Jan 252015

This multi-threaded storyline is FINALLY coming to a close, each thread intertwining and coming together in THIS issue. Just before the final bell tolls, our Spiders are brought together and forced into their most desperate hour. Spider-girl’s brother Benjy has been taken captive by the Inheritors, Spider-Woman is trapped on the Inheritor homeworld, and 616 Spider-man has come face to face with the one man who he believes can help turn the tides of this war, UNCLE BEN!

Thus far, this series has captivated me, as well as MANY other fans. But this is where it all comes to a head; after this issue, all that remains is the final climactic battle. For those who didn’t read the side-stories, this book needs to brings the threads of this story’s web together, and truly get the readers to care for these Spiders. Thankfully for our readers, I feel that Dan Slott is easily the best man for this job, and does so EXPERTLY. lets find out how he does it in Spider-man #13!

Spidey 13-cover

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Jan 112015

January is here folks: a brand new year is upon us, and in the world of comics, that means a WHOLE NEW SLEW of #1’s! Yes, every year, under the MARVEL NOW! label, Marvel has been publishing brand new on-going titles every January, featuring some of your favorite characters, and perhaps even new ones. Last year, we saw the rise of a long forgotten team, the NEW WARRIORS, and we also saw the beginnings of a new fan favorite, the young Ms. Marvel.

However, this year, I believe Marvel has decided to start pulling in second stringers and low level characters, as there are only so many A-listers they can make books about. Why do I say this? Because the subject of my first review of 2015 is none other than the UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL!

Squirrel Girl-1-cover

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Dec 222014

Scarlet Spider is the title given to one of Peter Parker’s most famous and controversial allies, his own clone. The title is usually used in reference to Ben Reilly, the original Scarlet Spider and the most successful and stable attempt at cloning Peter Parker. Recently, the name was gifted to another of Peter Parker’s clones, the once degenerative and defective clone named Kaine.

After the events of Spider-Island, Kaine was healed from his degenerative cloning disease and became a stable clone of Peter Parker. He then began his own super-hero career as the Scarlet Spider of Houston before becoming a member of the New Warriors. His super-hero team career was cut short, however when the New Warriors were attacked by the inheritors, and nearly decimated in their attempts to find Kaine.

Kaine was quickly saved by Spider-Gwen and recruited into the Spider-Army amassing to fight the Inheritors in the massive SPIDER-VERSE EVENT. Kaine, alongside the Ben Reilly of an alternate Earth, and Jessica Drew (the female clone of Spider-Man in the ultimate universe) have ventured on their own mission in this war for survival in the hopes of taking down the Inheritors.

The fact that this team is completely consistent of clones is due to the nature of their mission. Team Scarlet Spider is going to destroy the multi-dimensional cloning facility that keeps the inheritors immortal long after their original bodies have been defeated. CLONES KILLING CLONES! How is their mission fairing so far? Lets find out in this week’s issue!

scarlet spiders-1-cover

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Dec 152014

If there was one thing that generated debate and controversy in the realm of comic geeks this week, it was the most recent issue of the mega-event AXIS. Across the internet flame wars from angry and distraught fan-boys and girls. Yet it appears that their cries fall upon the deaf ears of Marvel publishing. While most of you may have no clue as to what I speak, everyone who read the very title I speak of can recount the single page which manages to spit in the face of over 60 years of character development. But was this title really as bad as it is being claimed to be? I will explain my opinion on why I both agree and disagree with the general consensus of the comic side of the internet. this is AXIS #7!


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Dec 062014

The fury of AXIS has spread its event title tendrils throughout the entirety of the Marvel Universe; it has even gone as far as to spawn whole new titles from its wake. AXIS has gone about turning our most treasured heroes into despicable villains, and vice versa. So many heroes have been caught in this event’s power, but none seem to be affected more severely than our dear billionaire playboy philanthropist, TONY STARK.

In his new on-going title, Tony has already claimed San Francisco as the new Stark utopia, where he spreads his new FREEMIUM mobile app which delivers physical perfection to anyone who uses it. So basically, Tony Stark plans to take over the world with “flappy birds.” The sad fact is that he is SUCCEEDING! But SF is home to more heroes than just Stark, and Daredevil is not happy with Tony’s new business practices. How will he react? Let’s find out!

Superior Iron-man-2-cover

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Nov 222014

Spider-Verse is in full swing, and this week we choose to look at the fairer sex on the web of life. While Jessica Drew has had next to NOTHING to do with the Spider-Man mythos for the majority of her life-span in comic books, that doesn’t change the fact that she does bare the name SPIDER-Woman. Thus, including her in the massive Spider-Verse event was all but unavoidable.

However, something that probably WAS avoidable was the choice of artist for this title. The variant cover art for this book has garnered much scrutiny over the past few months and with the book in-hand, I can confirm that the disdain is well deserved. The primary artist of this book is the INFAMOUS Greg Land, known best for his use of tracing live model photos (particularly porn), and copy and pasting his own work multiple times over. Will his artistic dreck drag this title and bring this story arc to it’s knees? Let’s find out!


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