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Apr 152014

Hey, Kaushik here with some new anime impressions. Since the spring season has just gotten underway, I’ve been sampling a lot of new shows. I’m liking some of what I see, not liking some others, overall things are pretty standard. But there are always a few shows that wow me with their first episode and this is one of them: Ping Pong, an anime based off of a 1996 manga series. It’s being produced by Tatsunoko Productions, a fairly famous studio that has been around since the 60s. The director is Masaaki Yuasa, who is somewhat marked by his unique style. He’s done shows such as The Tatami Galaxy, which was fairly well-received. His newest work, Ping Pong, is excellent.

Ping Pong Cover

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Apr 012014

Kaushik here, with another anime review. With the winter season ending and the spring season soon upon us, I thought I’d start a wave of reviews starting with the show that surprised me the most this season. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, or Engaged to the Unidentified. It started as a 4-panel comic strip in April of 2009, but aired as a 13 episode anime series from January to March of 2014. It was a series I didn’t even mean to watch as I started picking up shows for the season, but I just happened to watch an episode a few weeks into the season, and I was hooked. It’s a comedy/romance series, but one thing that really sets it apart is that it just looks and feels like a high quality production. The studio behind it is Dogakobo, who did another show I really enjoyed earlier, Love Lab. This show is really similar in terms of production style. They also did the popular Yuru Yuri series. Let’s get into the details of it, though~

Engaged to the Unidentified - Title Card

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Mar 182014

Hey, Kaushik here with some more video game action. This time with the highly-anticipated Dark Souls II. I’ve been looking forward to this game for years, and now that it’s finally out it I’ve been playing it as much as I can. That probably clues you in a little bit as to what I think about this title, but I’ll explain in detail very shortly. Now, I’ll commenting only on the PS3 version of this game. I’m not sure if the  360 experience is significantly different, but I can only speak for my own experience. Dark Souls II was released on March 11, 2014 on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and will have a PC release on April 25, 2014. I understand a lot of people are passing on the console release of this title and instead waiting for the PC release, which I can understand, since the PC platform allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of modifications and such to make the game last even longer than it already does. But without any further ado, let’s go~

Dark Souls 2 Cover Art

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Feb 182014

Hey, Kaushik here to offer an opinion on one of the coolest new video games to hit the 3DS. This time it’s Bravely Default, a Japanese RPG that has been long-anticipated in the West by some of the more hardcore RPG fans. Developed by both Square Enix and Silicon Studios, Bravely Default is a more traditional RPG than some of the titles Square Enix has been putting out lately. The title is highly reminiscent of Final Fantasy 5 in terms game systems, particularly the Job system and only 4 playable characters. It hit Western shores just recently, and I have been playing it as much as my time would allow. Let’s find out some more~

Bravely Default Box Art

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Feb 112014

Hey all, Kaushik here again with a review of Non Non Biyori, which was my number two show of 2013. Based off a manga by Atto, it received an anime adaptation by the studio Silver Link. I admit, I’m not too familiar with Silver Link. Looking over some of the series they’ve worked on, it’s pretty clear Silver Link is a more recent studio with only a few titles under their belt. Still, I have watched and enjoyed some of their past shows. Non Non Biyori is another slice-of-life series, which I usually love watching. But after watching so many, my standards have risen considerably, especially considering how many of these kinds of shows pop up every season. What about this show? Let’s find out~

Non Non Biyori Titlecard

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Jan 282014

Heya, Kaushik here again this week, with a video game! This time it’s the demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, generally known as FF13-3. The demo was released on PSN earlier this week, so that’s the version I’ll be covering. I know a lot of people dislike the series (that may be putting it lightly) and I can understand their frustrations with the direction Final Fantasy has taken in recent years. I liked FF13 more than most I think, but even I’m getting a little sick of this universe and these characters. Still, I’ll approach this demo as impartially as possible! So without further ado, let’s go~

Lightning Returns cover

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