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Aug 302014

Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever see another anime like Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It had an outstanding story and a diverse cast of very well developed characters, but what made it stand out was the excruciating attention to detail and the numerous perspectives through which we observe events, whether it be through the main characters, unnamed aristocrats, politicians, average citizens, and even farmers.

Despite appearances, the similarly named Legend of the Legendary Heroes scratches that itch. An adaptation of a light novel, it uses a similar multiple-protagonist approach, and develops plotlines and themes in a similar fashion. Legend of the Legendary Heroes has grand ambition, but does it overcome the problems many light novel anime succumb to?

Legend of the Legendary Heroes

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

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Aug 252014

The Black Lagoon TV series was a really weird show for several reasons. It took images of some of the most seedy elements of modern society and mashed them together to create perhaps the most lawless and dangerous place on the planet. You could probably film a serious crime movie here. At the same time, Black Lagoon was pretty over the top and wacky setting where you can take down a helicopter in a boat by launching into the air and firing a torpedo at it. And that’s not even forgetting about the killer maid, either.

So imagine my surprise when Roberta’s Blood Trail, the next Black Lagoon release, placed the wacky killer maid in an entirely humorless plot. The best analogy I can think of is Black Lagoon is to Full Metal Panic as Roberta’s Blood Trail is to The Second Raid. Just like in The Second Raid, Roberta’s Blood Trail sacrifices humor for a more coherent and consistent product.

roberta's blood trail banner

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

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Jul 282014

aldnoah zero

Aldnoah.Zero, Urobuchi Gen’s latest offering, is a mecha centered around a conflict between the Earth and a race of people living in space. Only four episodes are out so far, but I’m quite surprised at how strong Aldnoah.Zero is. His last show, Suisei no Gargantia, was also a strong, character focused show, so I was wondering how Aldnoah.Zero would fare. It could very well be the definitive mecha show of this season, and may very well be one of Urobuchi’s strongest works. Continue reading »

Jul 212014


It’s no surprise to anyone that production of mecha shows has slowed down considerably over the past few years. I always take note of the mecha shows that do come out, but sometimes you have to wonder why these sorts of shows don’t get produced often. Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen is a show with few surprises for anyone familiar with the genre. In fact, I could potentially write an article discussing how Argevollen plays things safe, but I won’t. There’s some subtle potential about this show, and while I hope it does become a great show, this show has a long way to go. Continue reading »

Jul 072014


Judge, Laevatein, and Kaushik are back again, this time discussing the merits of the super popular show Code Geass. Is this series truly deserving of all the praise, or is it merely an over-hyped spectacle? Almost 6 years after it finished airing and the debate continues to rage on. Click here to listen!

Jun 302014


Our resident mecha experts Judge, Laevatein, and Kaushik discuss episode 7 of Gundam Unicorn. They also give their thoughts on the series as a whole. Where does this Gundam installment rank among all the series? Click here to listen!