Aug 202014

Jul 272014

For the past few months, Marvel has been teasing us with the prospect of a new Spider-hero set to join the cast of Spider-Man’s books. Ever since the release of issue #1 of this new volume of Amazing Spider-Man, it has been made very clear that Peter Parker was not the ONLY person bitten by a radioactive spider at that fateful science demonstration. And now, we are finally introduced to the new “Spider Bride” in this week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man #4.

Spidey 4 cover

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Jul 112014

With the 75th Anniversary of Marvel Comics well under way, many celebrations and special edition comics are beginning to pour out of the massive comic house. And with all of the confetti flying about, several Marvel writers got a few ideas rolling about their heads. They wondered what Marvel may look like with the release of the 100th anniversary of their company, AND their characters. Now, every week in July, there will be a new release, an issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of various teams and solo characters. And to kick it off, who better to start with than Marvel’s favorite whipping boy SPIDER-MAN!

Spider-man 100th 1-cover

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Jul 052014

Last week, we finally reached the end of the most recent Deadpool vs. Carnage mini series. Overall, it was a satisfying read with an interesting twist ending, but now that that series is done, what shall come in to fill in the Deadpool mini series gap? Why, DEADPOOL VS. X-FORCE!

Deadpool vs X-Force 1 cover

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Jun 272014

The Transformers live action movie franchise has been a point of contention for many Transformers fans ever since its inception. And while there are both fans and haters, the general consensus regarding the franchise, especially with its most recent installment “Dark of the Moon,” is that the franchise seems to have over-stayed its welcome. “Dark of the Moon” left many fans of the Transformers franchise very upset, myself being one of them.

“Dark of the Moon” ruined any hope I had for the Transformers movie franchise. When a movie manages to butcher both Transformers AND Star Trek in a single swoop, you know something went wrong. However, after seeing the initial trailers for “Age of Extinction” I was suddenly filled with intrigue, skeptical intrigue, but intrigue nonetheless. Perhaps it was just the 13 year old in me that was taken aback at the sight of Optimus Prime riding a giant robot dinosaur into battle, but something rubbed me right about the trailer. And while I will tell you right now that the trailer was an abject lie, much like its predecessors, I can say the movie wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be.


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Jun 232014

Another year, and another Botcon has come and gone. Another year where Transformers fans across the nation are gouged out of enormous eBay prices for the Con exclusive repaints, remolds, and re-releases of fan favorite Transformers toys. But if there’s one thing we can be happy about every year at Botcon, its for Hasbro’s announcements of the newest upcoming toys in the various Transformers lines. This year was no exception. We got close up looks at so many great figures that Hasbro plans to release between now and the first quarter of 2015.

But before we talk about those, lets take a quick look at those elusive Botcon exclusives, as well as this year’s theme. This year, it is not the Autobots versus the Decepticons, no, in fact its KNIGHTS vs. PIRATES!..what, no ninjas?

pirates vs knights

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