As just a regular, hard-working work, often-stressing, procrastination-mastering history and journalism student, I often turn to the silver and small screens for relief, even though I'm only an average cinema-and-television loving viewer, commenting on what, and does not, makes good entertainment. I love horror everything - book, TV shows, games, movies - even though they frighten me terribly. I'm a long time believer of the old saying "When life gives you lemons, don't take life's lemons! Give the lemons back!" So, onward I go, returning lemons and logging an unhealthy amount of screen time for your enjoyment. So please be sure to read my stuff and let me know what you think, I'm alway looking to improve and be the best, most cynical critic I can be!

Jan 252015

Once again, an anime uses the tournament arc to try and insert more intrigue and motion into the overall plotline. This is also one of the few that have tried it twice. At least it learned from the mistakes of the last one.

Let’s take a look at Fairy Tail Volume 14.

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

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Jan 092015

Biopics always run into that sticky, dangerous territory where someone’s life is presented in the most positive way and have the negative parts either downplayed or ignored. Or, the even better one, where they turn some rumor or potential truth into absolute fact in order to sell tickets. In this one, I’m not sure I see either of those as present in the narrative.

Let’s take a look at The Imitation Game.

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Jan 062015

Some songs are weird to attract attention, some songs are weird to set up a specific person, and some songs are weird totally unintentional. I had yet to encounter a song that was so weird, and yet so weirdly heartfelt about its weirdness that it circled all the way back to cute…until now.

Let’s take a listen to Shampoo Hat by Team Syachihoko.

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Jan 022015

Adapting musicals is, of course, a tricky business but with the right screen writer, cinematographer and director can pull it off with ease. Films like Chicago, The Sound of Music, even Cinderella prove that it is a task that can be down with grace; even clunkier messes like Sweeney Todd, Mamma Mia and Les Miserables keep honest to their musical roots while being fairly entertaining.

Let’s take a look at Into the Woods.

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Dec 302014

Writing yourself out of a corner can be a particularly tricky thing to do, and most attempts are rather sloppy. I think this is not one of the most graceful attempts I’ve seen, but I will give them points for actually trying to end on a high note.

Let’s take a look at Fairy Tail Volume 13.

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

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Dec 262014

There’s nothing like a good story to capture your attention and captivate your imagination, and if there are any cultures that have epic and colorful tales, it’s the Irish. With tales of spirits and kings, faeries and witches, it’s no wonder that a film about selkies manages to be whimsical and yet still relatable.

Let’s take a look at Song of the Sea.

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