Sep 132014

If there is any superhero more polarizing in regards to his fanbase than Spider-man, I don’t know who it is. Over the past few years, this single hero’s stories have personally caused me more headaches than any other comic title I have read. Yet I persist to read his stories. When they are good, they are DAMN well written and enjoyable, which easily balances out the less than tolerable behavior writers mostly tend to give Peter Parker.

However, what happens when someone is given a completely clean slate to work with? What happens when you take a character and are able to completely rewrite his back-story to your own desires? What I am speaking of is parallel versions of your favorite characters from alternate dimensions or timelines. And THIS is what Marvel’s newest Spider-man event is all about! Both introducing new and celebrating previous alternate takes on New York’s web-slinger. And as we approach the “EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE” we have to get in touch with some of the power players of the upcoming event. The first issue introduces us to a more serious version of the web head from the 1930′s and 40′s. This is SPIDER-MAN NOIR.

spider-verse 1-cover

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Sep 062014

Dragonball Z is a show that needs next to NO introduction. It most likely one of the first examples of anime that many American Otaku would have been exposed to, thanks to its never-ending broadcast run on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block.

Over the years, fans have wanted to be able to enjoy their DBZ anytime they wanted, and with the new millenium came the advent of DVDs, a far more compact and efficient way of storing all of the many, MANY episodes of Dragonball Z spanning from the Saiyin saga, all the way up to the Arrival of Majin Buu. But, one problem has always seemed to spring up regarding the DBZ collections: THERE ARE TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM! Some collections feature the American intro theme, while others feature the Japanese intro. Some collections contain a Japanese dub option with English subs, while others keep only the English dub.

But worst of all, these collections spread themselves out amongst WAY too many volumes, something that deters collectors and fans of the franchise for sure. BUT NO MORE! Finally, Funimation has decided to publish a new Blu-ray edition of the DBZ franchise. This version will be consolidated into far fewer volumes, and kept at a very reasonable pricepoint. THIS is the FUNIMATION DBZ BLU-RAY COLLECTION!



A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

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Sep 012014

Every year, the Baltimore Convention Center has been home to several major conventions, the most notable of which is OTAKON. However, starting last year, it began hosting a new convention, exclusively designed to spread the Magic of Friendship. This marks the second official year of the LARGEST Pony Convention on the PLANET, being hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center.



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Jul 272014

For the past few months, Marvel has been teasing us with the prospect of a new Spider-hero set to join the cast of Spider-Man’s books. Ever since the release of issue #1 of this new volume of Amazing Spider-Man, it has been made very clear that Peter Parker was not the ONLY person bitten by a radioactive spider at that fateful science demonstration. And now, we are finally introduced to the new “Spider Bride” in this week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man #4.

Spidey 4 cover

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