First Impressions: Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Spider-Verse Part 1)

So, what happens when not only are you being hunted down like a game animal, but the same is happening to every version of you from every parallel dimension? You gather what remaining versions of yourself that you can, and you TEAM UP! Over the past 2 months, we have been leading up to the SPIDER-VERSE storyline, and it has FINALLY begun! With every version of Spider-Man ready to be hunted down, the ones who managed to escape being killed have begun to gather, forming a SPIDER-ARMY ready to take on the family of Inheritors!


Our story begins with the convergence of nearly all of Earth 616’s spider totems in the middle of NYC (spider totems are what the Inheritors refer to the Spider-Men and women as). Silk, the newest addition to the 616 spider family makes attempts to convince Peter to leave Earth in order for the two of them to coexist, as she is growing tired of the constant pheromone attraction between them.

Before he can even begin to argue with her, the pair of them are joined by Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, and her sidekick Spider-Girl, or Arana, as well as Spider-Man 2099 (currently stranded in the current era). After the standard spiders of their world join them, they are further joined by Spider-Man BRITAIN, as well as Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker), and the INFAMOUS SPIDER-HAM! Peter and his world’s Spiders are recruited into the Spider-Army, and brought to their home-base dimension known as Earth-13.


Upon arriving at earth-13, Peter and his group are further joined by another group of Spider-Men who managed to save Kaine, aka the Scarlet Spider of Earth 616, from being killed by an Inheritor. After explaining who the Inheritors are, and that Peter had previously defeated the Inheritor named Morlun, they ask Peter to LEAD their Spider-Army. Because Peter of 616 had defeated an Inheritor before, that makes him the most qualified to lead this team. Until they can form a plan, however, they are to remain in Earth-13, as it is protected by the COSMIC-Spider (Captain Universe Spider-Man).

Even though the Inheritors feast upon Spiders and are near immortal and unkillable, they dare not face against a COSMICALLY powered Spider-Entity. The Inheritors themselves are not exactly an organized bunch, as there is a great deal of infighting among this “family.” The family is lead by their “Father” a dark figure who holds final say over the family and commands great power, as the rest of the Inheritors dare not speak out against him.


Morlun is seen fighting against his brothers as he has claimed ownership over the 616 dimension, and takes great offense to the fact that his brother attempted to hunt there. This is perhaps signalling more possible infighting and a potential civil war between the group that can lead to their downfall throughout this story arc. But one piece of the puzzle yet to be addressed in this issue is the presence of the SECOND Spider-Army.

The Cosmic Spider is not the ONLY one amassing his forces, as we see in the companion issue to this story in “Spider-Verse Team-Up #1.” Doctor Otto Octavius, aka the SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, is still attempting to amass HIS forces in an attempt to fight back against the Inheritors. Yet even HE appears to have a certain amount of unrest amongst his troops.

This book appears to be shaping up to be a good read. the action is sparce in this issue, as it needs to set up the oncoming war that is set to happen in the VERY near future. Peter has only just met with some of these new Spiders, and I hope for there to be a LOT of interaction between him and his new comrades, as there are too many possibilities to squander with stories like this, which involve alternate realities and infinite possibilities.

Another fun part of this issue comes from the “MASTER WEAVER” the spider totem of Earth-001 (The Great Spider which allows the Inheritors to traverse the universes). Through his web we are given glimpses at many different alternate versions of Spider-Man, some familiar, and others brand new. Let’s just say that there are many EGGS to  be found along the grand web of life. I recommend picking up this title, as I will certainly be keeping up with it, Dan Slott has yet to fail me when it comes to his Spider-Man EPIC story arcs.

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