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Hey y’all! It’s Christmas! Well, according to K-pop it is. K-pop entertainment companies started releasing their Christmas singles as early as December 3rd. This week, I’ll be reviewing Starship Planet’s Love Is You. You’ll have to bear with me, because I’m not familiar with many of the people at this entertainment company, so I don’t know everyone by name.

I know Sistar, K.Will, and Jooyoung (from my last review), and I can assume that all the younger, prettier boys are in Boyfriend, but I can’t tell them apart. Mad Clown, and Junggigo, I figured out through process of elimination, so I guess the only people I don’t really know by name are the members of Boyfriend. That being said, let’s take a look at Love Is You.

starship planet love is you cover

Here’s the official music video, with subs when you click CC.

I’m a bit confused about the story being told in the lyrics. First, they talk about meeting someone at the first snow, a promise they’d made to each other. It talks about past snows they’d spent together. It seems like a relationship, maybe one that had drifted apart. Why else would you make vague and romantic plans to meet at the place where you first saw snow together during the first snow of the year? It seems like a relationship that couldn’t be, for whatever reason, but both people wanted to be together, so they decided to meet again in a romantic setting.

But then, just before the rap, there’s a line about wanting to confess. Okay, so the person hasn’t confessed to the other yet. But then, in the rap immediately after that part, Mad Clown talks about a first date. So did the person confess? I honestly don’t understand the plot to this song. Are they star-crossed lovers, not-yet together, or is this the beginning of a new love? Perhaps it makes more sense in Korean.

Cactus + Ballon. Sure, Dasom, makes perfect sense!

Cactus + Ballon. Sure, Dasom, makes perfect sense!

The video itself is rather romantic, or at least it’s trying to be, with soft colors and the various members of Starship in different situations. The scenes are probably supposed to seem romantic, but they just come off as silly to me. In one, Jooyoung sings to the weather girl, in another, a member of Boyfriend (Donghyun? I think?) plays chess with a golden retriever. Silly boy, dogs are much better at checkers!

The strangest part, to me at least, is K.Will’s solo scene. For some reason, he’s got a selfie stick. I guess those are a serious thing in Korea, and not the joke they seem to be in the US? It just seems pretentious, like he’s trying way too hard. If you watch the video, it just gets stranger and stranger. This is just my opinion, but if I saw a guy I liked doing that, I would instantly un-like him. For god’s sake, K.Will’s in his thirties! Have him doing adult things like baking a cake wearing nothing but an apron, or playing with babies.

*moody selfie with a coffee mug*

*emotional selfie with a coffee mug*

The song itself is ballady, but not quite a ballad. I never know how to describe these kinds of songs. I guess it has a slower tempo? There are jingle bells in the background every so often, in case you forgot it was a Christmas song. I don’t think it’s anything spectacular. These kinds of singles are almost interchangeable, just swap the entertainment company. Honestly, it doesn’t really do anything for me. I might have liked it if it was a duet, but there are so many people that it just gets confusing.

That being said, the singers all do really well, though I did see some complaints on YouTube about part distributions. Apparently there were some Boyfriend fans who were upset that every single member didn’t get a significant part. Personally, I can’t be surprised, since Boyfriend is the biggest group in the company.

Happy Hallow-oh wait, wrong holiday.

Happy Hallow-oh wait, wrong holiday.

More weird plot stuff: at one point in the video, they all go to a barn? Or some sort of empty cabin structure. They pull a sheet off of a perfectly decorated Christmas tree (probably fake) and start running around, decorating. The weird part is that when they come in, there are cobwebs everywhere. Like the super-fake Halloween cobwebs. As in, couldn’t be confused for actual, real cobwebs. I don’t know if this is to represent the change from Halloween to Christmas (there are skulls, and what looks like a pentagram on the floor???), or if it’s just a badly done way of showing time has passed.

It seems this is their Christmas cabin? Considering they left the tree completely decorated, and just covered it up with a sheet, it doesn’t seem the cabin had been used since the last Christmas. I certainly wish I was rich enough to have an entire building that I only use once a year. It’s a cute visual, with Christmas decorations in a rustic atmosphere, but it’s just kind of weird. The video seems to be portraying the members as a large group of friends, and they just so happen to have a Christmas cabin? I’m not buying it.

starship planet love is you group

K.Will, Sistar, Boyfriend, Mad Clown, Junggigo, & Jooyoung

All and all, it was a sweet effort, but it just didn’t hit home for me. The confusing lyrics and random video didn’t really get me into the Christmas spirit, though I did like seeing my favorite people from this company (Hyolyn!). Probably not going to be a download for me. I’ll have to see if anyone else I know releases a Christmas special single.


-Great singers

-Cute golden retriever.


-Boring song.

-Confusing lyrics.

-Selfie stick??? Why?

Rating: 2/5


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