Nov 092014

So, what happens when not only are you being hunted down like a game animal, but the same is happening to every version of you from every parallel dimension? You gather what remaining versions of yourself that you can, and you TEAM UP! Over the past 2 months, we have been leading up to the SPIDER-VERSE storyline, and it has FINALLY begun! With every version of Spider-man ready to be hunted down, the ones who managed to escape being killed have begun to gather, forming a SPIDER-ARMY ready to take on the family of Inheritors!



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Nov 022014

In the wake of Wolverine’s death, many an X-man, and Avenger have been finding their own ways to cope with the death of their friend and mentor Wolverine; Deadpool and Captain America are no exceptions to this fact. Both Cap and Deadpool see the potential dangers of a world without Logan in it, and hope to put an immediate end to one such danger. Both Logan and Deadpool are far from strangers to the prospect of being experimented on, and being manufactured into super weapons. In fact, both of them have been cloned in the attempt to make armies of super weapons. Now, with Logan gone, Steve and Wade plan to ensure that NOBODY has the ability to clone Logan and desecrate his memory, by using what little remains of him for evil.

DOW DP+Cap 1-cover

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Oct 272014

Oct 202014

Check out our interview with Fabrice Sapolsky, the man behind Edge of Spider-Verse #1: Spider-Man Noir.

Oct 052014

For several months we have been receiving word from Marvel about several DRASTIC changes taking place throughout the Marvel Universe. Everything from the aging of Captain America, to Iron-Man’s supposed turn to the dark side. However, none has been more so controversial than that of the announcement of Thor’s gender swap.

Yes, the Asgardian god of thunder is falling to the power of transformation, and has been announced to become a Woman in October of this year. Marvel made this announcement several months ago, but left VERY little information for us to chew on as to WHY he was suddenly getting a much larger breast plate. The only information we WERE given was that this was THOR, not LADY THOR, or Madame Thor, but she will be referred to as THOR. She is not a replacement, or a substitute, or side character, but THOR. So everyone continued to wonder, WHO IS THIS PERSON? HOW ARE THEY BECOMING THOR? WHY?

Well, we received our first clue during the last issue of the Original Sin event title. In Original Sin, Nick Fury whispered a secret given to him when he stole the Watcher’s eye into Thor’s ear. Ever since then Thor has NOT been able to lift the hammer. And this is EXACTLY where THOR #1 starts us off from, albeit several WEEKS of attempting to lift the Hammer had passed before we received this issue…


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Sep 282014

Deadpool seems to be the hot topic ONCE AGAIN my friends. This past month, Deadpool’s movie has FINALLY been green-lit by Fox and will be hitting theaters in February 2016. But before we see him on the big screen, maybe you will want to see what Deadpool has been up to in the page’s of the ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! comics.

The merc with the mouth has certainly had a VERY busy year, between his abductions, his marriage, and discovering he has a long lost love child? Yes it sounds like a soap opera, but it’s WAY more interesting than that. But before Deadpool can finally live happily ever after with his new wife and daughter, he must first ensure her continued safety, as well as the safety of some of his newest friends, which he made when he was abducted and brought to North Korea. His story continues in the pages of DEADPOOL #35.

Deadpool 35 cover

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