A would-be anthropologist, writer, food historian, and professional glutton hoping to combine fandom with her love of food. Ever wondered what a nug tasted like? Is butterbeer alcoholic? If you've asked such questions and are already drooling at the thought of a big old plate of lembas bread, then you're in the right place

Review: BEN-TO

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment There is nothing more fearsome than a hungry student, especially a hungry student competing with other fellow students for a scrap to eat. Surprisingly, food fighting is the sort of running gag that has appeared several times before in anime, from Ramna …

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Round Table Discussion: 2015 Academy Awards

Starshine5050: Hello and welcome to another exciting Round Table! Today, we have myself, Elessar, Fenrir, and GuyInTheThirdRow. Elessar: Hello all. I’m actually here voluntarily for once. Fenrir: Hello~ GuyInTheThirdRow: Damn, this is actually a nice table. Why did no one tell me we had this thing here? Fenrir: First rule about Round Table… Elessar: …

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