Jul 152015

Nickelodeon, once known for amazingly funny and creative cartoon series, has now been reduced to nothing more than a network filled with show after show about rich kids and their various “hardships”. Nowadays, GOOD Nicktoons are scarce to come by, with the only truly decent animated show currently on the network being TMNT. But it wasn’t even 10 years ago that we had great Nicktoons like Danny Phantom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Invader Zim

However, it appears we will be receiving MORE continuing adventures of our favorite Nicktoons through the comic book format! This week, while perusing my local comic shop, I came across INVADER ZIM #1 by total surprise! What surprised me even further? It is written by Zim’s creator and the writer of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Jhonen Vasquez! Needless to say I was excited for this book, and so should you!


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Jul 022015

Last year we saw the marriage of the “Merc with the Mouth”, Deadpool, to his lady love Shiklah, and how they fought against the forces of Dracula to secure Shiklah’s throne as well as defeat the reign of the vampires. But what would have happened if Deadpool was UNABLE to defeat Dracula? In an alternate reality, what would be the outcome if Shiklah was left to fight Dracula and his armies of monsters on her own? WELL, Secret Wars, being an event filled with “WHAT IF?” scenarios, is here to give us just that!

mrs. deadpool-1-cover

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May 262015

The Marvel Multiverse has collapsed, the entirety of reality is in shambles, and none have been spared from the utter devastation that has brought the lives of our favorite Marvel characters to a halt…none, except for DOCTOR DOOM! In the beginning of the first issue of Secret Wars , we were shown glimpses of Doctor Doom conversing with an ethereal being, who I can only assume to be GOD. How do I come to this conclusion? Well the opening of issue 32 of this story starts off with a police force made up of Thors proclaiming they exist to serve as the bringers of justice under the rule of God, who is then revealed to be none other then Victor Von DOOM!

Secret Wars-2-cover

Now, before I continue any further, if you wish to hear my opinions regarding SECRET WARS #1, you’ll have to go take a peak at my article I posted last week. Link is included in the book title above. NOW, ONTO THE SHOW!

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May 192015

With the Star Wars Animated series “Rebels” reaching its season 1 finale, our friends at Marvel have decided to sate our need for more Rebels content in the intervening time until the season 2 premiere. While Kanan Jarrus may be a roguish rebel in the years leading up to the legendary battle of the Death Star, during the Clone Wars he went by a different name, Caleb Dume.

Caleb was a Jedi Padawan to Master Deppa Billaba and learned by her side on the front lines of the Clone Wars. The pair fought bravely together alongside their battalion of clone soldiers, fighting for the freedom of the Republic. This all changed on the fateful day when Lord Sidious executed Order 66, which forced all clone troopers to turn on their Jedi generals. What happened to Caleb that made him into the hardened soldier Kanan? That is what this story hopes to teach us.


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Apr 192015

Over the past year, Disney has set about releasing back stories in comic format for some of their most famous theme park attractions. They began with the MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD featured in the Haunted Mansion, and followed it up with a far better selling and more recognizable, FIGMENT. Figment is basically the mascot of Disney’s EPCOT park, and one of their most endearing mascots to boot. So how does one follow up easily the most recognized character in the series thus far? With one of the most exciting rides in all of Magic Kingdom!

Big thunder mountain-cover

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