The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who masquerades as an aspiring high school teacher.

Feb 012015

When science and magic collide, a story is born.

Index banner

Review copies of both parts 1 and 2 were provided by FUNimation Entertainment

Evening, Moar Powah readers. The Inverseman here with yet another review. Tonight I’ll be reviewing the second season of A Certain Magical Index. With the first season of the old school light novel adaptation already reviewed, does second season continue to carry the torch? Let’s dig in.

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Jan 042015

Or how Nintendo missed Christmas

Smash Bros bundle box

With the advent of the newest Smash Brothers and Nintendo’s Amiibo initiative, we have must-have accessories arriving tempting us as we buy our must-have games this winter. That is, if they were on the store shelf to begin with. The Inverseman investigates.

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Dec 312014

This is the Gourmet Age where the world’s manliest heroes search for yet undiscovered culinary delights.

Toriko dvd covers

Review copies of of part 1 (1-25) and part 2 (26-50) were provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

Are you hungry for adventure, Moar Powah readers? Popular Jump manga Toriko by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro has made the leap from the newsstand to the TV screen. How delicious was this transition? How will I prevent myself from making food puns and jokes? Read on to find out.

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Dec 222014

Just my luck…

Index season 1 banner

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

Evening readers, the Inverseman here tonight with an old 2008 favorite, A Certain Magical Index. Recently released on Blu-Ray by FUNimation, I’ll be taking a good look at this well-established light novel adaptation and see how it stacks up.

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Nov 302014

Now I can play with my kawaii anime waifu figurines!

Amiibo pics

Evening readers, the Inverseman here tonight with a hands-on with Nintendo’s latest gaming accessory, the Amiibo. How does it work? Is it worth a buy? Let’s find out!

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Nov 232014

B9? Anyone have B9?

DBZ Battle of Gods poster

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

Evening readers, at long last, the most recent Dragon Ball film Battle of Gods has come out on DVD and Blu-Ray! With a series as storied as Dragon Ball, what does the Inverseman think? Find out.

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