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Hey y’all! This week’s review is a special, 21st birthday edition (mine is today)! I’d found this song a while ago, and was saving it for this very occasion. Lim Kim auditioned for Superstar K3 as part of a duo called Togeworl, earning third place in the competition.

They were all set to debut when Do Dae-yoon (the other part of the Togeworl) had to go back to America to graduate high school properly, and it was decided that Lim Kim should debut as a solo act. The song I’m reviewing this week, Goodbye 20, is the single from her first full-length album, so let’s take a look!


The official video has lyric captions, but I’ve found those lyrics aren’t always as coherent as the fan-made videos, with fan-translations, so I’m linking to a fan video with English lyrics:

The lyrics talk about a girl about to turn 21, reflecting on “her 20,” aka, her year as a 20-year old. She bemoans how nothing really happened, how she doesn’t get along with her family and has trouble with dating and her friends. She thought that when she was 20 her life would change for the better, and she’s realizing how stupid that was. She says “goodbye 20,” leaving the bad times behind her.

It’s a great representation of how it feels to be a young adult. It’s frustrating and confusing, and it’s never as great as you think it will be when you’re in high school. You wonder if you were the only one who was miserable. Everyone else seems to be having so much more fun than you. It’s the greatest secret adults keep- growing up means being miserable and having no idea what’s going on half the time.

lim kim goodbye 20 suitcase

You okay in there?

The music video captures the tone of the song perfectly. It’s light and cute at some times, fitting the tone of the music itself, but other times, Lim Kim is shown alone in a corner looking upset or bored. There are some weird images, like one scene where Lim Kim’s wearing mittens on her feet. I don’t know if it’s meant to represent anything, like the confusion of being a young adult, or if it’s just in there because it looks funny, but I feel like it works.

The video also adds some things that weren’t in the lyrics, like part-time jobs. Lim Kim is shown doing menial labor and getting paid for it, then she watches as a hand takes away a stack of cash. Surely the hand is meant to represent taxes or bills, expenses that you don’t anticipate but that you have to pay anyway.

Wait, no, give that back!

And there goes all that hard work.

Honestly, my favorite thing about this song is how relatable it is. I’ve definitely been disillusioned with growing up, and I’ve been through the struggles in this song. Lim Kim worked with the songwriter, talking about her experiences and her friends’ experiences, and you can really feel that influence in the song. It could be a friend or a sister just talking to you about her life.

One of my favorite lyrics, one of the darker lines, says,”When you’re 20, they tell you to have a drink with greasy words – don’t *** touch me.” Ask any young woman, and she’ll have a similar story to tell, of some creep in a club trying to buy her drinks and take her home.

It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, and Lim Kim sheds a tear in the music video while this line plays, but I’m glad that it’s in the song. The bridge is kind of darker than the rest of the song in general, but makes perfect sense. Growing up isn’t all sunshine and balloons – sometimes bad things happen.

Find the hidden message.

Find the hidden message.

As for the song itself, it starts out with just a drum and acoustic guitar, with what sounds like a full band coming in at the chorus. Honestly, it’s exactly my type of music. Just the right tone, just the right tempo, with enough variation throughout that you don’t get bored. Even without knowing the lyrics, I listen to the song over and over again, because it sounds just that good.

If anything, I highly recommend you watch this video all the way through. They play with colors and props, making an extremely interesting video. It’s one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a while, just because each time I watch it, there’s something new that I hadn’t noticed before. And if you liked it, go get this album! I definitely recommend it.

lim kim goodbye 20 teddy bear

Five minutes until 21.

All in all, a great, catchy song with relatable lyrics, and a creative, amusing video. So far, I’ve only given one 5/5 (Hair Short, by Wings), and while that was an amazing video, I think I like this song better in general. I’ve definitely listened to it more, according to iTunes.

Unfortunately, Lim Kim hasn’t released any music (besides soundtrack songs) since this song, which came out over a year ago. This may mean that she’s preparing to debut with Togeworl, which is exciting, but I hope she continues to release solo music, because I love her perspective.


-Relatable lyrics.

-Colorful, creative, relevant music video.

-All-around great song.


-None that I can think of, to be totally honest.

Rating: 5/5


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  1. I heard this song once and promptly forgot about it, but I have rediscovered it recently and GOD I RELATE TO IT SO MUCH ASKGNKSFDHNKSDGJ

    Thanks for reviewing! I wish more people knew of her xx

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