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Hey y’all! It’s been a busy month, with classes starting and my laptop rendering itself unusuable… twice. But my computer problems have been fixed, and I’m very excited to talk about this week’s song. VIXX is quickly becoming one of my favorite groups, with interesting concepts and addicting upbeat songs. VIXX released their newest song yesterday, and I only just realized that it’s a cover.

The name of the song in Korean is 이별공식, released in 1995 (it’s actually older than VIXX’s maknae, Hyuk!) by K-pop/rave group, R.ef (rave effect). The original song was translated into “Farewell Formula,” but VIXX’s official Youtube has it titled “Love Equation.” They’ve done quite a revamp of the song, so without further ado, let’s take a look!

vixx boys' record cover

Here’s the music video with English subtitles:

The lyrics talk about break-ups- both the stereotypical break up, and the not so usual one. There’s the kind you see in the movies, where it’s raining, but the chorus asks “Have you ever broken up with someone on a sunny and dazzling day?” Sunny days are worse, because at least when it’s raining, you can hide your tears.

The lyrics also say that the speaker will wish for the other person’s happiness, and that he shouldn’t cry because he will probably feel better later. “The end doesn’t always have to be sad.” This line does a pretty good job of representing the song as a whole. Even though it’s a breakup song, it sounds incredibly bright and upbeat.

vixx love equation n

They’re awfully smiley for a break-up song.

I love these kinds of songs from VIXX. They haven’t had a song with this happy mood since G.R.8.U back in 2013. Don’t get me wrong, I love the dark fantasy and sci-fi concepts as well, but songs like these show another side to the groups that you don’t get as often. They wear casual (but fashionable) clothes, as well as outfits that look somewhat like school uniforms. This only reinforces the bright, youthful tone of the song.

The dance is very upbeat as well, with the boys jumping around and making cute poses. It’s almost all the more refreshing when you compare it to past singles like Voodoo Doll or Hyde. There’s even one part where it looks like one of the members is firing a hadoken. The members are smiling and acting silly, and it’s a surprisingly fun video for a breakup song.

vixx love equation hadoken

This pose will make your high notes better. It’s scientifically proven.

There are, of course, the necessary sad scenes. In one scene, Ken plays video games and holds out the second controller, only to realize he is alone. In another (the only scene with an actual girl in it), N tries to hold a girl’s hand or arm, and she shakes him off violently, walking away without showing her face. The scene only lasts a few seconds, and they’re back to the bright chorus.

Like I said before, the song is incredibly upbeat and fun, considering its topic. Maybe it’s because I don’t like ballads that much, but I really love the idea of upbeat, cheerful break-up songs. It’s an oxymoron in a way, with the music conflicting with the subject, but it also works in its own way.

Oh yeah... No player 2.

Oh yeah… No player 2.

Normally, I’d question why a group is doing a cover as a single, but this cover is so different from the original song, which is 20 years old now. 20 years might be enough time for a single to not be instantly recognizable (I don’t know how popular the original song was in Korea), and VIXX really made it their own. It really is a cover well done.


-Fun, upbeat song!

-Takes a slightly different angle for a break-up song.

-Another side of VIXX!


-Very few cons for me.

-The fact that it’s a cover could be a con, but I thought it was well done.

Rating: 4.5/5


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