Commentary: Deadpool #43

Marvel has been the centerpiece of much controversy amongst comics fans in recent months. Between their supposed rebooting of the comic universe and the many “revelations” brought forth by recent event comics, some readers tend to wonder if Marvel’s writers have truly gone off the rails. This question is becoming more prevalent as Marvel has announced the upcoming DEATH of Deadpool , their fan-favorite mercenary and goofball. Deadpool has heralded one of the most thought-provoking, deep, and mature titles of recent years, and seeing Gerry Duggan’s run come to a close is definitely a great shame.

However, as we march to Deadpool’s demise, what is Deadpool up to as of late? What trouble is he finding himself in that may lead to his death? Well, the short version…bad shit…the long version? Let me clue you in.

Deadpool 43 cover


Over the past few issues, Wade has been struggling with the his self image, how he sees himself, and whether or not he is truly happy with the man that he is. This came about after the AXIS event where Deadpool’s personality was inverted to its polar opposite, in which he was a joyous, happy person who lived life in a very nonviolent way. When he was reverted to his normal state of mind, Deadpool realized that if he was truly happy while inverted, that meant he had been lying to himself for years about his happiness. He knew he hated himself, and he was unsure if he could truly live knowing this fact.

Wade returned to a lab run by Butler, the man who experimented on him years ago, and found a drug called Tabula Rasa, or clean slate. This drug stops the user from retaining short term memories, and after prolonged use would even affect their long-term memory. Wade had this drug forced upon him for years and this is the reason for his constant issues with his memories of his childhood and such.

Deadpool 43 1

After finding the vial of the drug, Deadpool took it with him, and contemplated using it, but instead decided to do what he did best first in an attempt to clear his mind and calm his nerves. He took a military contract with the company Roxxon and completely BOTCHED the mission he was given. Wade was tasked with destroying a nearly defenseless city in a Middle Eastern country for Roxxon, but after his conscience kicked in, he helped defend the town and turn away Roxxon’s military group. This uprising didn’t last long, however, as Roxxon employed another mercenary to their cause, one with a personal vendetta against Wade Wilson: OMEGA RED!

Omega was able to quickly capture Deadpool and bring down the remaining refugees from the city, but what Omega Red didn’t account for was Deadpool’s tenacity. After being captured and strung up by chains, Wade chewed through his own arm in order to free himself and save the refugees. It is at this point where we see Wade’s usual fun demeanor has all but completely vanished. Wade is done telling jokes and making quips and just wants to be able to save the day.

Deadpool 43 2

Thankfully, with the help of the refugees and another contract merc from Roxxon, The Trapster (aka Paste Pot Pete), Wade was able to bring down most of the Roxxon forces and evacuate the refugees away from Roxxon’s military base. Before they left the base however, Wade made a startling discovery: the reason why Roxxon wanted these cities cleared away. Roxxon was excavating glass coffins from burial sites. The very same type of coffin which held his wife Shiklah.

Wade and Shiklah have been quite at odds for some time. Ever since his stint as a monk during AXIS, Shiklah has grown more and more frustrated with her marriage. Matters were not helped when wade decided to take a vacation to the Middle East. When she is called by Deadpool, requesting her to come out to meet him in the Middle East, she is immediately furious at him, but her attitude soon changes when she learns of Wade’s discovery.

Deadpool 43 3

Now it is up to Deadpool and his bride to save the dormant succubus race from the clutches of Roxxon! As I stated before, Deadpool by Gerry Duggan has easily been one of the greatest comic runs for the merc in years. The stories are deep and serious, and each arc has consequences which come back to bite Deadpool later. This run is truly amazing and I am sad to see it go. If you have any plans to read a Marvel book before the big reboot, I highly recommend Deadpool, just be ready for tears.

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