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Nov 052015


Fiction does not produce itself in a bubble. Some of our most favorite stories are cliches, riffs on old ideas and beloved plot points–the true magic lies in how these old ideas are re-imagined in new ways.  Following in this tradition, Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On is a blatant meta love-letter to this fine art of remixing and rehashing well-known plots with fresh insight.

And she does it all with an unrepentant riff of the Hogwarts-style magical boarding school, complete with a predestined “chosen” hero, a magical arch-nemesis who really-shouldn’t-be-named and so many other cliches all-too familiar for the Harry Potter generation–in short: this is a self-aware fanfic of epic proportions, and it is brilliant.

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Jul 082015

There’s nothing quite as charming as a Faustian pact between a bitter thirteen-year old bent on revenge and a posh, smooth-talking demon who claims to be “one hell of a butler”.  With lovely Victorian aesthetics, a heavy Gothic lolita flair and a surprising amount of action, it’s no wonder why Black Butler is a long-standing fan-favorite. With an on-going manga and at least two anime seasons, it’s high time for Black Butler to get the Blu-ray treatment–providing cleaner animation and reintroducing this late-2000s classics to old and new fans alike.


Also, any series that can turn a pun into a recurring catch phrase is pretty golden in my book.

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

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Apr 122015

bento anime 3

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

There is nothing more fearsome than a hungry student, especially a hungry student competing with other fellow students for a scrap to eat. Surprisingly, food fighting is the sort of running gag that has appeared several times before in anime, from Ramna 1/2 to Naruto. But Ben-To takes the food fight to a whole new level, with codes of honor, lightning fast punches, and a refreshing absence of “special” themed attacks.

Instead, Ben-To is simply a lighthearted animated romp that lives for the moment and loves fiercely the art of bento brawling without a lot of extra fluff–and to the victor of these discounted food wars, goes the spoils…

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Feb 122015

Starshine5050: Hello and welcome to another exciting Round Table! Today, we have myself, Elessar, Fenrir, and GuyInTheThirdRow.

Elessar: Hello all. I’m actually here voluntarily for once.

Fenrir: Hello~

GuyInTheThirdRow: Damn, this is actually a nice table. Why did no one tell me we had this thing here?

Fenrir: First rule about Round Table…

Elessar: Don’t you say it.

Starshine5050: Today we are all here to talk about the upcoming 2015 Academy Awards, where the whites always get nominated and the technical awards don’t matter. First let’s start with the biggest snub of the season. Fenrir?

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Feb 112015

So I have a confession to make: I’ve been a big fan of celebrity chef Eddie Huang ever since a roommate convinced me to split on an order of BaoHaus chicken baos. Huang has an impressive vision when it comes to food, with bold flavors that sing and blend together to create a harmonious culinary treat—literally heaven on a bun with fried chicken and tender bao. In addition, Huang’s gifts extend beyond the kitchen, though: he’s a writer with a brash, unapologetic voice and a knack for storytelling, especially that tried and true tale of the “underdog”.


Which leads us to today’s story about ABC’s newest “Asian-American” sitcom, Fresh off the Boat. Loosely based off of Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same name, this show is the first Asian-American lead sitcom in over 20 years—so there’s a lot of expectations, and fears, riding on this show. Will it fall to stereotypes? Will it boost interest in Asian-American leads? What does it mean for the community at large? Etc.

Thankfully, Fresh off the Boat does a pretty good job in towing the lines between safe, nostalgic, and fresh to make a rather memorable—and poignant—show.

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Jan 272015

Today is the launch of the newest column on Moar Powah! Welcome to Silverwolf Suggests!

I’m my daily life, I’m constantly telling this friend or that to read a comic I think he or she would like, or hearing from a friend about how they wish they had the money to read comics. Thus, the idea for this column was born! Each month, I’ll suggest three comics to a fellow staff writer, and then he or she will pick one (which I will purchase for him or her if they want), and then read it before the two of us discuss it.

This month, Fenrir joins me to discuss Deadly Class Volume 1: Reagan Youth. I’ve reviewed the comic before, and felt that it would definitely appeal to her. But did she end up enjoying it?


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