Review: Star Wars #2

Need I explain what Star Wars is? This series is so deeply ingrained into the world’s culture, that one cannot mention its name and not have it be immediately recognized by nearly everyone who hears it. Star Wars is easily the most recognizable film, comic, game, TV serial, and toy franchise to currently exist on planet Earth! So, when the rights were bought up by Disney, everyone was talking about it. However, after the initial heat died down, and nothing had been done with the licence to any extensive degree, the hype settled…

ONLY TO BE KICKED INTO OVERDRIVE IN THE BEGINNING OF 2015! Between the recent premieres of Star Wars Rebels, the announcement of Marvel publishing multiple Star Wars related comics, and the release of the Episode VII TRAILER, let’s just say the hype has returned. So now, with that being said, I think we can all tell why I am personally excited to describe for you the events of Star Wars #2, and show you just WHY you should pick up this book.

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The first issue of Star Wars opened with the Millennium Falcon crew attempting to overtake an Imperial facility and free the prisoners within, however a SITH SIZED wrench was tossed into their plans when Darth Vader showed up to act as a trade negotiator (the guise the crew used to enter the facility.) He quickly noticed something was up and sent his Stormtroopers in to attack the rebels, as he faces off with Luke Skywalker one-on-one in a lightsaber duel.

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The pair barely get a chance to trade blows before Vader STOMPS all over Luke, even managing to take his lightsaber from him. This scene also serves to point out where the relationship between Luke and Vader began, as it appeared they had at least MET one other time before the events of Star Wars Episode V. This an extreme positive of this book: it decides to show some plausible history between these characters in order to cement their future relationships in the later movies. The same can be said for Han and Leia, as their is a sufficient amount of unrequited love being displayed by Han throughout these first 2 issues. Thankfully it does not overtake the issues and bog down the story.

But I digress, as Luke and Vader face down, Vader snatches Luke’s saber from his hand with the use of the Force. For the remainder of the fight, and well until the end of the issue, Vader holds onto and uses the lightsaber as his own. Just as well, Vader examines the saber and begins to state that the lightsaber was once his own (Luke’s lightsaber once belonged to his father, Anakin). Vader is ready to strike down Luke, only to be interrupted by Han and Leia, who intervene WITH A FREAKING AT-AT WALKER!

star wars-2-2

Han and Leia use the AT-AT to run interference so that Luke and the escaping slave-workers have a chance to break free from Vader and his troopers. This does not work out too well, as Han had commandeered the single AT-AT whose weapons systems had not been fully integrated yet. While this is happening, C-3PO is doing a rather dreadful job of protecting the Millennium Falcon from scavengers who mistook the Falcon for a heap of trash. Han orders Chewie to help out the incompetent Goldenrod, leaving the remaining team to save the prisoners.

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Thankfully, Luke finds a way out for himself and the slaves, via a collection of speeder bikes inside the base. It is here that Luke demonstrates his famous piloting skills as he swoops in and rams through a barricade of Stormtroopers, and even manages to steal back his lightsaber from Vader. After the speeder bikes escape, R2-D2 and a Jawa manage to activate the weapons systems aboard the AT-AT, and cause a cave-in inside of the factory, collapsing the roof down onto Vader. This does not stop him for long, as Vader begins to send out his own troops aboard speeder bikes to catch up to the Rebels.

This book is IMMENSELY FUN! While my opinion is somewhat colored, as I am a die-hard Star Wars fan, one cannot deny the quality of this book. Each character is given a proper moment to shine and have enough time dedicated to them as a character, while still supplying more than enough action to keep the story interesting. The only characters who get shafted on screen-time would be R2 and Chewbaca, but let’s be honest, they’re not the chatty types. This book seems to have been designed with the intent of hyping up old-school fans for the release of the new movie this year, and if that was the intent, then the mission was DEFINITELY ACCOMPLISHED! Why are you still reading my article? BUY THIS BOOK!


-The artwork is stunning and evokes our favorite classic Star Wars characters (actors) in SPADES

-Great characterization and setup for future story-lines and connections between the films

-Evokes the classic feel of the original trilogy and feels like a natural progression of the story.


-Lightsaber combat is illustrated like a flip-book, making the art jerky and stilted during those sequences

– Blaster bolt fire seems haphazard

Rating: 4.5/5


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