Silverwolf’s Den: Quantum & Woody Must Die! #1

Quantum & Woody Must Die #1

Quantum and Woody, the “World’s Worst Superhero Team,” return in their latest mini-series, Quantum & Woody Must Die! This comic sees the continued tenure of series writer James Asmus joined by the massively talented Steve Lieber, known for his exceptional work on the cult hit Superior Foes of Spider-manWith that in mind, let’s take a look at Quantum & Woody Must Die! #1.

Though trouble looms for Eric and Woody as they fail to catch a pair of domino-themed thieves, everything else in the brothers’ lives are looking up. The two of them are getting along, the public loves them, and their “Powers for Purchase” business is booming. However, these two luckless buffoons can’t stay out of trouble for more than a few minutes and become embroiled in yet another plot involving mad science. Oh, and there’s some strange hypnosis going on too! Can Quantum & Woody foil the plot the murder them while maintaining some level of dignity?

When it came to the announcement of Quantum & Woody Must Die! #1 a few months back, I was most excited to hear that Steve Lieber would draw the miniseries. I loved Lieber’s work on Superior Foes of Spider-man and felt this choice made perfect sense given his humor-laced art style.

Quantum & Woody Must Die #1 Domino Twins

I’m happy to say Lieber met my expectations, throwing in his trademark humor and excellent visual story telling. He throws a lot of little gags into the background of scenes, making it worthwhile to scan the art to find extra jokes. Also on the art front, letterer Dave Lanphear has some fun playing with emoticons during characters’ speech; this extra touch really helps sell the humor of various quotes.

Asmus does solid work on this issue as well. As expected, there are a lot of jokes and wacky hijinks. The humor ranges from subtly clever to downright vulgar, but the majority of it is enjoyable and may make you laugh out loud. There were a few jokes I felt fell a little flat, but for the most part Asmus continued his successful humor streak.

In terms of plot, Quantum & Woody Must Die! sets up some enrapturing threads. The hypnosis our heroes underwent raises lots of questions concerning not only the motives of those who did it, but also the results of the trance the brothers (and Vincent Van Goat) are under. Speaking of Vincent Van Goat, it seems “he” is just about to give birth, a plot thread teased some months ago. Certainly whatever is birthed from this creature of mad science will no doubt cause trouble for our heroes.

Quantum & Woody Must Die #1 Runaway Van

Another interesting aspect of the plot is the idea that the people Quantum and Woody have wronged are banding together to kill them. Given all the property damage these two have caused, and all the lives they’ve no doubt inconvenienced and ruined, this developed makes sense and shows there is a consequence for their lack of candor.

Quantum & Woody Must Die! #1 is a good start to what promises to be another fun series. The artwork and story meld to make a funny narrative that will no doubt bring a smile to your face. This comic is also an excellent place for new readers to join the misadventures of Valiant’s least competent heroic duo, as while it references events of the past series it doesn’t rely on them for driving the narrative forward. I suggest picking this series up!


-great artwork courtesy of Steve Lieber

-intriguing plot threads laid out

-enjoyable jokes and gags


-a few of the jokes fell flat

Rating: 4/5


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