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Hey y’all! I know I’ve been MIA the last two months, but after finals, I studied abroad and hardly touched my computer. But now I’m back and excited to review some K-pop! GOT7 has gotten some mixed reviews from me. I loved their second single, but wasn’t crazy about any of their other promotional singles. Now they’re back again, and I thought I’d give them another chance.  Without any further ado, let’s take a look at GOT7’s new single, Just Right!

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Here’s the song with English subs (just click CC):

Just Right is a song directed towards a girl with low self-esteem. The speaker tells the girl not to worry and to be happy the way she is. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to change a thing about herself- not her appearance, not her weight- because to him, she is “just right.”

After having reviewed Beautiful, which is all about a girl who feels more beautiful after losing weight, I’m extremely happy and relieved to hear these lyrics. I worried what kind of message the other song might give young girls, but the message in this song counteracts it pretty well. In the very first verse is the line “Scale, you tell her … you don’t need to change a thing.” The song says nothing about her weight; we don’t know if she’s skinny or not, but the speaker says she’s fine just the way she is. Love is not a magical cure for bad self-esteem. But the kind of unwavering support that the speaker in this song shows certainly can’t hurt.

Pocket-sized GOT7 to the rescue!

Pocket-sized GOT7 to the rescue!

The plot of the video is very relevant to the lyrics. I’m actually pleasantly surprised. Rather than having the members of GOT7 direct this song towards a girlfriend, the recipient is a younger girl. She seems almost too young to be worrying about the way she looks; she’s a kid, she should be having fun! It makes the plot all the more touching.

In the beginning, we see her holding some sort of tool to her face (I’m not very familiar with Korean beauty practices, but I assume it’s something to give you clearer skin?). You see a tear roll down her face before the song begins. The members of GOT7 are pint-sized, like little self-esteem leprechauns, and they sing and dance for the girl in her room.

The song itself is pretty upbeat, with a lot of rap parts, as expected. It’s incredibly catchy and fun to listen to, perhaps in part by the repetitive chorus. Maybe it’s a bit lazy, repeating a word so much to fill up space, but the more repetitive a song is, the more successful a pop song it is. It really comes with the territory, and despite GOT7’s claim of being a hip-hop group, they are first and foremost a pop group.

Rapping in a bowl of Fruit Loops: so hip-hop.

Rapping in a bowl of Fruit Loops: so hip-hop.

The dance doesn’t look very technically difficult or intricate (no flips in this one), but the simplicity really works for the plot of the video. Towards the end, the girl warms up to the song, dancing along with GOT7. The moves she does are relatively easy, so fans can dance along with them.

The best part of this music video is when the message of the song really sinks in for the girl, and she stops staring at her face in the mirror. Instead she dances and jumps on her bed, having fun like a child her age should. It’s touching to see the change in her attitude, and watching the video leaves you feeling warm and happy overall.

Aw, look at that smile!

Aw, look at that smile!

I know I’ve been rough on GOT7 in the past, but I genuinely enjoy this song and music video. The message is relevant and important, and even though it’s not the most groundbreaking in terms of composition or choreography, the lyrics really carry the song. Songs about a girl with low self-esteem can be hit or miss in the way the topic is covered, but I think this song did it very well, all things considered.

All in all, it’s a fun pop song with a great message. I’ll probably have it stuck in my head for the next month, or until the next catchy pop song comes along. But I’d say it was a great comeback from GOT7, and I can’t wait to listen to the other songs on this EP and see the liver performance of this song. I definitely recommend it!


-Fun, addicting pop.

-Great message.

-Touching video.


-The song composition was very typical.

-Simple dance, no martial arts tricking.

Rating: 4/5



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