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Hey y’all! This week I’ll be looking at a boy group that I’m not a huge fan of. I tried to listen to 2PM for the longest time, but just never really got into them. The fact that the most recent single I remember of theirs is Hands Up pretty much proves it—it was released in 2011 and there was another single before this new one that I was totally unaware of. This new single, however, is one I can get behind. So let’s take a look at Go Crazy!

2pm go crazy cover

The music video with English subs (click CC):

The music video starts out in a pretty generic set. It’s just a room filled with lights, something many K-pop groups have used in their own music videos. Then the chorus cuts in, where the choreography resembles riding a motorcycle… and 2PM is suddenly flying (or riding invisible motorcycles) across the sky. They appear in a garage, doing their biker dance next to real motorcycles. The rest of the video is the group dancing around various sets and smashing walls.

The lyrics are pretty much what you’d expect. It’s about going crazy on the weekend, going out and dancing and meeting girls. An interesting part is right before the second verse, which talks about “round two.” In the video, the members appear to be passed out on the ground, and they hop up to go one more round (of drinking, dancing, partying, etc). It definitely shows the tone of their kind of Friday night, and the small lull in the video wasn’t long enough to be boring.

ET... phone home...

2PM pays homage to E.T.

The costumes don’t change for the course of the video, but I don’t think they really need to. They’re rather loud, with crazy patterns, bright colors, and one of the members is even wearing a tracksuit that is entirely covered with sequins. Only a couple are the outfits are things I could see people actually wearing in real life, but since the clothes fit the overall tone of the video, I can’t really complain.

The dance is … interesting. Parts of it are well choreographed, in a style I would expect from 2PM. There are definitely parts that are really well done, but the rest is, well, crazy. Some of the moves are just silly in general, but there’s also a looseness to it. 2PM (for this single at least) is almost the opposite of Infinite, the group that’s possibly best at synchronized dancing. Where Infinite would be precise and perfect, 2PM isn’t. I actually had to watch a few live performances to see if the dance was more structured for music shows, but each performance was slightly different, so I guess the choreography wasn’t intensely serious this time around.

See, 2PM is capable of choreographed sequences!

Some of the “nicer” choreography.

Go Crazy is an upbeat song with disco and house influences. The sound of the song fits the lyrics perfectly — it actually makes you want to dance and “go crazy.” This style of music isn’t very new or groundbreaking, but it’s such an unbelievably catchy and fun song, I think I like it better than a lot of the “unique” songs that have been released as of late. I mean what could be more fun than a disco party anthem?

I also like the fact that this song is a bit “loose.” The choreography isn’t set in stone, it’s silly, and it makes you smile. When you see the guys performing this song, they just look like they’re having fun. I think that’s almost better than super precise dancing, because we all know the hours of practice that go into perfect choreography. I’m hoping that 2PM had the chance to have fun with this single, and maybe not work as hard as they have in the past. I certainly won’t begrudge K-pop groups for taking a little break every now and again.

2pm go crazy nichkhun

Taecyeon… Nichkhun… what… what are you doing…

As a whole, I thought this song was fun, catchy, and an overall worthwhile listen. The video was hilarious as well—stay tuned after the song ends for more invisible motorcycles in front of the moon. I love it when a group doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and I love songs that I can dance to, so this single was doubly pleasing. This will be the first 2PM song I’ve downloaded in a long time, and it’s well worth it. I definitely recommend it!


-Fun, funky song.

-Hilarious video and choreography.


-Lyrics are somewhat unoriginal.

Rating: 4.5/5


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