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Because everyone loves lists!

Top 10 Adventure Time Characters

Top 10 Zombie Games

20 Useless Pink-Haired Anime Girls

Top 5 Live Action Video Game Trailers

7 Nintendo Characters That Deserve Their Own Game

Top 10 Anime MILFS

Top 12 Video Game Intros

Top 5 Lost Potential Video Game Devices

7 Successful Video Games That Seemed Like Flops

Top 5 Lesser-Known Comic Characters

Top 4 Comic Book Ladies

Top 5 Comic Book Fathers

Top 6 Original Horror Monster Movies

Top 5 Non-Gundam Mobile Suits

Top 10 Final Destination Deaths

The Top 5 Weird Anime

7 Reasons Why Kyuubey Is More Evil Than Anyone Even Imagined

5 Better Wishes Madoka Could Have Made

Kaushik’s Top 10 Mechs

5 Reasons Why the Saw Series Is Better Than Most People Know

Top 5 Superheroes Who Deserve Good Video Games

Top 5 Comic Characters Worth Killing Off

The 7 Superheroes You’ll Date

Top 10 Fictional Characters You Wouldn’t Want to Be in a Relationship With

The Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths of Minor Characters

Top 10 WTF Moments in Movies

10 Reasons Why Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Sucked

Top 10 Video Game MILFS

The Top 10 Gundam Characters Who Gave Their Lives in Combat

The Top 10 Americans in Anime

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