Mar 032015

The Spider-verse event has finally come to a close, our heroes have prevailed and now rest in their own respective worlds. The inheritors are vanquished, the multi-verse is safe, and the Spider’s are free to roam across the web of life and destiny. But where does that leave our heroine, Gwen Stacey? What state is her world in after being forced into recruitment by the Spider-army? Apparently, things have not been going very well.

In Gwen Stacey’s Spider themed world, some aspects of the world are quite similar, in that J. Jonah Jameson is the mayor of NYC and a Kingpin rules the criminal underground. Some things, however, allow this world to stand on its own: the Kingpin is not the obese Wilson Fisk, but instead that title is Given to the blind man MATT MURDOCK!

Another interesting twist is that after Police Chief Stacey is relieved of duty and he is replaced by a hard-nose loose cannon cop who doesn’t play by the rules named FRANK CASTLE! What’s more, Castle is a dirty cop who is in the mayor’s pocket, trying to find evidence linking Spider-woman (Gwen Stacey) to a string of crimes. Lets see what Gwen has to deal with in the premiere issue of SPIDER-GWEN!


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Feb 222015

Silk is a rather new character, created from one of the BIGGEST retcons this reviewer has ever seen implemented. It appears that Peter Parker was not the only person to be bitten by a radioactive spider on that fateful day at the science fair. No, Cindy Moon was also gifted with Spider-powers and has since been locked away in a secret bunker, to be hidden from the world in order to be kept safe. Recently, Spider-man managed to find her and set her free, allowing her to start a new life in the real world, as well as becoming a new Spider-based vigilante for New York City.

Silk has become a regular member of the Spider-man cast in recent issues, but after the events of Spider-verse, it appears that Cindy has taken it upon herself to strike out on her own and search for the last answers she seeks. What happened to her family? Where are they now? Where is the man who locked her away all these years? Well, she plans to find these out, all while dealing with a new job, working for J. Jonah Jameson, and a new career as a super hero!


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Feb 082015

Need I explain what Star Wars is? This series is so deeply ingrained into the world’s culture, that one cannot mention its name and not have it be immediately recognized by nearly everyone who hears it. Star Wars is easily the most recognizable film, comic, game, TV serial, and toy franchise to currently exist on planet Earth! So, when the rights were bought up by Disney, everyone was talking about it. However, after the initial heat died down, and nothing had been done with the licence to any extensive degree, the hype settled…

ONLY TO BE KICKED INTO OVERDRIVE IN THE BEGINNING OF 2015! Between the recent premieres of Star Wars Rebels, the announcement of Marvel publishing multiple Star Wars related comics, and the release of the Episode VII TRAILER, let’s just say the hype has returned. So now, with that being said, I think we can all tell why I am personally excited to describe for you the events of Star Wars #2, and show you just WHY you should pick up this book.

star wars-2-cover

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Feb 012015

In the fallout of AXIS, the Avengers and the X-Men have all been brought down a peg in one way or another. Every hero who was inverted was shaken to their core. Lives were lost, trust was broken, and secrets were revealed…SOME REALLY STUPID SECRETS! One of the subplots which were accomplished through AXIS was the “revelation” of the Maximoff lineage. According to Rick Remender and Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are NOT in fact the children of Magneto.

Remender continues to develop this story through the pages of the newly relaunched Uncanny Avengers title. This book took a few months off during the AXIS event, but as opposed to continuing,iIt seems Marvel decided to push another January #1 instead. What does this new book feel like…Well…Lemme just clue you in on my thoughts.

uncanny avengers 1-cover

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Jan 252015

This multi-threaded storyline is FINALLY coming to a close, each thread intertwining and coming together in THIS issue. Just before the final bell tolls, our Spiders are brought together and forced into their most desperate hour. Spider-girl’s brother Benjy has been taken captive by the Inheritors, Spider-Woman is trapped on the Inheritor homeworld, and 616 Spider-man has come face to face with the one man who he believes can help turn the tides of this war, UNCLE BEN!

Thus far, this series has captivated me, as well as MANY other fans. But this is where it all comes to a head; after this issue, all that remains is the final climactic battle. For those who didn’t read the side-stories, this book needs to brings the threads of this story’s web together, and truly get the readers to care for these Spiders. Thankfully for our readers, I feel that Dan Slott is easily the best man for this job, and does so EXPERTLY. lets find out how he does it in Spider-man #13!

Spidey 13-cover

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Jan 112015

January is here folks: a brand new year is upon us, and in the world of comics, that means a WHOLE NEW SLEW of #1’s! Yes, every year, under the MARVEL NOW! label, Marvel has been publishing brand new on-going titles every January, featuring some of your favorite characters, and perhaps even new ones. Last year, we saw the rise of a long forgotten team, the NEW WARRIORS, and we also saw the beginnings of a new fan favorite, the young Ms. Marvel.

However, this year, I believe Marvel has decided to start pulling in second stringers and low level characters, as there are only so many A-listers they can make books about. Why do I say this? Because the subject of my first review of 2015 is none other than the UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL!

Squirrel Girl-1-cover

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