Nov 212014

Welcome to Letters From the Console Warfront, a new feature here on MoarPowah in which we attempt to break down and analyze the current generation of consoles, from how the big 3 differ and interact to what directions they seem to be heading. We won’t bother telling you which to buy at any given point (we trust you’re all competent enough to decide that on your own), so think of us as sideline commenters, rooting for no side but the game in which they play.

PS4XboxOne - TRAVIS - 1

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Nov 162014

Pulling back and observing the anime medium as an amalgamous whole, you can be forgiven for seeing certain… underwhelming trends in storytelling and character writing. Amidst this fog of depravity and sameness, a certain number of provocative, progressive, and genuinely groundbreaking works do reach the surface to breath. Sadly, A Certain Scientific Railgun S is no such series. With cheap presentation, sheer asinine world rules, and a wildly inconsistent tone, Railgun S feels like an aggressive waste of time. Considering that this series seems to exist only to perpetuate a franchise which is in itself only a spinoff, it’s hardly surprising that Railgun S missteps almost constantly. What’s surprising is how inherently flawed much of its consistent problems are.

Railgun S - TRAVIS - 3

Part 1 and 2 were provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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Nov 032014

Years ago, a small child looked at the back of a Lunchables box during a kindergarten lunch period. He saw a black-haired youth surrounded by unrecognizable, brightly colored creatures. A friend glances over and yells “I’ve heard of that!”

“It’s called Pokemon

Pokemon - TRAVIS - 5

This begins a lifelong addiction to one of history’s most successful instances of marketing and merchandising.

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Oct 252014

Appleseed XIII maintains a strange space in the Anime world. Pulling from much of the sci-fi history (especially from Production I.G’s previous work, Ghost in the Shell. To a certain breed of viewer, it has the potential to inspire deep intrinsic pondering on the nature of life and our relationship with technology. To others, however, it’s pseudo-philosophy and endless meandering of concepts will likely bore and frustrate. At it’s core, there is a temple of legitimate value and purpose behind its choices, but not everyone will be quite so well-equipped to appreciate them.

Appleseed - TRAVIS - 10

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment
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Oct 172014

Destiny marks a change in the way games will be presented to us. Good or bad, its popularity and profitability have assured that more games like it are to come, and this style of persistent online experience will likely define the console generation we find ourselves curiously embroiled in. While it’s perfectly fine to take a first glance at Destiny close to its launch and make initial judgements, these thoughts will likely grow obsolete with time. This paints an ugly picture for reviewers in the near future, as more products will be released under a shadow of future promise instead of the light of initial substance. Considering that note, take these words with the timestamp (October 17th, 2014), and anticipate that the further away from this date you get, the more Destiny’s offering will change and evolve until perhaps little will resemble what I played.

Destiny - TRAVIS - 1

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Sep 202013

In the end, I won’t look back on this year having playing the majority of its heavy hitters. I’m leaving the country until August and my game exposure will be limited. It means no GTAV, no Beyond: Two Souls, no Assassin’s Creed 4, nothing. But there was one game I’m superbly pleased to have experience, and of course, it was the The Last of Us.

The Last of Us - TRAVIS - 1

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