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Aug 172014

Surrounded by a bunch of neckbeards

FSN Shirou meets Saber

The ideas of subculture and pop culture are wide and multilayered. What is “anime”?  What counts as “anime”? And numerous other questions rise as the years go by. Tonight, the Inverseman shall investigate.

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Aug 102014

Most misleading title ever.

RDG anime cover

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

Based on the original fantasy novel by Noriko Ogiwara, Red Data Girl is an interesting case, not being an adaptation of the umpteenth light novel but a more typical novel about a not so typical girl. What does the Inverseman think? Find out!

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Jul 272014

What was that other Pokemon that could use the Thunderstone besides Eevee?
You mean Eelektrik?
Yeah! That guy!

Raichu official

The world of video games is a harsh one. For every Mario there’s a Luigi. For every Sonic vs Shadow rivalry, there was once an echidna who used to mean something. Pokemon is no different a case, especially as we investigate the poor tale of  Raichu.

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Jul 202014

A wild Lucario appears!

DBZ Battle of Gods poster

In less than two weeks, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will have a limited screening in US theaters. What does this mean for the franchise? And what can we expect? The Inverseman gives his thoughts.

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Jul 132014

Fox only…. balance scales

Balance is an interesting thing in video games. “This game needs more balance,” “that’s over powered,” “this needs a nerf,” and so on are all things we’ve heard since the beginning of time. What goes into balance? And how do we figure it out? Let’s dive in. Continue reading »

Jun 222014

Holland Novak, father of the year.

Eureka Seven - Renton and Eureka

Review copies for both parts 1 and 2 were provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

Check out Kaushik’s review of the classic 2005 anime too.

Since Bandai Visual Entertainment went under, FUNimation and other companies have picked up the licenses to a lot of old series they dubbed and have decided to re-release these classics on Blu-Ray for the first time! So given the chance to revisit an old favorite, what does the Inverseman think of Eureka Seven nine years later? Find out inside!

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