Silverwolf’s Den: Unity #12

Unity #12

Hot off the heels of “Armor Hunters” comes the latest adventures of Valiant’s premier super team: Unity. The world lies in shambles, and most governments on the planet aren’t too keen on the foremost assembly of superhumans answering to the USA and Great Britain. Thus, this arc sees the introduction of The United, a rival team cultivated from multiple nations. With the amazing team of Matt Kindt and CAFU on board, this issue was high on my reading list. Let’s check out Unity #12!

The world is now aware of humans with extra-normal abilities and of alien races with designs on Earth. As a result, Unity goes public, with Livewire taking the lead by giving an interview on live television. With a press conference scheduled to introduce the rest of the team to the public, Ninjak and the Eternal Warrior debate the purpose of the team, while Colonel Capshaw and Neville Alcott draft a new member to the team. Meanwhile, other world leaders have assembled their own super team to stand against Unity.

Kindt brings us an issue of Unity that is decidedly more character-focused than recent installment, which were mainly high action fare. Readers learn more about the members of the team, and we watch as relationships deepen among teammates, especially Ninjak and Gilad. Livewire receives a great deal of prominence, which is well-deserved, and bringing Faith onto the team, while spoiled by the cover, is nevertheless a clever addition to Unity, especially in this public relations focused story. Meanwhile, Kindt weaves in interesting threads concerning the United, and I can’t wait to see what happens when these teams clash. This issue, however, is rather exposition heavy; I’m not sure this could have been mitigated, given the set-up necessary for the new arc, but still this installment dragged a little compared to the other issues of the series.

Unity #12 research

CAFU, like Kindt, is a Unity alum and has lent his pencil to some of the best issues of the series thus far. This time is no exception: the visuals are absolutely stunning, and even this issue that focuses more on dialogue receives excellent presentation. CAFU’s take on Faith is especially noteworthy, as this is his first time drawing the character and he does a job on par with, or perhaps better than, other artists who have tackled her in the past. Trevor Hairsine fills in a few scenes at the beginning and does a solid job as well.

Unity #12 kickstarts a new arc that will put Valiant’s main superhero team against a rival force. This issue sets up what promises to be a strong story from Kindt and CAFU. If you’re looking to enter the Valiant Universe, this is a great issue to jump in, as it lays out the framework of the world post “Armor Hunters.” If you’re a fan of superhero teams that are off the beaten path, check out Unity. 


-great art

-excellent character work

-intriguing set-up for a new arc

-good jumping-on point for new readers


-exposition heavy

Rating: 4/5


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