Review: Beautiful – Park Boram feat. Zico

Hey y’all! Today I’m going to be reviewing the debut song from one of the contestants of Superstar K2 (a Korean singing competition), Park Boram. She didn’t win her season, but she was signed to MMO Entertainment and made her debut about a month ago. This review may be controversial, as it will be discussing things like weight and diets, and whether her weight loss was healthy or not. So let’s take a look at Park Boram’s debut single (featuring Zico of Block B), Beautiful (literally, the translation is ‘Got Prettier’).

park boram beautiful

Here’s the MV with English subs:

The lyrics talk of a girl’s newfound confidence after losing weight. “You got prettier,” people claim. The girl “wanted to be loved,” and that was her motivation for losing weight — to be loved and to be pretty. Zico’s rap is from the perspective of a guy who knew her before the weight loss, talking about her transformation and how much prettier she is now.

The music video is various shots of Park Boram in colorful sets working towards, and enjoying her new weight. There’s a breakfast scene, with a table loaded with delicious-looking pancakes, pastries, doughnuts, et cetera. But all Park Boram does is stare sadly at a banana and a pair of eggs. Wow, losing weight sure looks fun. There’s another scene where she’s in what looks like a music box, implying that she’s as small as a ballerina? The rest of the video is Park Boram making cute faces (to show off how “pretty” she is now), and sitting primly, accentuating her figure. As a music video, it’s very boring.

Seriously, Park Boram hardly moves. All she does is pose.

Seriously, Park Boram hardly moves. All she does is pose.

This song is mainly based on the real-life story of Park Boram. When she was on Superstar K2 she was considered chubby, but at 5’5 with a weight of 130 pounds, she was well within the normal range. After the show, she apparently gained more weight, getting into the overweight category, then losing about 70 pounds to be 99 pounds. 99 pounds at 5 feet 5 inches is a BMI of 16.5- considered underweight, though BMI isn’t the be-all and end-all. Park Boram released her diet, which consisted of 5 small meals and a 2-hour workout every day. The meals themselves seem healthy enough, though totally lacking in healthy fats.

Was her weight loss healthy? There’s no way to know, and there’s no certainty that the diet released is what she actually ate. To lose 70 pounds over the course of 2 years is a pretty good pace, but should she have gone as far as she did? In the rap, Zico says “Overdoing it was worth it. I hope I don’t sound too inhumane.” By acknowledging that the message may seem inhumane, it shows that perhaps something may be wrong. I looked up the word for “overdoing” used in the rap, and most of the connotations that came up (from google translate) were negative. Almost as if to imply that overdoing it wasn’t good at all.

During the rap, Park Boram lies around and looks unhappy.

While Zico raps, Park Boram lies around and looks unhappy.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight or having low self esteem. There is a bit of a problem of losing weight in order to improve self-esteem. Self-esteem is mental, not physical, and it’s likely that once the weight is gone, there will be other areas to dislike. The goal should be to love your body and try your best to be healthy. Healthy food and exercise is important, but not to the point of overdoing it. My biggest issue with the song is the idea that skinny is pretty. Instead of “you lost weight,” people say, “you got prettier!” Not to mention the line in the beginning about wanting to be loved – as if an overweight person cannot be loved. It’s hard enough being a young woman and being comfortable with yourself, but when you think that you need to be skinny to be pretty or worthy of love, you’re never going to be happy.

Don't deny yourself food you want. Eat it in moderation.

And don’t deny yourself food you want. Eat it in moderation.

All in all this song was very underwhelming. I didn’t like the message being portrayed in the lyrics, and the video was terribly boring. The song itself isn’t outstanding to listen to, so in my opinion, there isn’t really anything redeeming about it. Zico’s rap sounds alright, but there are issues with those lyrics as well, so it isn’t enough to salvage the rest of the song. I don’t see myself being a fan of this girl, unless her next comeback is outstanding. As it is now, there’s hardly enough to endear me to her, unfortunately.


-Pretty colors in the background?

-Wardrobe is also pretty.


-Terrible message, especially for young girls.

-Extremely boring MV.

Rating: 1.5/5


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  2. … park boram I look up to her not because of weight but because her personality Is very unique in my opinion

  3. what’s even more incredible is there was literally NO controversy in Korea about these lyrics

    Everyone just said “wow, she got really skinny and pretty!” and “good for her! this song really speaks now that she’s skinny!”


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