Some of the Best Satoru Iwata Fan Art Tributes

For the past day, the video game community has been mourning the death of Satoru Iwata, the legendary Nintendo President who impacted the lives of millions of gamers through his work. From his many accomplishments to reverence from peers to the many stories from the people who met Iwata highlighting the man’s professionalism, humbleness, and just how damn nice he was, it’s hard to understate his legacy.

But most importantly, he was a man who embodied Nintendo’s core message: games are meant to be fun. This belief allowed him to connect to fans in ways other CEO’s could only dream of. Fans around the world showed their love for Iwata with some amazing fan art, and I’ve collected some of my favorites that I hope many people will enjoy. It’s already been said many times, but from my heart, thank you Iwata, and rest in peace.

Artist: Samantha Whitten

By Samantha Whitten, artist of the GaMERCaT webcomic

By Namie

By Namie 

Turns out the Transformice Shaman was inspired by Sentret and Furret!

Turns out the Transformice Shaman was inspired by Sentret and Furret! 

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Just a simple man, trying to find his way in the universe. Image hosted by

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