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Hey y’all! For a long time now (probably since Good-bye Baby), miss A has been one of my favorite girl groups. I was extremely excited when I heard they were having a comeback, since it had been so long since their last single (Hush, in November 2013)! Unfortunately, this single didn’t live up to the hype for me. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at miss A’s new single, Only You.

miss a colors cover

Here’s the music video with English subtitles when you activate closed captions (CC).

The lyrics seem to be about a girl who loves a boy and has to assure him of it. She hangs around a lot of boys, and he thinks she’s kidding, but she isn’t. She’s telling him that only he makes her feel this way, and asking him to accept her love.

The concept is sexy and confident, which is pretty much miss A’s MO, but there are several things about the video that just rub me the wrong way. For instance, it opens up on a peeping tom looking into their apartment with binoculars. When the chorus starts, they’re dancing in the room and on the balcony. It seems like they’re singing this love song to the voyeur.

How romantic, am I right?

How romantic, am I right?

The video in itself is pretty boring, with the members just walking around and showing off. For a song like Bad Girl, Good Girl, it made sense when you heard the lyrics, but it just seems boring and plotless to me. miss A has had some really great singles and music videos in the past, which makes this all the more disappointing.

The song isn’t terrible… But it’s boring. The upbeat part of the chorus is very pop-y and it all seems very generic girl group. miss A has had some really amazing songs like Hush and Touch which were really distinct, but this song doesn’t feel the same way for me. It doesn’t feel like a miss A song. You could swap out any other group. And that makes me sad.

The song itself isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong. If it were from another group, I’d probably find it catchy and fun, but since my bar for miss A is so high, it just falls short. I’ll probably end up enjoying it after a few more listens, but my first impression was very “meh.”

Serenading a stalker.

Serenading a stalker.

I’m also extremely disappointed in the dance. miss A has always been a great dance group, with really interesting dances. This dance is another dime-a-dozen cute-while-also-being-sexy routine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen some of these moves before.

There’s even your standard “dancing in a club” scene at the end, much like Touch My Body by Sistar, or Mamma Mia by Kara. It just all seems so predictable. When you compare it to the revenge plot of Good-bye Baby or the unexpected dinginess of Hush, I’m really disappointed that this video is so formulaic in so many ways.

miss a only you party

I get it, it’s a party song.

All and all, I am definitely less than thrilled with this release, which is a shame because I’ve always loved miss A. I’m going to check out the EP anyway, because they often have really great tracks that they don’t promote. I’m hoping there’s at least something there that sounds like something that only miss A could perform.


-The song doesn’t hurt to listen to, I guess?

-Bright colors, that’s fun right?


-Boring song.

-Boring dance.

-Peeping tom.

Rating: 2/5



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  1. Yes, you’re right
    The song is kind of boring to me. The dance is standard too.. I expect too much from miss A-___-
    Oh yeah, can you do a review for Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake and Automatic? I’m curious how you’ll like it.
    Personally, i like Ice Cream Cake so much! And sometimes Automatic addicting.

    • I’m working on a review of EXO for this week but I’ll definitely do one of the Red Velvet songs next week! Thanks for your comment- I’m happy for miss A and their success right now, but yeah… This comeback was definitely underwhelming.

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