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Hey y’all! Tomorrow is my first day of school (yeah, I know I start late), and in honor of that, I’m reviewing Stress Come On! by Big Byung (Big Bottle). Big Byung isn’t an established group per se, but a musical group created by Defconn and Jung Hyungdon. The creation of the group (and their first and only single) is captured in their TV show, Hitmaker. As of right now, only the first three episodes have English subs, but there is also a group appearance on Weekly Idol (hosted by Hyungdon and Defconn). It’s all very silly and comedic, and just the thing for reducing stress, so let’s take a look at Stress, Come On!

big byung stress come on cover

Here’s the MV with English Subs (click CC):

The name Big Byung was chosen because it sounds similar to Big Bang, but it’s explained on Weekly Idol as “a bottle full of musical importance.” The members are Wang Kong (Jackson from GOT7), a play on Jackson’s last name and the fact that he’s from Hong Kong, also translates to King Kong; Yookduk (Sungjae from BTOB), which apparently either means “chubbiness” or “six virtues, ” and Dolbaekkie and Hyuk-Di (N and Hyuk from VIXX, respectively). N’s last name is Cha, which sounds like the word for marbled beef when put with his stage name, and dol means stone, which is shown in the beginning of the video. Hyuk-di sounds a lot like the Korean word for belt, though Hyuk likes to think it’s a reference to G-Dragon, who also goes by G.D. Basically the names are all jokes and puns on the members’ actual names.

The lyrics of the song are about various stressful situations. In the second episode of Hitmaker, it shows that Defconn was in charge of composing, and Hyungdon was in charge of lyrics. Defconn has multiple beats ready, but Hyungdon struggles with writing: it causes him stress. It’s implied that this is where the inspiration comes from. Some are more serious than others — one line is about how Dad says the man should work hard for the family, but why is Mom the one working the most? But another line is about having chicken but no soda to go with it. Many of the lyrics seem more silly than stressful — but this group was made for a variety show, so that’s the point.

The group in white (their names conveniently on their bottles and clothing) with their producers in black, to the left.

The group in white (their names conveniently on their bottles and clothing) with their producers in black, to the left.

The music video has the members of Big Byung in various locations — a graffiti-filled alleyway and a children’s playground. It’s as if they were trying to be like a real hip hop group, but after a few minutes, realized that only on of the group members had any real experience in hip hop, so they gave up. Jackson’s the lead rapper in GOT7, which is a hip hop inspired group, so he seems the most comfortable in the concept. Sungjae has a bit of experience rapping, but BTOB is a boy band through and through. Same goes for the VIXX members — neither are rappers, and it shows. These two were shown throughout Hitmaker to be the most delicate of Big Byung- the pretty boys. All four members are over-exaggerating for comedic effect, but that doesn’t hide the fact that Jackson is the best at hip hop. But the other three make up for their lack of experience in the genre by being absolutely hilarious in the music video. The playground scene after the first verse is definitely my favorite, if only for the facial expressions.

Hyuk Di and Wang Kong are really stressed, you guys!

Hyuk-Di and Wang Kong demonstrate stressed expressions.

The song itself is… interesting. It definitely sounds like a hip hop song. I’d argue that the verses are better than the chorus in general, but mainly because I don’t like the sound of the line “this is because of you.” The line itself isn’t bad, but the way it’s delivered just sounds strange. Maybe it’s too soft? The recording process isn’t fully shown in Hitmaker, but I would guess that it’s the vocalists from VIXX on that line. Their voices are better suited to singing than rapping. Maybe that adds to the comedy of it, though? There isn’t much of a dance either — mainly because the members had to choreograph it themselves. To be honest, I think they only choreographed the chorus. It’s a mix of funny and actual dancing, so it fits the song well.

big byung stress come on finale pose

Stress overload.

All in all, this song is great for what it’s meant to be- a funny song and video. Big Byung had their debut and retirement stage on Weekly Idol, performing their song and playing variety games (like mouth to mouth, where you have to pass papers along a line using only your mouth. They were treated as a real idol group on the show, despite their disbanding at the end of it. Even though their time as a group is over, I’ll be supporting the members in each of their groups, and watching Hitmaker to see who comes along next. Who knows, maybe Big Byung will have an unexpected comeback?


-Video, lyrics, and dance are hilarious.

-Jackson raps as well here as he would in GOT7.


-The chorus doesn’t measure up to the rest of the song.

-I would have liked better rappers.

Rating: 4.5/5


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