Impressions: Silk #1

Silk is a rather new character, created from one of the BIGGEST retcons this reviewer has ever seen implemented. It appears that Peter Parker was not the only person to be bitten by a radioactive spider on that fateful day at the science fair. No, Cindy Moon was also gifted with Spider-powers and has since been locked away in a secret bunker, to be hidden from the world in order to be kept safe. Recently, Spider-man managed to find her and set her free, allowing her to start a new life in the real world, as well as becoming a new Spider-based vigilante for New York City.

Silk has become a regular member of the Spider-man cast in recent issues, but after the events of Spider-verse, it appears that Cindy has taken it upon herself to strike out on her own and search for the last answers she seeks. What happened to her family? Where are they now? Where is the man who locked her away all these years? Well, she plans to find these out, all while dealing with a new job, working for J. Jonah Jameson, and a new career as a super hero!


Silk starts her on-going off with a classic hero vs. villain bout where she takes on a new villain called DRAGONCLAW. He has been sent out by the new Kingpin of NYC, Black Cat, to conduct several robberies, but Silk is only so eager to stop him! She still hasn’t gotten completely attuned to using her abilities in the field however, and her Spider-sense causes her to lose balance and take a fall.


Luckily, Pete manages to swing in to make the save, assisting Silk. Silk is torn by Peter’s presence: while she is attracted to him, she doesn’t want that to compromise his or her abilities to function, so she runs off unable to look Peter in the eye. Her rush to leave this scene is also due to her being late to her new internship at the FACT CHANNEL, where she works under Jameson. She quickly gains favoritism with Jonah, and he assigns her to work the beat on Silk, similar to how he originally assigned the Spider-man beat to Peter Parker.

Cindy’s main reason for working for the FACT CHANNEL was so that she may be able to use the company’s extensive resources to research what may have happened to her family after all these years. She is forced to re-live the days prior to the Spider-bite, remembering the stresses and troubles that plagued her life before she had this new world to deal with: her relationship with her mother, and even her budding romance with her boyfriend, both of which are now long since lost to her.


These thoughts cloud her mind, but not enough to distract her from being able to fight crime. She is EASILY able to find and dispatch Dragonclaw once again, even forcing him to abandon his armor before escaping from Silk. This prompts Dragonclaw to return to Black Cat in hopes of being given a second chance, which she does decide to give him…in a sense.

But before we can continue with his story, Cindy needs to find a place to live, while she was living with friends from her new job, and she is always welcome alongside Peter, she feels most comfortable in solitude, as she has lived in such a way for nearly 10 years. She returns to the bunker from whence she came and begins to outfit it with new wifi connections, among other amenities. She researched the building housing the bunker, and found it to have been long since paid for by the man who locked her away, and enough dirty money was exchanged to ensure the building would never be without power. This makes the bunker an ideal place for her to live once again, but now under her own terms.


This book manages to set up several interesting story threads to grab the reader’s attention. If you don’t care for the wishy washy romance between her and Peter, perhaps you are more intrigued by the mystery behind her parents disappearance? Perhaps one prefers to see what the heroes Rogue’s gallery will be like before any true interest in garnered, or maybe they would like to meet the supporting cast?

No matter how you put it, this book succeeds on a story level in every conceivable way. It doesn’t slouch in the art department either. The style is a very simplistic yet clean and un-exaggerated style which works well for this rather innocent character, and her quest of self discovery. Certainly the LAST person we would have wanted drawing Silk again would have been Greg Land. This book is a fun read, and I believe it will only get better. Cindy Moon’s story is one I plan on reading for some time, and I hope you guys do as well.

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