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Hey y’all! I follow a lot of Bangtan fans on tumblr, and they’ve all been going crazy about BTS’ latest comeback. So I’ve decided to watch the MV for myself and review it this week. Hip hop influence is growing in k-pop, and while I like other groups of this genre, I haven’t really paid much attention to the Bangtan Boys until now. So let’s take a look at their new single, Danger.

bts dark&wild cover

The MV with English subs (click CC):

The lyrics are from the perspective of a guy in an unhappy relationship. He feels that the girl is indifferent to him, or doesn’t care as much as he does. Meanwhile, he feels like he cares too much in comparison. He tells her that she’s in danger…of what, I’m not sure. With the violent-sounding lyrics and violence in the music video, the line “you’re in danger” is very worrisome to me. The warning on the album cover states, “Love hurts, it causes anger, jealousy, obsession, why don’t u love me back?” It seems to fit with this song in particular, but it isn’t a healthy expression of love.

Love shouldn't make you want to hit things.

Love shouldn’t make you want to hit things.

The beginning of the video shows each member doing various activities sadly/angrily. Activities include writing, playing piano, staring angrily into the mirror with wet hair, dancing, playing basketball, boxing, and staring dramatically while holding a lighter out of frame. I don’t mean to tease but it all seems a little melodramatic. I’m too realistic to feel much pity for these guys. If you’re that miserable in a relationship, your best bet is to break up and try to move on, especially if the girl doesn’t seem to care.

The rest of the video includes dance shots in two sets of outfits: one with black leather and denim, and the other in slightly more formal black and white outfits, but still with a lot of leather. There’s an urban influence, as there so often is with these hip hop groups. The outfits aren’t bad: not too matchy but not totally random either. Most of the music video seems to take place in a dirty warehouse and abandoned subway station. I guess it’s supposed to represent the state of the guy’s heart.

Playing basketball, but like, in a depressed way.

Playing basketball, but like, in a depressed way.

The composition of the song isn’t particularly unique, but it isn’t bad either. The verses are rap and there’s a bit of a rock guitar sound during the chorus. The song itself matches the aggressive tone of the lyrics and video. I think it’s really good; it’s already stuck in my head. It seems like a good work-out song as well. Maybe I can listen to it while I play basketball and look sad. Sorry, last joke, I swear.

The dance was great. They boys were really synchronized, and the footwork was quick and also in sync. It was masculine and aggressive, as expected, but there was definitely a sense of finesse to it (perhaps from the lightness of their feet). There was one part, though, that reminded me of another group. There’s a line in the chorus, “Am I easy?” The dance move consists of crossed arms and shifting shoulders, while leaning. Though it’s not the same, it reminds me somewhat of U-Kiss’s song Am I That Easy? U-Kiss does more of a lean back than down or to the side, but it’s a similar enough motion- to the exact same line.

bts danger am i easy

The dance in question.

All and all, it’s an enjoyable song with a cool, hip-hop vibe. I wasn’t a fan of BTS before (mainly because I never listened to them), but I’m definitely interested now. I probably won’t be watching the video too much, because the violence concerns me, especially the end with the fire everywhere…but I’ll take a look at their live performances because that dance is really awesome. And I’ll be downloading this album as well!


-Good hip-hop song.

-The dance is amazing.


-The lyrics didn’t interest me.

-Seriously, this idea of violent love is really unhealthy.

Rating: 3.5/5


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