BRONY-CON 2014 Convention Report

Every year, the Baltimore Convention Center has been home to several major conventions, the most notable of which is OTAKON. However, starting last year, it began hosting a new convention, exclusively designed to spread the Magic of Friendship. This marks the second official year of the LARGEST Pony Convention on the PLANET, being hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center.



Last year marked the first year of this con becoming a large scale event, and to be honest, it showed. Brony-con 2013 was an organizational DISASTER: between under-staffing, V.A. booking and handling conflicts, scheduling, and general disorganization, the convention was a GIANT mess last year. However, significant changes were put in place this year to help accommodate more guests, and streamline the flow of the entire convention. The registration area nearly tripled in size from last years, and was moved MUCH closer to the center of the convention. The size of the registration room also accommodated the lines which Brony-con 2013 was QUITE infamous for, and made the process of registering much faster and less hectic.


But what about the voice actors and writers, you may ask? Not only were there FAR more V.A.’s booked for Brony-con 2014, but each of them either received their own individual or group panel, as well as having them featured in in private press conferences and interviews.


Organization is a KEY factor in running a convention, and while last years attempt at Brony-con was severely lacking, THIS year’s convention had it in SPADES. As I said before, there was a MUCH larger registration area for incoming guests, but even better, that registration area was located literally 50 feet away from the main vendor hall. Last year, the vendor hall was located on the complete OPPOSITE side of the convention, and thus was a GREAT inconvenience. After that, all of the panel and screening rooms were located just one floor up from the vendor hall, and in the same building, making for easy access as well as shorter travel time.


Overall, everything from the layout, to the slight management changes made for a FAR more enjoyable convention this year. Hopefully we will see the convention go even further to impress in the coming years, as the MLP fandom has only continued to grow, and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

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