Oct 172014

Destiny marks a change in the way games will be presented to us. Good or bad, its popularity and profitability have assured that more games like it are to come, and this style of persistent online experience will likely define the console generation we find ourselves curiously embroiled in. While it’s perfectly fine to take a first glance at Destiny close to its launch and make initial judgements, these thoughts will likely grow obsolete with time. This paints an ugly picture for reviewers in the near future, as more products will be released under a shadow of future promise instead of the light of initial substance. Considering that note, take these words with the timestamp (October 17th, 2014), and anticipate that the further away from this date you get, the more Destiny’s offering will change and evolve until perhaps little will resemble what I played.

Destiny - TRAVIS - 1

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Sep 202013

In the end, I won’t look back on this year having playing the majority of its heavy hitters. I’m leaving the country until August and my game exposure will be limited. It means no GTAV, no Beyond: Two Souls, no Assassin’s Creed 4, nothing. But there was one game I’m superbly pleased to have experience, and of course, it was the The Last of Us.

The Last of Us - TRAVIS - 1

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Sep 172013

This week, instead of the regular length and specificity of most TT episodes, time constraints have left me with the inability to go beyond a more casual celebration. While I don’t go into as great a discussion as I usually do, the music is still wonderful.

Animal Crossing offers some wonderfully soothing music, and as such, this episode should be best enjoyed alongside a nice fire and perhaps a smooth gin and tonic.

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Animal Crossing - TRAVIS - 1

Sep 112013

This week on “The Retrospective,” we’re taking a short break from examining games to instead focus on our implements of play, console controllers. Looking back through history, we’ve had quite an array of novel plastic hunks fit snuggly into our grips. A good controller needs to maintain a high level of comfort, a solid range of functionality, and plenty of game type flexibility. Oftentimes the mark of a solid controller is one that you quickly forget you’re even holding, as its ergonomics and implementation allow for seamless transitions between our world and that of fantasy. Be sure to also check out Inverseman’s thoughts on the various controllers throughout gaming history.

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Sep 042013

Like most sci-fi RPG fans, I can’t help but be endlessly enamored by the Mass Effect series. Maintaining a rich, fulfilling narrative in an extensive setting with gut-wrenching depth is no small feat, and Bioware’s trilogy has left many inspired and touched.

Mass Effect - TRAVIS - 13

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Sep 032013

With four main titles, soon to be five, the Metal Gear Solid Series has become a powerhouse of game design. Among its many blessings is a stellar collection of soundtracks that have enthralled players throughout the years. This week, we return to Tuesday Tunes with a boom, a longer episode than usual that I hope you find does the music justice. Click the link below to listen!

Tuesday Tunes Episode 14

Metal Gear Solid - TRAVIS - 13