As just a regular, hard-working work, often-stressing, procrastination-mastering history and journalism student, I often turn to the silver and small screens for relief, even though I'm only an average cinema-and-television loving viewer, commenting on what, and does not, makes good entertainment. I love horror everything - book, TV shows, games, movies - even though they frighten me terribly. I'm a long time believer of the old saying "When life gives you lemons, don't take life's lemons! Give the lemons back!" So, onward I go, returning lemons and logging an unhealthy amount of screen time for your enjoyment. So please be sure to read my stuff and let me know what you think, I'm alway looking to improve and be the best, most cynical critic I can be!

Oct 082015

Why do we keep wanting to see Matt Damon in space? First Interstellar and now the adaptation of the very popular space book that asks what would happen if you left someone on Mars. Can this finally be the space movie that gets it all work, or in space, can no one hear how badly a film falls apart?

Let’s take a look at The Martian.

martian poster

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Oct 022015

Once again, it is October, a time for scary movies and pumpkin-flavored everything whilst we try to forget the wintery inferno that swiftly approaches. But instead of the typical American fair that, while entertaining, I thought now might be a good year to look at other countries and see what awful, awful nightmares they have created. So, for this month, we will be looking at ghouls from across the globe, starting with our beloved neighbors to the north.

Let’s take a look at the Canadian zombie hit Pontypool.

Pontypool poster

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Sep 252015

Sometimes shows are way ahead of their time, and they suffer for it, whether the audience isn’t ready for it or the company that broadcast it had no idea what to do with it. Thankfully, now we have Netflix, which like an overactive toddler, throws everything at the wall and just sees what sticks. One such project takes a project from the sometimes-beloved sci-fi visionaries The Wachowskis and the more well-received J. Michael Straczynski, wherein the human limits are stretched in fantastic ways.

Let’s take a look at Sense8.

sense8 poster

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Aug 282015

As the beloved Studio Ghibli loses acclaimed director/writer Hayao Miyazaki and its future of making feature films was uncertain, Hiromasa Yonebayashi stepped out of the animation department to direct his first film ever. Has working on some of Ghibli’s most successful films helped him understand what makes a good film or is this just another disappointment on the coattails of The Wind Rises?

Let’s take a look at When Marnies Was There. 

when marnie was there poster

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Aug 212015

Back at the tail-end of cold war, a TV show appeared on the scene where an American spy and a Russian KGB agent had to work together in order to solve mysteries and stop the end of the world. It achieved moderate fame and success, but remained a staple of the pop culture consciousness. And what good is the pop culture consciousness if you can’t mine it for reboot material?

Let’s take a look at The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Man from Uncle Poster

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Aug 102015

Once more we find ourselves with the characters from the .hack World, who are struggling against a game that even in its second iteration still manages to put people in comas, something you think they would have fixed by now. Wrapping up its last series with a feature-length film is a gutsy move, and having seen the final product, one they didn’t think through all the way.

Let’s take a look at .hack//G.U. Trilogy.
hack gu trilogy cover

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

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