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Hey y’all! You might have noticed that the song title this week is the same as last week’s. Total coincidence, I assure you (no, this rookie group did not copy 2PM, despite what HOTTEST may be saying). Last week’s Go Crazy! was a party song, this one is about love at first sight. Now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s take a look at ZPZG’s debut single, Go Crazy.

zpzg go crazy cover

The music video with English subs:

By the way, this group’s name is short for Zest Play Zest Grow. Not sure if they’re alluding to lemons or not. But the thing about the funny acronym name is that it reminds me of old-school k-pop. Groups have had acronyms as names (with slightly amusing meanings) since the beginning of the Hallyu wave in the 90’s (any S.E.S. or H.O.T. fans?) The sound of the song is also a throw-back, just pure pop. Nowadays, many of the rookie groups have a hip-hop focus, so it’s somewhat nice to see an unapologetic flower-boy pop group.

The lyrics of the song are a story of love at first sight. The guy isn’t usually too interested in girls, other than bothering them. But now he’s seen a girl and all of a sudden everything’s changed. Nothing like love at first sight to make a guy less shallow, am I right? In all seriousness, it seems like a sweet song. It’s nice to see a positive, light love song every once in a while.

Does that 9 & 3/4 sign mean they're Harry Potter fans? I like this group.

Note the Platform 9 & 3/4 sign… I like this group.

The video is fairly simple. The plot surrounding the girl shows her taking care of a little girl (who I am assuming is her sister). And it’s yet another video with all of the members in a group flirting with (or stalking) the same girl. But it’s the group’s leader who “wins” the girl, leaning in for a kiss as there are literally fireworks. As usual, the actual kiss isn’t shown. Most of it makes sense except for the little sister. Why is she there? To show that the other girl is a catch because she’s so motherly?

The parts not involving the plot are dance scenes. A lot of commenters on the video have complained of its low production value — it looks more like a dance practice video than a proper MV. I didn’t notice, possibly because I was too focused on the dance. The choreography is very energetic and dynamic, employing the use of back-up dancers (thank God this group only has 4 members. I swear, boy groups have been getting bigger and bigger). It seems difficult if only for how active it is. I’d be doubled over in less than a minute.

What is the point of this scene?

What is the point of this scene? It’s just creepy.

The sound of the song, like I said, is almost purely pop, with slight techno elements. It’s upbeat and catchy (with a slower bridge) and it does a decent job of showcasing the member’s vocal abilities. I don’t think there’s anyone spectacular, but for what it is, the voices work. Their voices are a bit high, perhaps because the age range is from 22 to 16 years old. I’m beginning to feel old. When I first got into K-pop, I was younger than every single member in all of my favorite groups. Now I’m four years older than some rookies. It’s disconcerting for sure, especially since the youngest member hardly looks older than 14.

For a debut, it was good. There was nothing extremely spectacular about them to set them apart from any of the other groups, but since there are so many groups that are trying so hard to be set apart, it’s nice to find one that isn’t too out there. Heck, they’re even wearing imitations of school uniforms on stage. I don’t know if that style is a cliche per se, but it certainly isn’t uncommon.

The one thing about this group is that I can’t find their label for the life of me. I’ve gone to countless websites, and there’s been no mention of any label whatsoever. Their official YouTube channel is one specifically for them, not a company channel. It would be next to impossible to break into mainstream K-pop without a company, so why isn’t theirs common knowledge? It’s certainly strange, but they debut less than a week ago so maybe it’ll pop up.

Look at this baby! I swear, he can't be 16.

Look at this baby! I swear, he can’t be 16.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable song. The video wasn’t anything to write home about, but I enjoyed listening to them, and will be looking forward to more releases from this group. I only wish I knew more about them! It really seems like they popped out of nowhere.


-Catchy, lighthearted song.

-Good, old-fashioned pop.


-Lyrics are somewhat unoriginal.

-Weird plot.

Rating: 3.5/5



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