Dec 152014

If there was one thing that generated debate and controversy in the realm of comic geeks this week, it was the most recent issue of the mega-event AXIS. Across the internet flame wars from angry and distraught fan-boys and girls. Yet it appears that their cries fall upon the deaf ears of Marvel publishing. While most of you may have no clue as to what I speak, everyone who read the very title I speak of can recount the single page which manages to spit in the face of over 60 years of character development. But was this title really as bad as it is being claimed to be? I will explain my opinion on why I both agree and disagree with the general consensus of the comic side of the internet. this is AXIS #7!


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Dec 062014

The fury of AXIS has spread its event title tendrils throughout the entirety of the Marvel Universe; it has even gone as far as to spawn whole new titles from its wake. AXIS has gone about turning our most treasured heroes into despicable villains, and vice versa. So many heroes have been caught in this event’s power, but none seem to be affected more severely than our dear billionaire playboy philanthropist, TONY STARK.

In his new on-going title, Tony has already claimed San Francisco as the new Stark utopia, where he spreads his new FREEMIUM mobile app which delivers physical perfection to anyone who uses it. So basically, Tony Stark plans to take over the world with “flappy birds.” The sad fact is that he is SUCCEEDING! But SF is home to more heroes than just Stark, and Daredevil is not happy with Tony’s new business practices. How will he react? Let’s find out!

Superior Iron-man-2-cover

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Nov 222014

Spider-verse is in full swing, and this week we choose to look at the fairer sex on the web of life. While Jessica Drew has had next to NOTHING to do with the Spider-man mythos for the majority of her life-span in comic books, that doesn’t change the fact that she does bare the name SPIDER-Woman. Thus, including her in the massive Spider-verse event was all but unavoidable.

However, something that probably WAS avoidable was the choice of artist for this title. The variant cover art for this book has garnered much scrutiny over the past few months and with the book in-hand, I can confirm that the disdain is well deserved. The primary artist of this book is the INFAMOUS Greg Land, known best for his use of tracing live model photos (particularly porn), and copy and pasting his own work multiple times over. Will his artistic dreck drag this title and bring this story arc to it’s knees? Let’s find out!


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Nov 092014

So, what happens when not only are you being hunted down like a game animal, but the same is happening to every version of you from every parallel dimension? You gather what remaining versions of yourself that you can, and you TEAM UP! Over the past 2 months, we have been leading up to the SPIDER-VERSE storyline, and it has FINALLY begun! With every version of Spider-man ready to be hunted down, the ones who managed to escape being killed have begun to gather, forming a SPIDER-ARMY ready to take on the family of Inheritors!


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Nov 022014

In the wake of Wolverine’s death, many an X-man, and Avenger have been finding their own ways to cope with the death of their friend and mentor Wolverine; Deadpool and Captain America are no exceptions to this fact. Both Cap and Deadpool see the potential dangers of a world without Logan in it, and hope to put an immediate end to one such danger. Both Logan and Deadpool are far from strangers to the prospect of being experimented on, and being manufactured into super weapons. In fact, both of them have been cloned in the attempt to make armies of super weapons. Now, with Logan gone, Steve and Wade plan to ensure that NOBODY has the ability to clone Logan and desecrate his memory, by using what little remains of him for evil.

DOW DP+Cap 1-cover

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Oct 272014