As just a regular, hard-working work, often-stressing, procrastination-mastering history and journalism student, I often turn to the silver and small screens for relief, even though I'm only an average cinema-and-television loving viewer, commenting on what, and does not, makes good entertainment. I love horror everything - book, TV shows, games, movies - even though they frighten me terribly. I'm a long time believer of the old saying "When life gives you lemons, don't take life's lemons! Give the lemons back!" So, onward I go, returning lemons and logging an unhealthy amount of screen time for your enjoyment. So please be sure to read my stuff and let me know what you think, I'm alway looking to improve and be the best, most cynical critic I can be!

May 232015

Having a virtual reality video game that allows for so many different playing fields and possibilities presents the opportunity to tell a lot of different stories. Anyone could be a hero, and a villain can arrive at any time. However, that does not mean that every story that takes place in its world is going to be worth telling, or even good.

Let’s take a look at .hack//Legend of the Twilight.

hack legend of twilight

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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May 222015

Pitch Perfect was one of those movies that just understood the generation it was reaching out to in a way few teen/college movies have in the last decade. It was witty, smart, funny, had catchy music, and genuine in all the right places, which means it made a lot of money. It also means they absolutely had to make a sub-par sequel.

Let’s take a look at Pitch Perfect 2.

pitch perfect 2 poster

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May 192015

For those of you who don’t remember, or weren’t old enough to, the particular perplexing time that was early 2000s anime, let’s me give you a quick recap. Some of it was very good, much of it was terrible, and very few of it landed in between. However, if you were an American growing up in this era, you were only now being exposed to the wide variety of anime there was to sample, and none grabbed my imagination as much as .hack//Sign. With its brightly colored character designs, haunting soundtrack, and fantastic visuals I was hooked and watched every episode and played several of the games. However, will I adore the show as much now that I’m an adult with a more (supposedly) refined palette?

Let’s take a look at .hack//Sign. 

dothacksign cover

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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May 152015

DC Comics presents us with one of the most fascinating superheroes of all time: Batman. Arguably his super power is his immense wealth and equally immense intelligence, but he does not, in fact, have any super-human powers in his own universe. In this way, Batman is thought of to be one of us, a human who stands amongst Gods. However, is Batman really one of us, aided only by a strong mind and a family fortune? Do we want him to be one of us? And do we want to be him?

Today, I’ll be looking into what makes Batman the caped crusader we know and love and asking an important question: are we, in fact, all Bat people?


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Apr 102015

Philosophical movies don’t tend to be big blockbusters because, for the most part, they deal with intense and weighty themes. Films about the human condition, limitations, knowledge, and existence fill the genre, all of which don’t often include things like explosions, gun fights, near-rape scenes, and general acts of showy violence. This movie apparently tries to solve that “problem” in its own unique and confusing way.

Let’s take a look at After the Dark.

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Mar 202015

Superheroes may be what’s dominating the box office right now, but they are definitely nothing new. While many are familiar with the huge pantheon of the Marvel and DC houses, there are still plenty of comics that exist in different and exciting worlds all their own, with no weird continuity errors or multiple universes, like the well-known Saga. This one just happens to be the latest in this long tradition but will it leave its mark on this storied history, or will it just be a footnote? No better place to start than the beginning.

Let’s take a look at Wayward Volume 1: String Theory.

A review copy was provided courtesy of Jim Zub.

Wayward Volume 1

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