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Jan 272015

Today is the launch of the newest column on Moar Powah! Welcome to Silverwolf Suggests!

I’m my daily life, I’m constantly telling this friend or that to read a comic I think he or she would like, or hearing from a friend about how they wish they had the money to read comics. Thus, the idea for this column was born! Each month, I’ll suggest three comics to a fellow staff writer, and then he or she will pick one (which I will purchase for him or her if they want), and then read it before the two of us discuss it.

This month, Fenrir joins me to discuss Deadly Class Volume 1: Reagan Youth. I’ve reviewed the comic before, and felt that it would definitely appeal to her. But did she end up enjoying it?


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Jan 142015

So a couple of cool Nintendo related things happened today. First, everyone got super excited for that new Majora’s Mask 3Ds XL. (In fact, it was such a hot item, its online sales sold out!)

Second and–arguably–most important of all: Nintendo released a new teaser for an upcoming Fire Emblem game for the 3Ds.  And after basically living and breathing psuedo-European fantasy thanks to (wonderful) months of Dragon Age: Inquisition and The (less wonderful) Hobbit , I must say that this trailer was a refreshing breath of fresh air, one to get any Fire Emblem fan really excited:

So now that we know that feet are confirmed for all in-game models–let’s get down to the nitty gritty and have a brief chat over why this is really something special.

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Jan 042015


Okay, so it might not be able to top the world’s fascination with all things Frozen, but ABC’s Galavant–a bold, quirky musical TV series–is pretty epic. While most musical TV collaborations disappear into the ether, I must admit that the pilot was impressive with its clever songs and light-hearted, well played humor. In fact, I cannot sing its praises enough:

Yes, it’s true the jokes are lame,

with innuendos not quite tame,

but all the same, I urge you to watch


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Nov 302014

“There is something old and true in fantasy that speaks to something deep within us, to the child who dreamt that one day he would hunt the forests of the night, and feast beneath the hollow hills, and find a love to last forever, somewhere south of Oz and north of Shangri-La.” – George R. R. Martin


There may be something incredibly pretentious about beginning a video game review with a quote about fantasy novels, however I lack the words to eloquently describe my Dragon Age: Inquisition experience. Because if there’s one thing that is most striking about Inquisition, it is the fact that it plays at why so many people are enamored with the Fantasy genre: the idea that you could be the hero of your own story.

So far, DA: I has certainly been a hero for Bioware and EA games, and has enjoyed positive reviews across the board. Which is a good thing for Bioware, really: DA: I has some big boots to fill after Dragon Age: Origins—which was received as a fan-favorite game—and Dragon Age 2—which was considered to be a flop. So how does DA: I stand in the face of such high expectations?

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Nov 162014

Though we’re still reeling from Frozen-fever (Or Frozen-fatigue), Disney has followed up its infamous musical hit with a superhero adaptation of a pretty obscure Marvel title: Big Hero 6. 2014 has been actually pretty good run for all things Marvel, with The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy winning plenty of praise. Still, it seems we’ve been saturated with superhero flicks as of late; many critics have complained about the audacity of Disney to release yet another superhero origin story.


But does Big Hero 6 simply fall into tried-and-true origin story tropes, or does it perhaps succeed in packing just enough punch, just enough heart, to make it a fun animated film?

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Sep 282014

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of fantasy in your life to spice up the banality of the everyday. But sometimes, a little hit of pixie dust can be a tough, and dangerous trip. For this week’s Give It a Shot–you know, that column where we writers wax poetic about things that we just love and highly recommend — we’re going to take a quick look at a fantasy novel that deserves a chance: Tad William’s The War of the Flowers.


Don’t let the name fool you–there’s all sorts of political scandal and struggle, orphans, washed-up rockstars, and fairies hellbent on world-destruction–to keep you hungry to read more.

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