As just a regular, hard-working work, often-stressing, procrastination-mastering history and journalism student, I often turn to the silver and small screens for relief, even though I'm only an average cinema-and-television loving viewer, commenting on what, and does not, makes good entertainment. I love horror everything - book, TV shows, games, movies - even though they frighten me terribly. I'm a long time believer of the old saying "When life gives you lemons, don't take life's lemons! Give the lemons back!" So, onward I go, returning lemons and logging an unhealthy amount of screen time for your enjoyment. So please be sure to read my stuff and let me know what you think, I'm alway looking to improve and be the best, most cynical critic I can be!

Apr 152014

Sub-unit (or Shuffle Groups as they are called in J-Pop) is when part of the main line-up of a group becomes it’s own separate group, with singles and videos of their own. Whether or not they are just a one-time publicity gimmick or a set group that blossoms on their own is all up to the music they are given. Orange Caramel, a sub-unit of After School, has received a lot of praise for their music, videos, and overall cutesy feel of their personas. With this latest song, they have achieved an even higher level of success and acclaim, despite not sticking to the same tropes as their competition.

Let’s listen to Orange Caramel’s third singe Catallena.

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Apr 062014

It’s not often that you find a book that manages to so clearly and distinctly separate itself from the other works in it’s genre, or even resist genre definition. Not all of these books deserve distinction but The Eyre Affair demands it.


Following the adventures of literary detective Thursday Next, Jasper Fforde creates a world that is familiar and radically distinct. Books are rare commodities sought after by the world’s greatest criminals, people go back in time in an never ending struggle to shape the world the way they want it, and the British government is embroiled secrets so massive, it threatens to destroy their reality, literally. Next is charged with recovering Jane Eyre, whose been pulled out of her story and is being held hostage by superhuman villain Acheron Hades. Fforde’s style is light and comprehensive, but can be a heavy-hitter when the scene demands it. It’s no Chaucer; it’s the kind of book you can blow through in a few days with relative ease but unlike other “airplane” novels, it’ll keep you thinking long after you close the cover.

If you love detective novels, literary escapades, and smart wit, then The Eyre Affair is calling your name. A fantasy-sci-fi-detective novel that struggles against the tropes of those genres, it is unapologetic and uncompromising in its wonderfully weirdly world building. The first in a series following Next’s next adventure, as long as Hades doesn’t manage to pull her from their pages first. Literary geeks everywhere, I advise you to give it a shot.

Apr 012014

Last week, I covered the latest comeback single of one of the biggest bands in Korea, Girls Generation. This week, I’ll be covering the comeback of one of their best contender, the more brazen quartet, 2NE1. Very different in tone and style, 2NE1 brought a more hip-hop sound to the K-Pop genre before it was the “in” thing to do. Will they succeed in making waves with their new single, or is their pull on the tides of the genre over?

Let’s listen to 2NE1′s Come Back Home.

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Mar 282014

The name of the game in the horror genre is originality. Since different types of horror are commodities that deteriorates the more they are used, the new and innovative is always welcome, but not always appreciated. Case in point, found footage films (or as some like to call them, mockumentaries) took off after The Blair Witch Project, and got a revival in the late 2000s. Was this trend dead too early or can we finally bury it for good? Pretty please?

Let’s take a look at V/H/S.

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Mar 272014

Starshine5050Welcome once again to another rousing rendition of Objection! I’m Starshine.

ElessarAnd I’m…someone. Elessar I think? That sounds right.

Starshine5050And today we’re hear to discuss the Oscars results. Now Elessar, wouldn’t you agree this year’s event was definitely an interesting one?

ElessarIt was indeed. Well the actually wins were quite interesting. The ceremony was kind of meh overall, but hey the movies I wanted to win won, so I ain’t complaining.

Starshine5050True that! Speaking of wins, who was your favorite winner of the night?

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Mar 182014

Because established K-Pop artists are in it for the long haul, they come out every six months with a new single, new promotional material and new concert tours before going on a well-deserved hiatus to regroup and rest for their next big push. So when one of the biggest, most successful K-Pop groups in the industry comes out with a comeback single at the same time as one of their biggest chart-topping rivals, there was no way I could avoid covering it. Next week, we’ll look at the quartet that sounds like no other but this week it’s all about SM Entertainment long time darlings.

Let’s listen to Mr. Mr. by Girls’ Generation.


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