Review: Invader Zim #1

Nickelodeon, once known for amazingly funny and creative cartoon series, has now been reduced to nothing more than a network filled with show after show about rich kids and their various “hardships”. Nowadays, GOOD Nicktoons are scarce to come by, with the only truly decent animated show currently on the network being TMNT. But it wasn’t even 10 years ago that we had great Nicktoons like Danny Phantom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Invader Zim

However, it appears we will be receiving MORE continuing adventures of our favorite Nicktoons through the comic book format! This week, while perusing my local comic shop, I came across INVADER ZIM #1 by total surprise! What surprised me even further? It is written by Zim’s creator and the writer of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Jhonen Vasquez! Needless to say I was excited for this book, and so should you!


I usually don’t talk about covers, but the cover I picked up perfectly illustrates my feelings regarding this title. It is the return of a great show from beyond its shallow grave! And hopefully a sign of good things when its original creator is helming the book!

Our book begins proper with a long segment, basically explaining WHY Invader Zim has not been around since 2006 (God I’m old). Apparently, Zim has not been active, holding up inside his home for years waiting for the likes of Dib to age or enfeeble himself to the point of no longer being a nuisance. And this is EXACTLY what happens. Dib has been sitting alone in his room constantly monitoring Zim’s house for YEARS, waiting for him to make a move, yet he never did.


This did NOT do any favors for Dib, as he grew fat, lazy, and weak, and his butt fused with the chair he sat in. HOWEVER, when Zim finally shows himself, he is shocked to see HOW WELL his plan worked and revels in Dib’s pain, as he performs minor acts of terror (as Zim is best known for) to incite fear and anguish in Dib.

This, as well as several other instances, show that the classic brand of overly dramatic gross-out humor is still alive and well in the world of Invader Zim. It also allows for moments where GIR, Hot Topic’s favorite mascot, to shine through and bring his “A” game for stupid robot comedy (i.e. launching his own pet poodle into orbit). After Zim leaves Dib to wallow in shame, he reveals his next plan is to use an ancient machine of doom to conquer Earth.


It is also during this time we get a MONTAGE scene of Dib attempting to resurrect his former physique so he can once again fight Zim. He is even assisted by his Gothic sister Gaz, only because she no longer wants him to smell like “a turd’s feet”.

As Zim readies his ship to take off for the last known space coordinates of the last person to ever find information about the doom machine called the “GARGANTIS ARRAY”, Dib FINALLY makes his return and watches as Zim takes off. Dib then gives chase with his own Irkin Voot Cruiser, which he stole from another Irkin invader named Tak in the show.


This book is just about everything I could have asked for in a reprisal of Invader Zim. It is funny, gross, crass, and dark! Thanks to Jhonen’s leading of this book, I believe this will be quite the fun series, and EASILY the next best thing next to a new season of Invader Zim. 


-Artwork that looks like it was pulled straight from the screen of the Invader Zim TV show.

-Crass and dirty humor which fits the Zim universe perfectly.

-Jhonen Vasquez is helming the title, which means it is faithful to the original show.


-If you weren’t a fan of Invader Zim to begin with, then this book will do nothing to sway you.

Rating: 5/5


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