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disappearance addiction - gumi rin

Another mysterious yandere breakdown PV was released last week in Disappearance Addiction, with the excitingly ambiguous note “I wish everything would disappear.” This time we see a duet by GUMI and Kagamine Rin, two unique voices that blend surprisingly well together – a fact that producers are thankfully picking up on more frequently lately. I think with the deluge of fast-paced, electronic beats in Vocaloid songs and the range of tuning, it is also rare for me to really find a song memorable.  I’m not sure what makes Disappearance Addiction impressionable to me, but check it out yourself below the cut.

Producer Kairiki Bear(かいりきベア)doesn’t have a lot of songs I’ve heard of, but a few entered the Niconico Hall of Fame. Disappearance Addiction’s title in Japanese is actually “Inai inai Addiction”, the word “inai” more loosely translated as “without existence.” The reason Kairiki Bear chose “Disappearance” is likely due to the action verb it suggests, as the female character sings in the PV below. It’s an interesting facet to bear in mind as you watch.

The main character is a high school girl with medium-length brown hair and small pigtails, beginning the song in an already seemingly trapped state. We see the girl sit in an empty classroom at table 13, a sure sign of something unlucky underfoot. The girl alludes to reasons behind her distress – there are images of faceless female classmates that seem to be mocking, “Look at what she has on her desk…”, although we don’t get a clear look ourselves. Mysteriously, the main girl wears an eyepatch with another bandaid on her face and looks pained.  This makes her refrain of “Love” sound like a possible yandere plot. However, it’s hard to tell who is doing the “disappearing” – another girl, or the main character herself.

Unlucky Seat 13

Unlucky Seat 13, not main character status

Later on, we see something of a “love confession” scene. When the boy replies with something of a sneer, the main girl’s blushing deepens in mortification. The story somewhat spirals even further after that, where the girl repeats that “everything has disappeared,” this time including her memories and sense of identity, as if nothing need have existed in the first place, but her gloomy expression morphs into a crazed one. The classroom scene flashes between one where the boy is seated to the side, to one where the girl is alone again.

*Not recommended reaction to crazy girls' confessions

*Not recommended reaction to crazy girls’ confessions

Connecting the lyrics and illustrations into a cohesive story is never easy for Vocaloid song translations, but doubly so given no ending or specific, connecting threads between the scenes. Going on my own interpretation of the lyrics and a lot of guesswork, my main theory is less yandere and more depressing. As hinted in the beginning, the girl appears to be a target of bullying and it seems likely the boy she crushed on also held her in disdain. From what you see of her reactions, she looks more than a little unbalanced. If she was a full-blown yandere, it would make sense that the one “disappearing” would be the girl(s) (and maybe even the guy, although the lyrics indicate a female). The PV pictures are not without animated red splotches that are suggestive of blood, although it is not explicitly violent. Did this girl just go Carrie style on her bullies?

Cyberbullying now has physical repercussions

Cyberbullying now has physical repercussions

Watching the breakdown at the end, however, I think the girl might have been overcome from all of the teasing and snapped mentally to the extent that she literally “erased” her entire memory of herself. Basing her “everything” unhealthily on a boy that ended up breaking her heart, she lost all purpose that held her together. Since she repeatedly wanted to escape an empty existence (one might call it a Disappearance Addiction), she committed a mental suicide. The song finishes with the conclusion, “From the start, oh, it seems there wasn’t anything here.” Whatever the real story is in conjunction to the two ideas of disappearance, the ending makes it clear that while the girl may have succeeded in “disappearing,” she did not escape with her mind intact.

It is much simpler to sit back and enjoy the eerie edm beat of the music accompanied by both GUMI and Kagamine Rin’s voices, tuned a little eccentrically for that off-kilter effect. Both feminine voices have a rather distinct style when heard apart from each other, but mix into one indistinguishable sound that still incorporates their strengths. GUMI’s lower, mellow tones add a layer to Rin’s higher, stronger one and the overall sound is a lot fuller. As for the song itself, I feel it has more stand-alone ability than many others that rely on their attractive PVs. I like it, but I might just be a little starved for some well-rendered


-Great PV animation.

-Great duet sound.

-Interesting story concept.


-(Not unexpectedly or overly?) Confusing story execution.

Rating: 4.5/5


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A vitasoy-fueled blogger that feels taller than her actual height online and therefore believes in the shoutbox that is the digital landscape. Fan of Japanese idols with their real or electronic personalities and beats.

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