Silverwolf Suggests: Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft (feat. Starshine)

Silverwolf: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Silverwolf Suggests! I’m joined today by Starshine to talk about the first volume of my favorite horror comic series, Locke & Key. Starshine, could you please give our readers a brief summary of Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft?

Starshine: Sure! We first meet the Locke family on arguably the worst day of their lives. While Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode are out of the house, Sam Lesser kills their father and beats their mother on the search for a key. However, Sam ultimately fails and is incarcerated and what remains of the Locke family heads to the island of Lovecraft to live with their paternal uncle. However, as they begin to rebuild their lives, sinister forces are at work to unlock some truly dark magic.

Locke & Key Volume 1

Silverwolf: Great, that’s a really solid overview. Out of the first volume, what was your favorite issue or scene, and why?

Starshine: That’s a tough one because there’s so much good stuff in the first volume. It’s also hard because the story is told from the perspective of the different characters. That being said, I have to say that Issue 3 was my favorite, in part because Kinsey’s story is so relatable and also because this is where, narratively, the shit starts to hit the fan.

Silverwolf: Yeah, definitely there’s a big turn mid-volume, that sets up everything for the wild climax to follow. You’ve alluded to this a little bit already, but Locke & Key is very much a character driven series. Which character did you like the most, and why?

Starshine: That’s also a tough question because they are so likeable. Sam to me is a very striking character because of all the terrible stuff that he both does and has happen to him. Joe Hill rarely holds back on the terrible, cringe-worthy stuff. He sacrifices so much just on the promise of a better life, even his humanity. Still, if I had to pick, it’d probably by Ty, who struggles the most in this volume to deal with his personal demons.

Locke & Key kids

Silverwolf: I agree it’s a hard choice, given that everyone is fleshed out and is really given his or her “day” so to speak and allow the reader to learn more about him or her. For me it’d be Bode; I just find that guy so darn funny. But that said, were there any portions of this comic that you disliked or feel could’ve been improved?

Starshine: Bode is great too because he’s really at the center of what’s going on too, in terms of the supernatural stuff. Gotta feel bad for the kid, dreaming about his dead father. As for a part I think could have been improved, going back to Kinsey’s story they never flesh out the relationship with the other runner, even in the background, and how it affects Kinsey. It’s a big step for her to try and get over her fear and there just don’t seem to be a lot of pay off yet.

Silverwolf: Well, that sort of leads into my next question, because that thread does get addressed in the later volumes of the series. With that in mind, do you plan to continue reading Locke & Key?

Starshine: I definitely do. There’s still a lot of questions to be answered like, who is Dodge? What do they want with the keys? What’s going to happen to Sam? How did the father have all this knowledge and what was he hiding? What was up with the gym teacher? Again, it’s a Joe Hill work, so I know a little bit what to expect. I read The Cape back when it came out and it was honestly gruesome. I’m hoping this series will be a little lighter because of characters like Bode but thus far it’s striking a good balance.

Silverwolf: Great, I’m glad to hear you liked it! In my humble opinion, the series only gets better with each new volume, and has one of the strongest finales of any comic series I’ve ever read. That actually wraps up my questions; do you have any questions for me?

Starshine: Probably more than you could answer but I’ll keep it pretty simple. Is there a character I should be be keeping my eye on as we go forward? And of course, do we ever catch a glimpse of the much loved Cthulhu?

Bode and Dodge Locke & Key Vol 1

Silverwolf: Well, it speaks to the originality of Locke & Key, but there isn’t ever a monster or creature that shows up that’s from another writer’s work, so no Cthulhu (but seriously…some of the stuff that DOES come is just as creppy and cool).

As for a specific character to keep your eye on? The three kids are central to the plot, so they’re worth watching. Dodge becomes a major piece of the puzzle in Volume 2 and beyond as well.

Starshine: They named the place Lovecraft and we get no Cthulhu? That seems like a bit of a waste of a good reference. Still, I can’t wait to see just what Dodge is up to — definitely a tricky character indeed.

Silverwolf: Yeah, the reference is important as it alludes to all the creepy stuff that has happened, and will happen, in the town, but we don’t get anything from H.P. Lovercraft’s lore, though some of the things that happen would fit right in.

Starshine: That’s actually what I thought was going to happen based on the title, since I had no frame of reference or context coming into reading this comic. It wasn’t a let down though — the plot and characters that are there are great and enthralling and terrifying in their own ways.

Silverwolf: Awesome, well I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it, and I hope we can talk more about it once you’ve read more of the series! Anyway, that’s all for today. It’s hard to believe this column has already been running for half a year! With that in mind, I’m not sure if it will continue to be a monthly feature, as we’re quickly running out of writers who haven’t come on, but I’ll do must best to keep Silverwolf’s Suggests coming!

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