Review: Amazing Spider-man #13 (Spider-verse Part 5)

This multi-threaded storyline is FINALLY coming to a close, each thread intertwining and coming together in THIS issue. Just before the final bell tolls, our Spiders are brought together and forced into their most desperate hour. Spider-girl’s brother Benjy has been taken captive by the Inheritors, Spider-Woman is trapped on the Inheritor homeworld, and 616 Spider-man has come face to face with the one man who he believes can help turn the tides of this war, UNCLE BEN!

Thus far, this series has captivated me, as well as MANY other fans. But this is where it all comes to a head; after this issue, all that remains is the final climactic battle. For those who didn’t read the side-stories, this book needs to brings the threads of this story’s web together, and truly get the readers to care for these Spiders. Thankfully for our readers, I feel that Dan Slott is easily the best man for this job, and does so EXPERTLY. lets find out how he does it in Spider-man #13!

Spidey 13-cover

Our last issue ended with our Spider-army being led to a radioactive wasteland reality by Silk. This particular reality is toxic to the Inheritors, and while it is far from a paradise for normal humans, a fallout shelter does exist for our heroes to take refuge in. But the greatest surprise came when they discovered that the Spider-man of this universe had also taken refuge in the shelter, and THAT Spider-man, ironically enough, is UNCLE BEN PARKER!

Now, why do I say ironic? Think about it. Nearly every incarnation of Spider-man reflects upon the death of a loved one and uses their death as a reason to fight for justice and become a hero! In every incarnation that involves Uncle Ben and Peter Parker, Ben is almost ALWAYS dead. So the one universe in which Ben is allowed to live on, is the one where the entire world has been burnt to dust.

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While this bitter sweet reunion is something of an amazing event for Peter, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Now the Inheritors are in possession of Benjy Parker, a.k.a. the SCION of an ancient Spider prophecy. By using Benjy’s blood, and the blood of the Bride (Silk) and the Other (Kaine), the Inheritors will have the power to destroy all Spider-men in EVERY reality. The Inheritors never planned to bring an end to their hunt, however, due to the events of Scarlet Spiders, as well as Spider-woman, they are left with no other choice.

Peter attempts to coordinate the efforts between his group, the ULTIMATE Spider-men, team 2099, and team Scarlet Spiders. Their forces are scattered, yet the inheritors are left nearly defenseless. In order to avoid their use of the Spider ritual, their forces must gather together and center their forces upon Loom World (the Inheritor home dimension).

However, a problem arises. According to the prophecy, which was given to Peter and the Spider-army by Spider-woman last issue, the Inheritors need the blood of the three special Spiders to make it work. they already have Benjy in their grasp, so all that needs to be done is to keep Silk and Kaine away from Loomworld, right?

If only it were so easy. Much in line with her character, Silk teleports to Loomworld without informing her teammates in order to save Spider-woman, who is currently on the RUN from the inheritors. As if this was not bad enough, an enraged Kaine jumps HEADFIRST into Loomworld looking to kill as many of the inheritors as he can single handedly. While Kaine has been shown to be the ONLY Spider-man capable of doing this, such a task is far from SANE.

Spidey 13-2

As soon as the pair arrive on Loomworld, the inheritors are hot on their scent and begin their final hunt! So the die is cast and the heroes are left with zero options as well. Peter orders all of his forces to attack Loomworld IMMEDIATELY in hopes of saving the Three Spiders as well as the securing the fate of ALL Spiders. He calls on every Spider to join him, and they are all only so eager to do so, all except for Ben Parker. Ben refuses to help as he blames himself for the death of his Peter and Aunt May, and further blames himself for his selfish inaction which cost the lives of everyone on his world. So, for the first time ever, Peter is the one who delivers the ol’ responsibility speech to Uncle Ben. Sadly, the speech falls on deaf ears as Ben fears he will only fail again.

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This causes Otto, the SUPERIOR Spider-man, to call Ben out on his crap and deliver a speech of his own. Otto tells Ben how many times HE had failed, yet he kept getting back up. A hero is not someone who gives up after failure, but who never stops trying no matter how many times they DO. With these words in mind, Ben suits up and joins the team to take on the Inheritors, and help save the world, and ALL worlds, one last time.

This book is truthfully AMAZING. Dan Slott finds the perfect way to balance each of these characters and give them all importance. Every Spider, be it through their tie-in stories, or even in the main pages of Amazing Spider-man, is given appropriate time to shine, as well as their own motivations for fighting this war (aside from the obvious being survival).

The inclusion of uncle Ben at this particular junction of the arc is probably the best place he could have arrived at. He provides that last bit of a push Peter needs to show just what kind of leader he is, even if it WAS Otto that finally pushed Ben into helping them in their fight. I truly care about this book, and I CANNOT wait to see how this story comes to a close, and what ramifications it has on my favorite multi-versal Spider-men. I sincerely recommend my readers pick up this title, as it is the best story being printed by Marvel right now!


-Amazing art style (far better than Scarlet Spiders)

-Each and every character is given their moment to shine

-Great setup for the final confrontation

-You genuinely care for even the lowest rung of alternate Spoider-men, and care whether or not they will make it out of this story



-This series could have been condenses a bit more as opposed to having so many tie-in books (Spider-woman was ultimately unnecessary)

Rating: 5/5


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