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It’s been a fairly slow week for Vocaloid song translations. Japanese Niconico uploads are still going strong, but it’s hard to review without the English. One of the more prolific translators, DescentSubs’s channel was blocked as Youtube copyright strikes again, and sadly many of my review articles are in limbo without re-uploads yet. So this week, I’m doing a Odorite showcase of my top five favorite females! (Males will be next.)

Odorites is a term for Niconico dancers that upload Odottemita (踊ってみた, “tried to dance”) videos. In the simplest sense, dance covers of what are usually popular Vocaloid songs, anime songs or other J-pop (and pop song) dances. The community, however, spans from the casual self-filmers to original choreographers, music video makers, and talented cosplay groups. Given the size of community, it’s hard to choose just 5 and properly cover them, but here are my favorites.

Odorites also go hand in hand with utaites (the version for song covers), often dancing to a covered version of the song instead of the original Vocaloid/etc song. They are an extremely trendy phenomenon, and you can often find dancers in front of the more scenic filming spots. Many of them have even become famous internet celebrities and performed on actual venues.

Odorites that choreograph their own dances at high skill levels are usually the starters of the movement, and you can usually find an explosive amount of covers in the weeks following new dance releases. It also helps that the videos are visually well put together, with dancers using HD cameras, props, coordinated costumes, and beautiful backdrops.

Here are my Top 5 Females in the Odottemita scene, based on a combination of popularity, talent, and how fun they are in general.

#1. Ririri (【りりり】)

Ririri earns my honorary top spot because of how irresistibly adorable she is. Starting at 7 years old and currently in 3rd grade, she has already performed in several concerts, frequently collaborates with all of the other well-known odorites, and has about 97k twitter followers. Her collaborations with another young boy, Aoi, attract a lot of Kawaii!’s, and she’s like the community’s sweetheart they are watching grow up. One of her most well-spread covers (among the English-speaking community especially) is Toluthin Antenna, but I’m choosing to share one that shows off her moves.

What I love best about Ririri and Kamen Liar 217’s cover of Okochama Sensou (Children’s War) is the fact that they playfully add the height/size difference into the dance to fit perfectly with the song’s theme of a “childish war.” Don’t be fooled by the girl’s spunky sweetness, her dance repertoire is intense.

Ririri’s Niconico Channel || Youtube Channel

#2. BoopBoopBeeDoop (ぷぷっぴどぅ〜), BBBD

This 4-member dance unit always match light blue maid outfits with a pink wig in their own signature hairstyle. However, their dancing is anything but fairytale-style; BoopBoopBeeBoop embraces the whimsical with incredibly unique, fast-paced original groupdance sequences. The four girls’ stage names are Aporon, Chelsea, Meronpa and Caramel, with Aporon choreographing most of the dances to suit their eccentrically fun image.

I really do think their dances can put any existing big-label group to shame – all of their girls like to showcase their athletic flexibility, but never lose their smiles. Plus, they have an ever-evolving quality that keeps you watching for the next stunt they pull off with perfect synchronicity, and really make each dance their own. I think Gigantic OTN is one of the dances that really exhibits their “brand.”

BBBD’s Niconico Channel

#3. Miume (みうめ)

Miume’s boy-short blonde hair, cool clothing coordinates (usually preferring pants over dresses), and big smile attracts attention whether she’s doing a hoppy or rock song. As a newcomer, Miume’s ranked #14 for her first cover of Luka LukaNight Fever, and Miume is a well-celebrated choreographer of some of the frequently covered dances like Girls and Romeo and Cinderella.

Currently she’s part of a number of dance teams that include the other internet star choreographer with blonde hair, Melochin. She’s also known for a number of K-pop and J-pop dance covers, doing group dances from Hello! Project. Although less famous for them, she also has a number of song covers as well. Although she didn’t choreograph this version of Rolling Girl, she certainly puts a beautiful spin to it.

Miume’s Niconico Channel || Youtube Channel


I can’t really mention one group without the other, as BoopBoopBeeDoop has done a collaboration with the successful DANCEROID group. Although it began with the hit dance sensation Kozue, she had split from the group and pursues her own activities while DANCEROID added new members and was signed wtih Avex Group and advertised for the “Avex Artists Academy” music school.

Currently, they are a 7 member group that continues the original trio’s image of elegant, sweet dances, and strive for perfecting their movements as a group. Members include Ikura, Yuzuki, Maamu, Satsuki, Yakko, Motomiya Marie, and Manako (with three graduated members). In Crazy Night, the (latest) generation of the group wear lolita dresses from BTSSB.

DANCEROID’s Niconico Channel || Youtube Channel

#5. Kamen Liar 217 (仮面ライダー217)

I featured her in another video (with Ririri), but Kamen Liar 217 is a choreographer in her own right, although her videos are harder to find. I thought I’d choose a more hip-hop oriented dancer to round off the cuter groups, but she’s not shy of doing girly songs as well. You’ll find she adds energy and humor into edgier dances. Referred to as 217 or “Niina” as it is pronounced, she’s collaborated with a variety of people and enjoys doing her own thing over only uploading professionally cut videos.

Kamen Liar 217’s Niconico Channel || Youtube Channel

And finally, to end this Odorite article with a bang, a cover of The Fox featuring Ririri, Miume’s dance solo, and a cast of others that prove the power of Japan’s dance scene.

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A vitasoy-fueled blogger that feels taller than her actual height online and therefore believes in the shoutbox that is the digital landscape. Fan of Japanese idols with their real or electronic personalities and beats.

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A vitasoy-fueled blogger that feels taller than her actual height online and therefore believes in the shoutbox that is the digital landscape. Fan of Japanese idols with their real or electronic personalities and beats.

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