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Jul 162014

So did you know Weird Al, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, has been around since 1976? Like no joke, he’s been around for a very long time. But it seems like yesterday that I was bopping around to a CD and screaming “The Saga Begins” from his 90’s album, Running With Scissors (much to the dismay of my parental units). And every few years or so, Weird Al keeps us spinning with each new parody poking fun at pop-culture and reveling in the catchy qualities of the latest hits bent and twisted with new, ridiculous lyrics.


He might have started in the 70s, but Weird Al remains a cultural icon for his pop parodies and personality.

So what is it exactly that makes Weird Al a surprisingly relevant musical figure—when the songs that he parodies sometimes fall off to the wayside as relics of their time? Continue reading »

Jun 292014

Tired of the YA rush? Fault in Our Stars just faulty? Divergent too much of the same old crumbling dystopian nation saved by a spunky protagonist? Why not take a step back from the glorious and the glorified, and bring yourself “down to earth” with a refreshingly quick, solid read about a paranormal experience.


Sounds too good to be true to have something so fantastical actually be charming, candid, and incredibly easy to relate to? Just wait until you give Anya’s Ghost a try.

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Jun 142014

In 2010, Dreamworks released How to Train Your Dragon, an animated film that became an instant success thanks to its loving blend of beautiful art, charming characters and innovative storytelling. It’s no secret that HTTYD is a labor of love, with spin-off television shows, extra shorts, and even musical productions that have won the franchise a loyal following and critical acclaim, even years after its smash release.


But can a sequel match up to the hype of a classic? That’s a question that I will try to answer with today’s review of this summer’s much anticipated animated film: How to Train Your Dragon 2.

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Jun 042014

Hello everyone~ Fenrir here with a quick bite of some Food for Thought! Tonight we’ll be having a look at a weekend event that might not have been on your radar, but that certainly shook up the publishing industry: Book Con 2014.


Billed as an event “where storytelling and pop culture collide”, BookCon brought together celebrities, authors, book-sellers, book-buyers, and fans for a day-long celebration of all things neat in the literary world. And as someone invested in books and working in the publishing industry, this was an event I had to go to. So, how was this year’s BookCon?

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May 252014

Hello everyone, and welcome to an exciting edition of Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them, where the food is tasty and the puns are flatter than a bad souffle (*Ba dum tsh*). Anyroad, it’s been a long time coming and I am pleased to share with you the first (of many) Game of Thrones-themed recipes to sate that need for some “fantasy” foods.


And since my name is a play on the “Fenris wolf,” I think it’s high time that you all learn that I am a fan of House Stark so I just had to make a batch of Dire Wolf Bread. The North remembers–and sometimes some whimsy, even in the form of a mishapen, sweet wolf loaf, can help even the hardest of hearts remember the good times.

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May 142014


Hey guys, Fenrir here with a very quick bite of some Food for Thought! Last May, we featured some cool student animations from the 2012-2013 school year, and to make the cycle complete, we’ll be taking a look at some of this year’s latest batch of animated features from CalArts! These amazing shorts represent the hard-work, talent, and dedication of up-and-coming animators who will, someday soon, sweep the industry–it’s very exciting to see these young artists strut their stuff! (And to also see the quality for some of these shorts, dang) So if you’re looking for a productive way to procrastinate on that final exam, look no further than at some of these incredible shorts!

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