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Hey y’all! Secret recently released a new single, I’m In Love. Since this is their first release in over six months, and their first mini album in over a year, this comeback has been long awaited and, in my opinion, worth the wait. They’re back with their signature funky sound and a sexy concept, so let’s take a look at I’m In Love!

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The MV with English subs (click CC):

The lyrics are from the perspective of a girl in love, who is continually growing more confused and unhappy. It seems like the guy is playing games with her and she’s in too deep to get out. The strength of her feelings and the off-on status of their relationship is driving her crazy…and you can see it in this video.

The plot seems to be a Jekyll and Hyde story. The members of Secret sit in a chair across from a professional-looking man who is taking notes as they interact. My guess is that he’s a therapist. In the beginning, each girl sits in the chair, dressed in white, and they act innocent and demure. The biggest outburst from a girl in white is a single tear rolling down her cheek. Then, the members of Secret appear in black. They appear in the exact same place of their white self, but their expressions and demeanor are totally different. They’ve become dark, seductive, and very agitated. Their actions reflect the color they’re wearing: white is pure and innocent, black is more dramatic and passionate.

secret i'm in love hyosung 1

It’s totally normal to fall in love with your therapist…it’s called transference.

The rest of the video is various individual shots (with both a white version and a black version), and group dance scenes, which have a combination of black and white. The theme of Jekyll and Hyde, light and dark, carries throughout the entire video, and it’s nice to see a k-pop music video stick to a theme so well. There was thought put into it, but the imagery isn’t so obscure that it goes over your head. They demonstrate all aspects of love: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The dance itself is definitely on the sexy side, which is perhaps why their outfits in these scenes are only black. They show a lot of skin and move in fairly provocative ways. It’s almost as if the dance is to seduce the boy, who— from the lyrics— isn’t as attentive to the girl as she is to him.

secret i'm in love dance

Are you in love yet? How about lust?

My one complaint is the bridge. It has the same soft piano that the song begins with, but in the middle of the song, it’s abrupt and awkward. It reminds me of I Got a Boy, except it’s only one weird part—the rest is perfectly cohesive. The end of it blends better with the rest of the song than the begining. I just would have liked a better transition initially.

There’s a bit of a plot twist at the end. Though in the beginning, dark Secret was taking the place of light Secret, in the end, dark Secret takes the place of the therapist. He leans against the desk to take notes, dark Hyosung appears in the same place, holding his notes. The very end is the strangest — it shows both light and dark Hyosung in the chairs together. She’s finally lost it.

Either she's been in love with herself and is extremely narcissistic or this is all a hallucination.

I’m assuming either she’s an extreme narcissist, or this is all a hallucination.

All in all, the song was good. I like this music style for Secret — I wasn’t much of a fan during their Shy Boy era when they went all cutesy. The music video was creative and thought-provoking — what is the difference between dark and light Secret? Is it all in their heads? The video represented the song well, expanding on the sentiment in the lyrics about love driving you crazy. This song definitely makes me want to check out the rest of the mini-album!


-Funky music style.

-Good imagery and interesting plot.


-Awkward ballad-y bridge.

-Like seriously, why is that part there?

Rating: 4/5


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