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Feb 232014

Sub Wars


“In 2014 the fans said, We want an FPS!
And Nintendo declared, Let there be an FPS!
And Nintendo created the F2P FPS, with online play and tactical gameplay, and it was good.” Continue reading »

Jan 262014

broken age

Broken Age raised quite the stir when it was first announced as “Double Fine Adventure”, the first monolithic Kickstarter game. Originally asking for $400,000, Tim Schafer and the folks at Double Fine received a whopping $3.3 million, which perhaps single-handedly opened the Kickstarter floodgates. Continue reading »

Jan 122014

Welcome to this week’s “Give It a Shot!” Released last week was the highly anticipated PC port of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. While many people have probably already played the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases, this port gives PC players the chance to finally experience a Platinum Games work. Continue reading »

Oct 142013

Aselia the eternal

Hello everyone, Laevatein here, and this will be my first VN review in a long time. Aselia the Eternal, known as Eien no Aselia, was released by Xuse in Japan back in 2003, was translated by Dakkodango Translations in 2010, but eventually received an official US release two years ago by JAST’s Densetsu branch. Aselia the Eternal is unique among visual novels for featuring gameplay elements.  Continue reading »

Oct 072013

sen no kiseki

Do you like mecha RPGs? I’m sure you loved Xenogears and Front Mission, right? Well, another RPG with mecha elements just released! … in Japan.

Another entry in Falcom’s massively popular (in Japan, anyway) Legend of Heroes series, Sen no Kiseki continues Falcom’s conquest of quality story RPGs, a campaign started by Sora no Kiseki. I’m not entirely sure how the mecha works, as it looks like mecha battles may be separated from the regular battles (which puts it more in line with the later Xenosaga titles). However, the inflated health numbers in the mecha battles as well as the melee combat the main character takes part in are very reminiscent of mecha battles in Xenogears.

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Jul 152013

Bandai recently announced that legendary Gundam director Yoshiyuki Tomino will direct a new Gundam series. Comments made have suggested that this new series will be released in the 2014-2015 period, somewhere around the same time as Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin is set to release. According to Bandai, this new series will be a full-fledged project. Bandai has made no mention of whether or not it would be set in the Universal Century setting, another setting, or will occur in an entirely new setting.

New Tomino Gundam

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