Be There (linked above) or You Don’t Love Me. Both singles are way catchier and demonstrate their singing ability better than this release. Still, I love this group and will be looking forward to their album that’s rumored to come soon. Just let it be more like their past stuff than this.


-Great message in the song (you can never have too many girl anthems)!

-Good English pronunciation.


-Simple lyrics.

-Boring song, dance, and video.

Rating: 2.5/5


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