Silverwolf Suggests: Archer & Armstrong (feat. Guyinthe3rdrow)

Archer & Armstrong Vol 1 cover

Hello everyone and welcome to another session of Silverwolf Suggests, the column where I recommend a comic to a friend, buy it for them, and then we talk about their thoughts on the series. This time, Guyinthe3rdrow joined me to talk about Archer & Armstrong Volume 1: The Michelangelo Code by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Clayton Henry. What did he think of the series? Read on to find out!

Silverwolf: Hello everyone and welcome to the latest installment of Silverwolf Suggests! This time I’m joined by Guyinthe3rdrow to talk about Archer & Armstrong from Valiant Comics. Could you please describe the series in your own words for our readers?

Guyinthe3rdrow: Happy to.

Silverwolf: Excellent, thanks Todd! Why did you pick this series in particular from among those I recommended to you?

Guyinthe3rdrow: Simply put, the premise sounded like something I hadn’t actually ever read before. The other two titles you suggested both sounded promising, and honestly, I do plan to look into them independent of this article. But then I got to this one and it was such a bizarre pastiche of things in the synopsis. Teenage assassins, hard-drinking immortals, global conspiracies.

Silverwolf: Very true! A lot of people are attracted to the series for those very reasons you mentioned; it’s really unlike any other comic on the stands, especially with all of the historical references in each and every issue. That said, what was your favorite scene or moment in Volume 1, and why?

Guyinthe3rdrow: That’s honestly a tough call. There’s a lot of little elements throughout this that I loved, both in terms of moments and stylistic elements.

Silverwolf: Agreed, excellent choices all around. The fate of the Geomancer was definitely a moment that a lot of readers, myself included, loved because of how utterly unexpected it was. You mentioned just now that Armstrong is your favorite character; what about him appeals to you as a reader?

Guyinthe3rdrow: Like a lot of this series, what sold me on Armstrong is how he plays with the expectations you’d expect from a character of his type.

Silverwolf: If you keep reading the series, you’ll learn exactly how Armstrong’s immortality works. I’ll just say this: it’s a fairly novel way of addressing that aspect of his character. Was there any part of The Michelangelo Code that you weren’t fond of, and, if so, why didn’t you like it?

Guyinthe3rdrow: About the closest I could say I have to a complaint is one that, admittedly, may be a bit premature. As it was, it seemed like the Archers’ power play against the Sect was swept under the rug in fairly short order.

Silverwolf: That’s a fair point but, if you keep reading, you’ll see that this plot thread does come up again and is wrapped up. This is a series that, I must say, doesn’t waste any plot points. Everything comes together at the end in a pretty spectacular way.

With that in mind, do you intend to continue reading Archer & Armstrong?

Guyinthe3rdrow: I dad hoped that was the case. In which case, yeah. I’ve got no complaints on this volume.

Silverwolf: Awesome! Glad to know you’re enjoying the series, and I’ll be intrigued to circle back when you’ve read some more. The next volume, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, is one of my favorite comic volumes, period. That wraps up the questions I have for you, do you have any you’d like to ask me in regards to Archer & Armstrong?

Archer & Armstrong #2 Zircher variant

Guyinthe3rdrow: Well, since you mentioned the Eternal Warrior, I do have to ask – on having read the sample of that next volume, as well as how this one ended, is it safe to assume Armstrong’s brothers aren’t just popping in for guest spots on this?

Silverwolf: Armstrong’s brothers do have larger roles in upcoming volumes. In fact, Gilad (aka the Eternal Warrior) is one of the main characters in Volume 2 and Ivar, who you saw briefly in this volume, returns later as well with a more prominent role.

Guyinthe3rdrow: I had a feeling on Gilad there, Ivar was the one I wasn’t sure on. Good to know he’s not done yet either. Going to be interesting to see what the ages have done for the whole family there.

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