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Apr 252013

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Objection! This week, rather than having a two-on-two debate, we’re doing a round table on the popular anime Psycho-Pass. Four of our staff are going to take turn discussing what they liked the best about the show, if we liked it at all! Each writer will present their case one by one, leaving you to decide who you most agree with. Let’s get started!

Psycho-Pass title card

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Feb 232013

Hey everyone, Fenrir here with an exciting round table discussion about one of the 3DS’s greatest hits, Fire Emblem: Awakening. So far this game has received consistently high-ratings — something that as a FE-fan makes me very happy and proud to see.  It’s a mutual feeling, I’ve discovered, from other Moarpowah staff members who have some pretty poignant thoughts on Awakening that make it one of the strongest titles of the series.


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Feb 192013

Kaushik here, ready to offer my impressions for the 2013 spring season. Since there will be quite a few new shows to cover, I will be doing a joint impressions with fellow writer pluffei. We will be skipping a few series, particularly ones we have no interest in (and don’t believe will even be subbed). Please consult the chart as we make our way through, and enjoy~! 

Spring 2013 Anime Chart v1

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Jan 132013

A temporary end, and the start of a real hiatus until I get more storyboards and plot plans in.

Here is Episode 33, the last episode of Gotham City!